Sunday, October 31, 2004

That burning feeling
I sorta forgot the feeling of getting a sunburn...
It must have ages since i last set foot on a beach and am i glad i did yesterday...although i had to pay for it with my skin. Yours truly is now burnt-red on face, forearms and calves...a direct result of being a smart aleck to wear a tee instead of a singlet. In spite of what you must be thinking rite now:"why doesn't that idiot go bare-bodied then?"...the answer is "NO", i would scare too many people away, and spoil their fine day to sun and be merry. Back to the main point, I really love the sun and smell of the sea, and the occasional bared bum/boob or two (if u knew me, u knew that was coming).

Anyway, gotta thank the 2 ladies sun-tanning in their string bikinis and being oblivious to what was happening around them(there was a full triathlon event going on rite where they were) least they provided visual entertainment. Also spotted a tom cruise lookalike from the nike team (sorry gals, no pic, but i'll try to see if there are any of him from the press photogs).

No pics of myself in my tanned glory today, i'd probably scare u away, or make u fall hopelessly in love with my looks (somehow i don't see it happening).

On to the day's links then:

Dude has brilliant idea, invents industry for "pre-need" furniture. Seriously, i can see how this might truly work: buy a full-length teak cupboard, store your wine, books and stereo, then use it as a coffin when u croak!
brilliant i tell u!

Woman shocked to find out she was killed in Iraq from web news
don't believe everything u read...unless i tell u so

In similar news, always double-confirm when u sign on your marriage certificate, or else u might get the wrong twin
unless the other one is hotter

Which brings me to todays related story bonanza
Don't u love Japanese inventions? and manga, anime, high tech gadgets, kawaii chicks, cool clothing, cute chicks (did i mention that already?)...well, i do, for all of them! So i'm wondering who the heck went to inform Vodafone about their voyeur phones!?!
getting more than u bargained for

I mean, phones are such useful devices these days, u have phonebook, organizer, email software, camera, fax s/w, period calendars, horoscope and even mood predictors. So whats the problem with a few "glitches" like free porn?
yet another guy who complains too much

Some people should just ease up and stop being so uptight, calling in the police at every opportunity. Cops have better things to do than ask your horny exhibitionists to stop their public coitus
and i mean it when i say cops don't want them to "stop"...LOL

Ok, thats all for the weekend... have a nice one before monday comes round again.

Friday, October 29, 2004

"Smile, you're on candid doggie-cam!"

Tomy Co.Ltd of Japan releases doggie cam, you've heard of bird's eye view, stay tuned for dog's eye view. would be nice to see what Stitch sees... :)

burglar breaks into house, have a meal and falls into sleep...
he'll be getting a hot meal very soon...behind bars

some kid just wants to make "happy" muffins, fellow students play party pooper
no more "A" for home econs

twins score full marks for SATs...aims to be an engineer in future
dumb ass

rounding off today's news....something that'll definitely be more helpful than kids asking for donations on weekends:
donate food, get free p0rn!!!

TGIF y'all, take care

Thursday, October 28, 2004

its TGIT day...
this is moi in the morning
Image Hosted by

new means to fight traffic congestion in future...
the flying dutchman

SheiKra is the first dive coaster to incorporate an Immelmann loop, a water feature, and a second 90-degree, 138-foot drop through an underground tunnel. The ride also includes a 360-degree climbing carousel. SheiKra's 3,188 feet of steel track offers a total ride time of just over three minutes.
stomach churning to say the least

have to get in a Bush reference
Bush wins film award...

moi after long day at work
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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

"Hi ho the merry-o"

In a new twist of sales marketing, Pepsi introduce new products and take them away!
sheer genius!

