Thursday, December 30, 2004

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Peace be unto you

I was listening to a song, and didn't really pay attention to the lyrics until just now. I guess it happens most of us, the true meaning of something seldom hits you till the situation is right, the atmosphere is right, y'know.. the right feeling. (pardon my wanton usage of the word "right")

Maybe its the recent calamity in the region, thoughts of a special someone or unchartered territories on the personal front, the songs just hits the bittersweet spot. I guess its hard for me to explain, so just have a read thru' the lyrics, its "Dry your eyes mate" by "The Streets":

In one single moment your whole life can turn 'round
I stand there for a minute starin’ straight into the ground
Lookin’ to the left slightly, then lookin’ back down
World feels like it’s caved in – proper sorry frown
Please let me show you where we could only just be, for us
I can change and I can grow or we could adjust
The wicked thing about us is we always have trust
We can even have an open relationship, if you must
I look at her she stares almost straight back at me
But her eyes glaze over like she’s lookin’ straight through me
Then her eyes must have closed for what seems an eternity
When they open up she’s lookin’ down at her feet

Dry your eyes mate
I know it’s hard to take but her mind has been made up
There’s plenty more fish in the sea
Dry your eyes mate
I know you want to make her see how much this pain hurts
But you’ve got to walk away now
It’s over

So then I move my hand up from down by my side
It's shakin’, my life is crashin’ before my eyes
Turn the palm of my hand up to face the skies
Touch the bottom of her chin and let out a sigh
‘Cause I can’t imagine my life without you and me
There’s things I can’t imagine doin’, things I can’t imagine seein’
It weren't supposed to be easy, surely
Please, please, I beg you please
She brings her hands up towards where my hands rested
She wraps her fingers round mine with the softness she’s blessed with
She peels away my fingers, looks at me and then gestures
By pushin’ my hand away to my chest, from hers

Dry your eyes mate
I know it’s hard to take but her mind has been made up
There’s plenty more fish in the sea
Dry your eyes mate
I know you want to make her see how much this pain hurts
But you’ve got to walk away now
It’s over

And I’m just standin’ there, I can’t say a word
‘Cause everythin’s just gone
I’ve got nothin’
Absolutely nothin’

Tryin’ to pull her close out of bare desperation
Put my arms around her tryin’ to change what she’s sayin’
Pull my head level with hers so she might engage in
Look into her eyes to make her listen again
I’m not gonna fuckin’, just fuckin’ leave it all now
‘Cause you said it'd be forever and that was your vow
And you’re gonna let our things simply crash and fall down
You’re well out of order now, this is well out of town
She pulls away, my arms are tightly clamped round her waist
Gently pushes me back and she looks at me straight
Turns around so she’s now got her back to my face
Takes one step forward, looks back, and then walks away

Dry your eyes mate
I know it’s hard to take but her mind has been made up
There’s plenty more fish in the sea
Dry your eyes mate
I know you want to make her see how much this pain hurts
But you’ve got to walk away now
It’s over

I know in the past I’ve found it hard to say
Tellin’ you things, but not tellin’ straight
But the more I pull on your hand and say
The more you pull away

Dry your eyes mate
I know it’s hard to take but her mind has been made up
There’s plenty more fish in the sea
Dry your eyes mate
I know you want to make her see how much this pain hurts
But you’ve got to walk away now.

***cheers, have a nice new year's eve y'all***
Cool Designs - "why didn't i think of that?"

Dunk Mug

Don't you love to have a little biscuit dunk in your morning cuppa? Dominic Skinner designed this quirky lil' thing...available at Mocha Home...unfortunately, sold out till Jan

Van Der Waal's world time clock

"This 12 sided clock has a city of each time zone placed along the outside which denotes the 12 o'clock marker for that city on the face." It takes the math and confusion out of time zone hopping. Simply position the clock with the desired city on top and the correct time is displayed.

But you may wonder: Van Der What?!?!
For all you non-scientifically-inclined friends out there, VDW's force is the attraction force between molecules... as for its relevance in this clock, its designed by Charlotte Van Der Waal's, yep, the descendant!

