Monday, October 02, 2006

whut up
Just posting up whatever i have on my desktop and bookmark links...

Who might this be?

Of course its the ubiquitous EDC in Shanghai for the Soleciety launch. Lots of crazy rare kicks available, from the UNDFTD's to one-off laser-imprints.

Peep the man himself taking in the sights, in his unionrails and new premium dunk highs. I actually quite like that colorway, mix of butter soft premium with textures.
Yet another Jordan pack for the J-lovers

While i'm delighted to see the black-toe finally, i'm dissappointed with the mid-cut - WTF? And only sold as a 2-pair pack? I think the killer-bee yellow might turn out to be the sleeper hit!
s2c fall - Pick of the generals

I like how these 2 prints turn out. Could there be a Stussy Chuck in the making somewhere? "unstussy" print is simple and prob not worth the $$, but it sure is cool, at least i got the message, did you?
surrender to a new location

The boys have moved. Will pay a visit to the new locale soon enuff.
Tenacious D - The pick of Destiny

Seriously dawg, if you don't know TD, you ain't seen nuthin' yet. clck here for trailer

31 years of Playboy - best ad yet!

I couldn't wipe the smile off my face after i saw this

jaPEN magic
Seriously, i cannot even do a simple flip...i'm a loser
Peep the magical penmanship from youtube here

700,000 views and counting
an amazing 700,000 people have seen 3 girls fooling around in panties, why haven't you?

and with that, im outtie

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