"Its true, beer and boobies rule" so said thy monks
give that man a Tiger!

when i grow up, i wanna be a PE teacher...
how to get an F for PE

and u thought the US election is a farce
catch my leftovers!

breastfeeding mixup in hospital
lucky baby


Tuesday, October 26, 2004

This is for the one who got the job ahead of me coz he has supposedly more "experience": "bullsh!t, bo!!ocks, b@ll$ and a big fcuk you!"
seriously, i don't blame the interviewers and the powers-that-be who feel they shouldn't be taking a chance on someone who may not have the working experience but in fact posesses more product knowledge or insight... i blame the guys who manage to fool them into thinking so.

ok, rant over... whatever, i'll be ready the next time(you'll be sure of that)

21 ways to hook up with a model
every hetro's dream

pumpkins must be expensive this time of the year
police searching for naked pumpkin prowler

now i know why i can never finish a report in time
Ministry of Ed should consider teaching this in schools

interesting way to get out of exam stress (Yanz, take note)
clever kids

with the 2 Nov election date looming, this brings great relief as to who should be the next POTUS (psst, it means President of the US)
at least its not Bush

Image hosted by


Monday, October 25, 2004

winter war-land
whats cookin'
Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

had a busy weekend, cooked up this little baby, a personalised winter camo New Balance M574 for Derick (thats his initials on the side)...
inspired by the upcoming Maharishi x Nike Terminator

feel free to leave comments

Saturday, October 23, 2004

Image Hosted by
absolutely not indicative of my support for tomorrow's game :)

Anyway, you guys should try this...especially when u have time to kill
Level 14 (krasnow) is having me stumped

couple of interesting news:
Wrong call to 911 leads to drug arrest
dumb ass

Humans are destroying the Yanz often puts it to me so well:

some nice pics of Versace's collection for this year

Remember the segment in Chungking Express where Faye's character breaks into Tony's house to do housekeeping coz she luvs him so much?
This is much creepier

This should get more foreign business-men into the country, and conservatives in a flap
Hooters opens in China

thats all i have for u today folks

Friday, October 22, 2004

A follow-up piece

Things you shouldn't buy used

First things come to mind: underwear/lingerie....but i ain't that shallow... lol

[1]Laptops: you are taking a chance when you buy any used computers, but the risks are much higher when you purchase something as prone to abuse and hardware problems as a laptop.

Exception: You are buying a refurbished unit with warranty.

[2]Plasma TVs : This is something you'll definitely want a warranty and an extended warranty at that. Its gonna be a bitch (physically and on your wallet)to repair when the tv breaks down.

Exception: Its a super-duper great deal and you don't mind if it breaks down just when you bring it home

[3]DVD players: You can used DVD's, but not the players. The laser is too fragile and integral part of the set(no laser = no fun) to take a chance on.

Excpetion: Its your buddy's and you've been using it all along...

[4] Helmets: They are meant to protect your head, DON'T compromise!

No Exceptions here...cost of injury or death is much higher (touch wood)

[5] Mattresses: Think of all the stuff you do on your own mattress.... now think of sleeping in your birthday suit on someone else's bed... EEWWWW...Buy NEW, after all, like the tv ads say, you can even get a free mobile phone for every purchase(!)

Exception: You like sleeping in somebody else's germs, bacteria and bodily fluids... urgh, i don't wanna think about it.... NEXT!

[6])Shoes: Poor fitting shoes can give you the whole array of problems: heel, shin, toe, knee and back pains. Don't buy shoes which have already been molded to someone else's feet. Go for shop and warehouse sales or factory outlets for shoes at lower prices, but brand new.