USB Cup Warmer

Please.... stop laughing already... *guffaw
Not being able to read Japanese I can only make assumptions based on the photos. It sure looks like the Cafe Pad is a USB powered cup warmer. Coming from the Japs, its nonetheless an unnecessary yet exciting mobile accessory.
Check it here

Take cares, Ta...

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

There should be a theme song for Wednesdays

Really..think about it, its 3 days gone for the work week, thursday means chatting up that hot gal/guy you've been dying to talk to, and friday, if all things go well, is a DATE. Oh, whats the big deal about a DATE anyways eh? Its a just a sweet edible fruit of a date palm to others. Anyway, the point i'm trying to make is...go chat that gal up...haha, nah, kidding.
Go ahead, feel good about yourself, its 2 more days to the weekend. So what if the gal/guy doesn't give a hoot who you are or theres no romantic date come friday nite... at least you tried, you feel good that you have regrets...thats the bottomline eh?

Cool pic of the day: Fire and Ice

courtesy of billings gazette

Story of a lucky man, and simply, one good man

Some people have all the luck, and yet they complain, tsk tsk

while others are just not so nice boys and girls you never know who you might piss off

Techie news: Dope inventions

LavNav: Have no fear when your significant surprises you witha yellow treat on the toilet seat he forgot to lift up, LavNav lights up and lets you know when the seat is up(RED light) or down(GREEN light). Go in Piss, my friend.

Its the way of the future: flexible image scanner in the works...i'm flabbergasted, thats just an amazing gadget to have!

*Yet another Year-End list...Lycos Top 100 most wanted on the internet
George W. Bush is #81... between "Prom Hairstyles" and "Tupac Shakur". hmm, thats just about right...right?

Xymon's Resolution #101 for 2005: to get into lycos top 100, and preferably overtake prominent spot above Mr Bush.

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

bored bored bored

Sometimes its totally frustrating when nothing ever goes the way you want it, the way you think it, the way you... you get the idea. And on top of that, you get flushed down with all the additional info, matters that you need to attend to, situations you need to to consider, blah blah blah...urgh...and you reach the point of either being super tired by it all, or bored to death by the repetitiveness of all those thinking you need to do.

I was actually so bored today that i forced myself to be intrigued by machine grease...
REALLY... i wish someone can just take my mind off these things running rings round my head...

Someone like her might help:

or someone with legs like Lin Chi-Ling:

i swear, her legs make me think naughty thoughts

Why doesn't someone with her looks appear when i'm most bored? =/

Monday, December 27, 2004

X'mas is over...

yeah yeah yeah, i know... theres 12 days of x'mas blah blah blah, but lets face it, its over as soon as it started

however that didn't stop me from laughing at these one liners:


1. Talk about huge, firm, delicious, succulent, inviting breasts!
2. Tying the legs together keeps the inside moist.
3. It's Cool Whip time!
4. If I don't undo my pants, I'll burst!
5. Whew, that's one terrific spread!
6. I'm in the mood for dark meat.
7. Are you ready for seconds yet?
8. Seconds? I can handle thirds, maybe even fourths!
9. It's a little dry, do you still want to eat it?
10. Just pull the skin back, try the end of it and see how you like it!
11. Just wait your turn, you'll get some.
12. Don't play with your meat.
13. Just spread the legs open and stuff it in.
14. Do you think you'll be able to handle all these people at once?
15. There will be enough for everyone to get stuffed three of four times!
16. I didn't expect everyone to come at once!
17. You still have a little bit on your chin.
18. How long will it take after you stick it in?
19. You'll know it's ready when it pops up.
20. Wow, I didn't think I could handle all of that!
21. That's the biggest one I've ever seen!
22. How long do I beat it before it's ready?
23. Oh please, can I have just a little nibble?

its a cranky monday for me... y'all have fun

Sunday, December 26, 2004

Happy boxing day

Hope you guys had a great time over the x'mas weekend

I spent my time sleeping, playing on a borrowed x-box, and feasting my mom's delish home cooked food... generally had an awesome time wasting my life doesn't get any better than this, seriously

It was an awesome x'mas for others as well, like these 300 people

and this lucky old man

So what was the best and worst present u got yesterday?
I only got 1 prezzie this x'mas...but i got lots of x'mas wishes on my mobile sms's, a big warm hug goes out to y'all! there ain't no "worst" present for me, cos worst comes to worst, its still a present..."live and let live, eh?"


