Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunflower Seeds

Ai WeiWei
wish i could visit the installation in real life...

short stop

i usually choose a window seat on my flights, and pray for good weather for cloud shots. Just that much closer as compared to viewing from the ground...
Jakarta's pretty warm this time of year, more so than SIN i feel. Did the blazer so i could easily remove and be comfy in tees.
NBHD blazer|visvim T|NDG denim|nike SFB

when travelling, i try to pack light with lots of white tees that are great for layering, or simply paired with denim. CW from left: visvim oltolina|hanes for supreme|visvim print
for footwear, since i had to be out and about, the SFB is great for protection and lightweight enough to forget you're even wearing a boot. i usually bring along a soft trainer for hitting the hotel gym/pool or nearby haunts. the nike sock racer is excellent for poolside or beach visits.

"i wanna be a millionaire..": Bruno Mars
the Indo currency exchange makes me an easy millionaire :)
and always try the local fare that is nasi padang, a great spread of dishes to eat to your heart's content.

traffic's tiresome and getting worse, but the people and food of Jakarta are always worth the return trip

Thursday, January 13, 2011


boarding lounge enroute to Jakarta
i love how the carpet patterns appear in this shot, seem like autumn leaves(!)
nike special forces boot: ballistic nylon, breathable mesh, tough leather upper, soft flexible free sole (soul?)

always introspective on work trips somehow...

Saturday, January 08, 2011

shopping is such dogma

waiting for the missus outside the fitting room
hideout x neighborhood
visvim fluxus D1
undercover x vans

surprisingly light traffic on the roads to town, but malls were change from the year end throngs...
its the final fling for the "post-x'mas" sales, only for the "lunar new year" sales to begin in 2 days time.
(yet more evidence that time flies)

i,m always caught in 2 or 3 minds whenever i shop in the conventional bricks/mortar environment. probably in the online world, i'm given less choices (more so in the auction-world of course) and i'm forced to make a quick decision to buy (or risk losing it cheaply to the other camper sitting at the other end of the world); compared to thinking that i'll spot something better in the next rack or shop or mall.

friends will know me as an auction-fiend, but i really ought to stop and save up the dough, more important buys await in the near future...


...i'm back...

its been a long hiatus, i myself can't believe twenty-10 flew by so quickly.
i know its a week into the second decade of the millennium, but all the same, i'd like to wish y'all an awesome year ahead. trust me, it'll go by just as quickly, so put all sad/bad/mean thoughts/vibes aside...
like Mark-gor would say, here's to a better tomorrow...