Sunday, October 15, 2006

Puma Clyde exhibition
Popped by the launch of the Puma Clyde exhibition on Thursday evening. A cosy corner setup in the Flagship store in Marina Centre, the treasures and memories of Puma's friends and fam were displayed against a backdrop of Clyde's history trhrough the decades.
Walt "Clyde" Frazier's quote set the tone:
"When I was about 10 or 11, my sneakers were the hottest things in my wardrobe. I used to wash them with soap and brush them every night so that they would be bright and dry by morning. I remember being very exact about how I laced them up"
With the bass thumping courtesy of live DJ-ing and the wine flowing, i took a couple of closeups:

The starting lineup of displays; with Walt's case the gem, featuring OG Clyde w/ box, jersey and memorabilia from 72-73 championship season.

"70s and 80s" sets showed the hip hop vibe, with "Money Green" OG Clyde, to MC Shan's signature non-matching pair of Pumas. Nice paintwork on toy subway trains by Mackie and Dan Lish

"90s" featured the popularity in the UK music and soccer scene, as well as skateboarding found the shoe most suited for an Ollie. Final case: the deliciously colored retros.

The story of the Clyde through the years started in Stockholm and will roll through the cities of the world. Next stop after Singapore will be Australia and ending in the UK in December.

And whats a launch without the swag?

Cute tee boxset, with a tag only a nerd like me would notice:

Puma's getting witty these days!
I like how the icons have been used on the box and pretty much most of their retro packaging.

Also managed to do a closeup of the baby Clydes from the 70s case, heh heh.
Pity i didn't grab a photo-op with celebrity Jaymee Ong, or i coulda tried my irresistable pick up line:
"you must be wearing space pants...coz your ass is outta this world"
Irresistable i tell you

Speaking of sneaker exhibits, peep a couple more shots from the Soleciety dig in Shanghai, courtesy of Touch HK mag and

Shots from HF's vault: Amazing AF1s from W+K Tokyo's to Croc-skin-gold-tip's to Niigata pre-production samples, to Fragment and HTM collabs for wovens, footscapes, and Hello Kitty Anniversary's!
Shoes Master
Shoes Master publishes twice a year, and works out like a yearbook of sorts for the afficionado's out there. But i think this latest issue is a must-get, peep this sneak preview shot from BeingHunted:

If you know who Nobuhiro Arai is, then you wouldn't need explanation why he desrves to be in such a publication. He is the definitive Shoe Master
Subcrew x Devilock
Yea, y'all know about the collab line of caps. But i'm blown away by the packaging!

*******'s a couple of vids to help ya relax after the pic exhilaration:
"anal" talk from sitcom Lucky Louie:

best "Knock-Knock" joke ever:

have a great Sunday

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