Thursday, December 23, 2004

Look what the mailman brought today!

Image hosted by
Straight from the UK, courtesy of my man "RiftTrooper"
The Rift Gift:The Thurs tee, cd's and promo cards et al

... and another from a couple days ago, mucho gracias, u know who u are!
Image hosted by
Stussy X Invisible Man, 4-sided print tee...
not really meant to be worn inside out, but more of a "now u see it, now u don't" illusion due to the inner-print...absolutely gorgeous!

ok, i'm bushed...just enjoy the pics for a while, will post more when i can. I still got work tomorrow!

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Image hosted by
In case you haven't caught Clooney and gang (or Brad and gang according to most females)in their caper sequel to Ocean's 11...the "Laser Room" sequence where the French thief does a capoeira-inspired dance to his prized catch is worth the admission fee alone. And cheif to that sequence is the awesome track, not available in the O-12 soundtrack, "The A La Menthe" by Nikkfurie of La Cautions:

download this while u can
*edit(29/12/2004): the previous link went down, heres the new link

On the note of mp3's, yet another useful feature of the ipod photo...wish i'm a Swiss doc

If anyone out there is reading this, please feel free to fulfil my x'mas wish this year:

Its xmas time imagine my surprize and happiness when i bump into this cool site by Eric Harshbarger...when i grow up, i wanna be like Eric


chat laters, Ta

Sunday, December 19, 2004

Lenticular clouds hovering over Mount Erebus volcano

A couple of cute stories for u this weekend:
The Top 10 list of Net Hoaxes/Urban Legends 2004 is finally out...
just when i was about to put in my order for box-loads of jelly bracelets... darn

i'm watching u

This year, Santa will get a military fighter jet escort...
and u can even track his progress like a FedEx package on x'mas eve!

Remember my rant about overcrowding in town? Well, at least someone did something about it!

Have a nice weekend, i'll prolly relax in front of my telly watching MTV, or dropping by the local coffee shop for a toast and cuppa...cheers!

What Did I Wear Today
UC "i don't believe in buddha" tee+Helmut Lang painter jeans+stussy pro-keds+casio X haze g-shock

Finally had an entire day in town...something i had not been able to do for a very long time. Broke out my pair of paint-splatter Helmut Lang's to match my Undercoverism vintage tee...damn, how long has it been since i intentionally "dressed up" for a trip to town. Its always one of those "throw on a tee, some jeans hanging by the closet door" and off i go. It is pretty nice to feel good about what u wear, i consider clothes the extension of myself. Not that i'm a fashion guru or anything, i don't pander to any fad blindly.

Speaking of which, theres really plenty of kids in town these days... i know its school hols and all, but its getting abso-eff'ing-lutely ridiculous: walkways get clogged with teens trying to (1) have a conversation (2) take the mickey out of a nerd in their group (3) pose around in their "hip" togs that they got their parents to buy for them etc....Then u get those that deem themselves too "grown up" and out of the "teen" age years...they are the poor things, simply lost in their own world. Again, i ain't above anyone that i'm "holier than thou"...sometimes i just wish they can see themselves... or i just wish i had the ca$h to splurge as they do. LOL

Its less than a week to X'mas, have you hidden your money? haha...theres just too many stuff thats being pushed into my face to even begin to have an iota of feeling which they call the "x'mas spirit". I don't know, maybe the signals get mixed by the time they reach me... most of the time i get the call to "spend spend spend", rather than the jolly "ho ho ho".

Incidentally, u can safely say the word "ho" and no longer need to wink-and-nudge to convey the street slang for whore...its officially in the Oxford dictionary

If u feel in any way that your english might be of certain standards, do challenge yourself

Way past my bedtime, need to cop some zzz's...catch y'all laters!

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

great way to remember someone by
sweet stuff

Ever get the feeling of tiredness that sets in when you get too comfortable with your environment? is it boredom in disguise? complacency? taking something for granted?
and why does Mr New-Challenge-Ahead always go along hand in hand with Ms Regret?

i don't know, maybe i'm just thinking too much, or too little, whichever point of view you may take. if anyone is reading and feels like listening, feel free to hit me up...

enuff about me... heres my pic of the day/week/month...(its that good)
heres the hottest pic on the net...kylie going commando, u decide for yourself
i DO believe!!!


