Saturday, March 31, 2007

Kinda slow, can't wait to get to weekend sort of week for me. Would've shared more pics if only the cam didn't die on me. Shit, now i gotta save up for another digi-cam. Any recommends?
New Balance 990BPN
You guys probably seen the 990 pics already, linked via zzubo, via HB,HS,SH, etc. They look good? Wait till you see/feel/wear them in person!
I was just talking about how dope it'd be for more 9-series collabs/make-ups and then these 990's crop up. Much props to the BigKahuna for coming through with this, game recognises game!
Brown [fave color] - check
Purple [hottest color the past 2 years] - check
Nubuck [grade off-the-chart A premium] - hell yeah

Posh handiwork on them, and i'm still nuts on the colored mid-sole [i know, who else notices them but me?]
Peep the close ups for the Nubuck goodness, too smooth and soft to be true:

The fit on them is close to perfection [576 pretty much does it for me], but the level of detail and choice material more than justify the 9-series standard [higher the number series, higher the tech specs]
Not to dampen the hopes for those that fancy this model, they're only out in Fall'07. And if your heart still beats for them [only true headz go the distance of coz], best be making calls and connections [cos SG/MY ain't getting them]
magazine run

Went on a magazine run on thurs while picking up the RRL denims from DrJohn...
Some pics:

S2C Nike world tour caps

Nigo always gets the girls...modeling the latest season [damn]

NBHD 'ace of spades' S78 says "can it be any blacker?" which point my digicam died on me. Had to resort to the phone cam [which kinda sucks even with the CarlZeiss lens].

ACU launch pics...the shot of Fraser, HF, Futura et al offering prayers with joss incense is priceless

Border tees still hot for the coming season. NikeID offers "Class of 82" color palette for customization - hot!

Contrast in the MMA: Uno Caol in Nike whites, Kid Yamamoto in Reebok Blacks

No offence to the blokes bidding/selling/winning this tee, but i can't understand the moolah being thrown for this

alife [i liked Rivington Club] x JohnMayer [ok, so he won a Grammy and GF is Jessica] x MSG [sentimental fave with the Knicks and all] concert tee...and its not even a hand-pulled screen
The winner's prolly a big Mayer fan i guess, maybe he went to the concert and couldn't get the shirt. In any case, price is whatever the next guy wants to pay i guess
Tom Ford does it better

Speaking of simple tees, N7 actually does it differently from the alife print above. Taking away the talk about street cred etc, the print is more thought out [find out more about the label, design history before blasting me a hypocrite pls] and hey, you know you'd want one.
oakley re-issues
Looks like Oakley's going the retro-route

Damn i sure remember these babies. Faster than you say "Agassi-Tech-Challenge-surfin'-bad-boys", these Blades are hot, just check out the fire-red polarized lens!
info via Jon
late nite

wtaps hellweek hoody.stuXXV x lEvis T.stussy skull gramps shorts.06-worldcup wovens
Dropped by town for a stroll coz its the last friday of the month: late nite shopping at the malls [some stay open till 11-ish]. Pretty disappointed in the end, there's none of the fantastic discount deals, but i guess its great for those that work late and have no time to shop during the day/weekends.
mail drop

Less of a mail, more of a huge-ass parcel box! The Bape x Porter backpack finally arrived, and one of my grails is complete. I consider it a real vintage and since i'm not able to venture out to the Tokyo resellers, getting this is really an achievement in itself, not to mention, way cheaper than market rate in Jpn.
The interior is cavernous [think 2 whole shoe boxes with spare], and who doesn't like the militaristic/functional straps, pockets and the palm-sized map/radio pouch on the shoulder strap? i gotta get more loot to stuff into the
Manik Skateboards x Charles Peterson
Manik Skateboards collaborates with Charles Peterson for use of his excellent photos from the grunge years. I sure miss Kurt