Exception: You are like me, a sneaker collector, that desperately needs a particular model/brand of shoe and can't wait to throw a fortune on a worn pair. :P

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Image Hosted by

Yes, the Hello Kitty (or Haro Kit-tee in Jap-english) craze is back in MacDonald's, this time with a "jewel" (!)... if anyone out there has seen the light pink ones aka "rose quartz", pls help me purchase it and get back to me (no ransom notes please, thank you), u know how to find me (email is on the sidebar)

*jingle: thats my mac donald's...

ps: *whispers* if any snooping McD's employees/staff is reading this, feel free to send me a complimentary kitty (in above-said color), i'll be waiting by my mailbox ;)

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Things you shouldn't buy New
as adapted from MSN Money article

BOOKS- Why bother buying them new when books don't often get read more than once (admit it, u have lots of unread books lying around too)... so the next time u want a paperback for the long trips or rides, get it from the library sale
Exception: Reference books, they definitely have resale value, why do u think so many people have unpaid library fines then?

DVD VCD Video - "Troy" was just released a couple of weeks ago...odds are they will be $29.90 at your neighborhood friendly stores in no time. heck, u can get it for far cheaper on auction sites or for XXX...(no not Vin Diesel, boys n girls ;)
Exception: When u simply have to be the first in your block to blast the movie out loud, or u really need to get that special-edition-karaoke-concert-dvd-with-uncut-behind-the-scenes-footage edition signed by the visiting idol...

CARS- need i say more? one of the most over-valued piece of property in this country, they drop in value as soon as its legally to get a 2nd hand model, let someone else feel the heartache of losing value.
Exception: u really want that "new car" smell

Sports Equipment- look at the dumb-bells in the corner... u know, beside that "tummy trimmer", yoga mat, "power rider", yonex carbonex 8...need i say more?
Exception: training shoes, soccer balls that may mould to humidity

PCs, software and console games - seriously, u still BUY them off game stores these days? mwahahahhaa.... oh, u do?... hmm....=/
NO Exception here... pls, do everyone a favor, go download them, we always welcome another seed on BT.

yet another public service announcement, brought to by the conscience of xymon ... see u at the next yard sale, internet auction, or ca$h converters...

Monday, October 18, 2004

sorry, i really gotta get this off my head, been laughing damn bloody loud...

a big headache

in other related news...
did u know crickets can tell the temperature?
incredible but true

now u know why theres so many folks out in the parks late at nite and early in the morning... those "creeks" u hear are NOT from car seats! they are just listening out for the temperature...

i hear a collective giggle already

Sunday, October 17, 2004

"Will the real Hussein please stand up, please stand up"

The Real Hussein... spoof of Eminem's "The Real Slim Shady"
sent to me by a "monk" ;)
had me in stitches and singin along...

if u guys ever need a server host to send huge files and stuff, u can check out you send it. A pretty user-friendly site,just post the huge file in question(remember kids, too much p0rn is bad for u, always remember to share) and the site will send an email to the friend to collect it from its server, simple as that.
...coz not everyone has a cool g-mail account with 1Gig of server space....damn, aren't those g-mail account holders cool? and prolly handsome to boot... *insert vomit gag sequence*

Do u like DJ'ing? impressed by turntables?
Do u like Bruce Lee? impressed by his moves?
So i take it u like DJ'ing like Bruce Lee?
confused? don't be.... click on the mystifying dude here or the cool Brucie pic on the sidebar and be the ultimate cool dude with the Bruce Lee Remixer!(pls have macromedia shockwave though, i'm sure u do, u are cool right? right?)props to the guys at!

you are getting sleep-y...

have a great sunday....
"who's your baghdaddy"

Saturday, October 16, 2004

Weight off my ... head

There must be something said or written about the thereuputic effects of cutting one's hair. Something about the hair being the extension of stress and tension and cutting it off brings along a removal of the proverbial "weight off your shoulders"....
either that, or its just me and my big head of hair.... big head = big hair ... lol

Which brings me to the weather (why then did u think i cut my hair?)... its blazing hot these days, can't i even enjoy my siesta in peace without blasting my little fan... and even then, all the while blowing hot air at my face? :P

Oh well...

couple of nice sites you might like to visit:
grafitti appreciation at its best...
wooster collective

and how to reclaim back public property
public ad campaign

something about grafitti and the guerilla practices of these guys attracts me... i just might try them out one of these days (oops, did i think that out loud?)