Monday, December 13, 2004

Have a Tiger!

its HOW cool

Woohoo, finally got my SneakerFreaker Kustom99 tee and issue5! Apparently it got "mis sent" to Osaka Int Airport (its true, i still have the ink-stamp on my envelope!)... but thanks anyway Woody for the tee as well as the chance to be part of the competition!

Lots of stiff stiff competitors... its a miracle my "comparatively" plain-jane "Atlanta 7's" custom got in
spot me

Cheers to Nikolai and the other judges(u too Mark)... wish i had sent in my later works for a critique, but oh well, its the thrill of taking part that matters =)

Laters, y'all!
Weekend comes and goes...oh well, what the heck

Let me share your ipod
If anyone knows the name of the chick 2nd from right, tell her she is cute...with or without the ipod

And if you are a big frank miller fan as me, you'll like the way the next batman installment is looking... definitely along the lines of the Dark Knight series:
How cool is this?

have a nice monday ahead...and go watch "Alexander"...its prolly not as drool-worthy as the Brad Pitt Troy, but the narration and flow is pretty-ok... plus, you can't go wrong with the incestous Angelina Jolie and hot-bod Rosario Dawson..speaking of the latter, she def has a nice pair (under-18 kids, let me know if u need help sneaky under the radar for the entry, LOL)


Saturday, December 11, 2004

Guess who

New Mita 580...this time in leather(!)

Will be available in UK Footpatrol soon, besides Mita Japan.

Friday, December 10, 2004


check out this new nokia fone...touted to rival the motorola V3 razor...

nokia 6170...
pity it doesn't have bluetooth and can't swivel 270degrees like my 6260..Hah! loser!

but this one should do well...
prototype nokia 6680

a 3G fone, that has 2 cams! in front for video conferencing and one in rear for taking photos! a fone that goes both ways! lol great for taking sneaky pics too!

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Whispering "suede"-nothings

Some upcoming lovelies...i forsee an upping of suede's hip-quotient.
NB probably catering this release for the trendy and out-n-out crowd... i do like the ice-cream colors though.

If the thumbnails are not clear, click on them for a high quality pic...but don't blame me for slow downloading speed... :)

Image hosted by
Men's 576, red, orange, yellow....done in perforated suede.

Image hosted by
Women's 576,...what can i say... they are BRIGHT!... the green is hot though, so is the pink...gotta cop them!

Image hosted by
Mens 576, normal suede lether combo... a conservative range, sort of like the CT versions...

Image hosted by
Mens a unique mesh suede combo... if u haven't tried the 860 before, u don't know comfort. Get them before they get snapped up by the Jap market.. the orange pair is simply calling out to me...

Image hosted by
Mens 1500...they seem pretty similar to the upcoming euro models (maybe its the same).

ok...hope u enjoyed the preview, sorry if they drag the d/l speed (but what do i care?!, lol)

laters, Ta

Monday, December 06, 2004


under lots of work the past week...sorry if u have been expecting any blog updates...

i'll try to (promise!) put some nice stuff up soon.

its been a hectic and sleep-deficient past 4 days or so at the marathon expo...this year there were 14,000 runners (!) an amazing number if u ask me... thats 28,000 feet, give or take a imagine how many shoes i was selling! LOL :)

besides wishing i had a biohazard gas mask when i help the customers fit their shoes, i also wished i got the name of the gals manning the dive expo opposite me and the x'mas rave party booth on my right. damn, they were so cute! lol...alritey, enuff of wishful thinking, what was i thinking? do people actually read my blog?! pfft!

anywho, these pics remind me of them...or how they appear in my dreams... heh heh

back laters with other updates...Ta

Sunday, November 28, 2004

Glad to back

Back from the olive drab and camo greens to civvie life...and i'm still poorer, blardy hell...bah!