Kurt - drums

Kurt - salute

"Leap" and "Crowd" - i'm loving these 2, pictures do speak louder than words.
You've read/seen the Kurt decks, but i'm feeling these other 2 as well: Mudhoney and Pearl Jam

Growing up, Pearl Jam was very much a part of my life. Ten, Vs still speak to me to this day, but on different levels, and thats why they have a special place in my heart. And i won't forget the concert Pearl Jam and Mudhoney threw in SG way back in '95, Eddie's Richard Marx-parody [who had performed on the same stage the previous night] of "Right here Waiting" was just icing on the cake [especially with the lyrics taken in the Singapore context]:
whatever you do
wherever you are
you can fuck

wherever you piss
wherever you shit
make sure not to fall asleep in it

wherever you pee
wherever you spit
make sure you're not caught by the cops

don't want to be caned
don't want to be shot
i just wanna... rock

Adriana Lima for Audi

Hall Berry pumps up the humps in a hot Cavalli number

throw some DD's on that bitch
Its amazing what Kanye can do...

Throw some D's - Rich Boy

Throw some DD's on that bitch - Kanye West
argh, i can't get it outta my head!


Monday, March 26, 2007

all eyes on me

Nice little stroll around Orchard on Sunday. Nexus7 "Angie".503B.camo 'Sta
Yup, Angelina Jolie's eyes just kills it
Tee-Talk: Supreme Snake Eyes

Interestingly, Supreme S/S 07 had a "Snake Eyes" tee as well. Now, i'm no comic library nor expert here but i did follow pretty extensively on the comic during my teen years. I do know that appearances of Snake Eyes' face are few and far between.
As per comic continuity, he was disfigured trying to rescue his later-beau Scarlett, with long scar on his left eye. Perhaps i'm not trying as hard or my memeory has failed me, but I couldn't find that same image of his peepers as Supreme's...

In the comic-world, even after undergoing reconstructive surgery to fix his face, Snake Eyes would still encounter the misfortune of a second scarring by the Baroness, giving him yet another slash across the face [yes, he is that unlucky, he should try some feng shui or something]

I don't know about you guys, but those fierce lookers seem to belong more to Thomas Arashikage aka Tommy aka Storm Shadow aka Snake Eyes' sword brother. Don't believe me? peep this artwork:

And what if it wasn't about GI Joe at all?

Perhaps No Fear??? hehehe

In any case, feel free to comment on Emil's [new improved] Supreme tee forum
sticky pins

shout out to Sam for the pins, nice lookin' out bro!
fuck yoga
Fresh in the NYC...check out Fuck Yoga for some nifty laughs

Cute veneers to deck the walls

S78 should flip at the "Fuck Frank Gehry tee... heh heh heh
Music & Lyrics

Caught Music & Lyrics last week. If you haven't watched it yet, you should! Romantic comedy + nostalgic 80's + cute-as-a-button Drew Barrymore = 2 thumbs up! hahah
Seriously, you'll flip at Hugh Grant's rendition of 80's pop icon, reminiscent of A-HA! Don't forget to check out their "hit" song "Pop goes my heart" at the beginning of the movie:

and the diabetes-so-sweet-it-hurts "Don't write me off" to win back Drew's character

It's never been easy for me to find the words to go along with the melody
But this there's actually something on my mind
so please forgive these few brave awkward lines
Since I met you my whole life has changed
It's not just my furniture you've rearranged
I was living in the past but somehow you've brought me back
and I haven't felt like this since before Frankie said "Relax"
and Now I know based on my track record I might not seem like the safest bet
All I'm asking you is don't write me off just yet

For years I've been telling myself the same old story
that I'm happy to live off my so-called former glories
But you've given me a reason to take another chance
now I need you despite the fact that you've killed all my plants
And Now I know I've already blown more chances than anyone should ever get
All I'm asking you is don't write me off just yet
Don't write me off just yet

So sweet, silly, corny...lovely ;)
on rotation: Give it to Me

sick-sick Timba-beatz