Friday, October 15, 2004

Image Hosted by 
<br />
World Famous...

Dang, looks like i gotta clean my mirrors eh? But what do i care? i got my fave tee on, my brand new butter-soft leather sneakers on...ain't nuthin' gonna hold me down... (sorry 'bout the slang and stuff, couldn't help it y'know... LOL)

Had an awesome lunch today (sorry no pics...some restaurant rule or something.... yeah rite! hahaha)...there was the dim sum entre, and something like 6 main course dishes but that was before... get this... a generous helping of ice cold yam flavored ice cream gorgeously marooned in the middle of a steaming hot bowl of red-bean soup! simply heaven! no kiddin', go try it sometime!

Its suppose to be exam time in schools ain't it? Somehow, i seem to see more kids in town more than anything.... must be out "studyin'... (heh heh)...not that its a bad thing... (even more heh heh)... :P

Anyways, as u may have noticed so far, i'm a sneaker-freak by nature... and you're gonna see more shoes in future (like it or not... hopefully likin' it..)... i'll prolly be previewing some '05 sneakers that are gonna be launched...

Oh yeah, and more talking in parenthesis (i dunno, i just like it... so sue me :P)

cheers y'all!

Its finally the weekend yar? Hmm... not that theres much to do anyways
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Guerillas in the midst....

Sometimes u just wish the worst for someone else... yeah, the worst...
*begin rant:
Why is it that the train keeps breaking down these days? Is the technology that back-dated? Are the maintenance personnel that un-skilled? Or did someone jump onto the tracks again?... seriously, i do hope it was someone who jumped onto the tracks this morning, and i was half hoping it was one of the idiots running the train system...the other half was hoping he didn't make it out alive

I see no point in announcing that there is a "track fault" and apologising for the minor problem when everyone and anyone inside the train can plainly see its a major problem: taking 40minutes for less than 2 stations is ridiculous! not to mention stopping 10times to travel a total of 100 cm! I wasn't that worried about being late for work, more so for the very-pregnant lady sitting on the chair in front of me and anxiously looking out the train window for any signs of movement. (interestingly, thats all anyone does whenever the train breaks down, as if the answer is out there on the opposite tracks). Worst still, the staff still allow more passengers to enter the stations w/o informing them of the impending "track fault" and delays... what do they hope to achieve? earning the extra 80cents so that we can take to the next station, just to alight in utter frustration?...bleah....

*end rant.... sighs... rant over(but believe me, my anger runs deep... lol)

heres a custom i did last week...
Image Hosted by
WW473 white/white redone in tan/olive classic colours


Wednesday, October 13, 2004

ah yes, this baby is finally up again...
Took a long time coming, but yes, my blog is "current" once again (or at least i aim to keep it current).

In the typical foot-in-mouth style of Austin Powers "Let myself,introduce...myself.."
This is moi...
Image Hosted by need of a bigger mirror... LOL

Sorry if the pic scared ya, just couldn't be bothered to turn the flash on the bugger, hahaha....Anyways, i'll just be posting up random pics of myself or whatever i see in my daily... hope anyone that reads this s#%t will enjoy that :)

Y'know its true when your mom always nags at you and says "sometimes it helps to open your eyes when u walk".... Had to run an errand this morning at the post office, took the never-ending "short" feeder bus ride and what do i get when i alight and walk towards where the post office WAS supposed to be??? It was relocated as it was under renovation! darn.... so i dutifully followed the instructions to its temporary location... and where do u think it is? just right next to the frickin' path which i took towards the old one! (am i making sense here?)

Anywho, arrived late at work, thankfully didn't miss anything important.... took a couple of pics of my customs as well, let u guys have a sample
Image Hosted by
A re-worked New Balance BB700 white/red, done in Atlanta colours....

Will post more pics and stuff later on, pretty tired (and lazy...haha)....