Anyhoo, hope u had a great week...heres something to cheer u up
i'm a hotters girl!
Avril's halloween backstage pic...i'm beginning to dig her more these days

Some silly news while i was MIA...
guess u guys may have noticed the LeBron ads and posters around town...those guys in US know about it too...
They prob think we're a wierd bunch ...again

But "duh" article of the week goes to the Brits
SUVs harm the environment...duh

On the environmental note...some tragic animal news
I'm a dolphin lover thru-n-thru

and some interesting ones...which also explains the reason why i really love bbc documentaries and the discovery channel
Pandas do hand-stand to pee

Heres a follow-up of the Tara Reid "i'm so embarrassed" episode which u guys really liked(i got no response from the gals, so i assumed it turned u off)
New paparazzi pics of her in bikini(which isn't a bad thing...except for her "meat tenderizer" look-alike tummy)
what the hell is she doing to her once-hot bod?

Ok, pretty tired and bored already...and i've got a bad cough and runny nose on the way...catch up soon

Thursday, November 18, 2004

hello all, currently on hiatus...enjoying sunny days, chlorine-bleached skin and strained muscles (ouch)...
managed to get on a pc to put in a couple o' words...hope everyone is well, feel free to sms me if anything crops up...i'm damn free at nites...when i'm not running around playing tag with other buddies...LOL

oh well, can't think of anything to blog anyways, wearing uniform means not thinking :)

catch up soon, y'all

Monday, November 15, 2004

Boring Mondays

Its a sleeping-inducing monday for me, too tired and lazy to do anything...
On to the news:

Ever wondered what were the voters really thinking on 2Nov?
Look no further, heres the proof:
i am so smart, i am so smart

And as further proof, at least 4 key cabinet staff are resigning, including the big guy
He is surely the smart one


Yet another Asian does us proud: Kobayashi-san out-chugs and leaves everyone far behind
Next in line to get life-time ban at buffet lunches

Bring the brolly, showers expected in the next couple of days/nites
Should be a sight to behold

Speaking of stars, Becks really knows how to make a woman happy...very happy. After the huge diamonds, Mr Golden Balls gives his lady her next best friend:Mr Vibro
Diamond-encrusted, platinum-plated no less
"hmm, hope it fits..."

Spotted in celeb-land, Angie and her little precious Maddox, looking really grown up these days... and cute too! coochie-coo!
Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at
She's definitely one hot MILF

Some LA-LA land (don't u love nicknames?) news
Any of u guys spotted the non-descript posters at Cineleisure at the weekend?
cue heavy breathin sequence

Some Batman prequel peeps... Christian Bale in his new spiffy suit
Image hosted by

and the awesome/humongous/rahh!/whoa/ batmobile of all time
cross between a Hummer and a Lambo
I foresee lots of custom-heads will be pimpin' their rides to look like this in future! :)

Dear all readers(yes, all 3 of u), yours truly (meaning me) will be MIA for the next couple of days, i'll have no access to PC's and email (cue shark theme song da-dum, da-dum)...despite the horror, i'll be back probably on the weekends. Look forward to the next update y'all....If you've reached so far and have clicked all the links today, go click on my pals sites on the right! Tell them i sent u!

Leave me messages or sms's, whichever is more convenient

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Celebrity Tragedy

ODB - May you RIP

I've heard that breast enhancements (commonly termed as "boob job") usually causes loss of feeling or sensation over the affected area. That may probably explain Tara Reid's gaffe when she attended P.Diddy's party last week. She was happily posing away(she did look a little more stoned than usual), smiling for cameras with nary a care until her boob did an unexpected curtain call. She was oblivious to the sudden torrent of flashbulbs as the paparazzi zoomed in... and horror of horrors, it looks like the rumors of her boob job for the past months have been confirmed.
scene 1 peekaboob
and heres the close up... gals, if u ever thought of having one done, think of how your re-constructed nipples will look like... ain't a pretty sight (picture Not Safe For Work)

In keeping with the current theme, came up with this pic on the net (don't ask me where i surf, u don't wanna know). Some have said the lovely pair belong to Avril, and comes with the accompanying pic of her wearing the same coloured top... you be the judge:

Alritey, prolly boobies overload for y'all... so i'll end off on a pretty note, my fave Paris!
Eat your heart out motorshow racequeens!

Sleep well tonite...Ta!