Sunday, July 30, 2006


A pretty blah week gone by. Was glad to catch a movie yesterday. Lake House is pretty ok i'd say, great for those encountering the story for the 1st time. And if you cried for this movie, you'll cry buckets if you catchIL MARE, the original story the Keanu-Sandra romance flick was based on.
A girl's Life
Check out Tommy's column for BGHD, a nice regular collective offshoot from her Naive blog. Makes me wanna live her life too :x
CDG-guerilla store +65

The Guerilla store has moved for the 3rd time, meaning it is into its 3rd successful year of its Singapore occupation. Pretty good achievement i must say. But i guess it has outdone itself this has relocated to the suburb neighborhood of Bukit Merah in our sunny island. It'll be interesting to see how the neighborhood natives react to $200 CDG tees amid dingy shops selling cheap sundries and vintage hair salons..heh. Store operator in chief and mastermind for the location choice, Theseus mentions he is following the theology of the Garcons label to "be different". I think the camo facade fits the SG occupation to a T, i can't imagine the "dots" ala HK store to work the same. I can't wait to visit the store soon!
Speaking of local happenings...
gotta destroy to build

Huge collab by Surrender and NBHD due next week August. Just in time for the National Day celebrations, heh. The new line of tees have been out for 2 weeks now, Madsaki collabo's and multi-colore polo's feature prominently for me. surrender now

Brother-boutique Ambush drops the gdehuk line over the weekend as well.
pic courtesy of big Al
yeap, them rare dot-dot "g" tees are there...but not for long (fo' sure).
Some crazy drops by NB

60 pairs of these "saturday nite fever" incarnations in Paris. Sort of like those vintage Nike "disco" metro's eh? bet retrokid will love 'em

And its great to see Yosuke back again after that horrific incident in '04. That white Yamato pair has excellent embroidery!

Spotted this ad in Boon for NB JP's "love classic fair". The hemp 574 is kickin' ass.
got mail
like Shep Fairey;s Obey imprint + love Shadow's beats and mix = Can't resist the combo at dirt cheap prices on the 'bay. And he's coming by Zouk next week! (same day as the srdr x nbhd denim! bet you he gets a pair)

Shadow will be performing with Massive Attack in Germany and Cali over the next few weeks...that'll be ridiculously mind blowing. Need to get his new album "the outsider"..heard its hyphy!

Maybe i overpaid for 'em, but i don't care...its "general strikepiece" y'all, thats masterpiece enuff for me.
saw this "thingmajig" at turntable labs...

somehow, i got a feelin' its something i might buy...hmm
new bape/bbc x new era cap...killin' it with the Raiders 'do

also spotted that Pharrell's "in my mind" cd will have different covers of his caricature in various BBC/bape outfits.

what's this? It's so 90's variant-comic-book-covers!!!
tsk tsk

btw, in case some so-called "sneakerheads" think "variant" means the same as those lame-ass fake shoes on ebay, wake up:
multi-variation-limited-edition-1of100-mint-condition-chase-packs have been around for far longer kids. Sneakers are just the latest denomination of hype-mongers' registers! I have tons of NBA upperdeck/hoops/topps cards and comic books to back it
Boon 08 looks:
LEvis Fall looking great

there's also a great write up on denim in this month's Boon. A guide to the different types of denim, recommended streetwearing combo's, and even a pictorial guide to how different-sized jeans will look on an average joe! Interesting stuff, since i will tend to buy the denim i like, even if is over/under-sized (yeah, i'm nutz)

Also a nice look-see of upcoming w)taps:

the more i look at the dude wearing the Para Smock, the more it is hypnotizing me.. damn! "Teardrop" set is straight hotness, can't go wrong with dots or

BDU range is the mainstay and target for each season.
I like the "Germs" range for the visuals, especially the Field Jkt, pocket tee (Sam! i need this!) and the Paisley Hellweek sweater zip-up...but i'm not if i can pull off the look, or survive the heat!


Monday, July 24, 2006

to a T
It's been a while since i've talked about 1 of my loves...tees!
Couple of interesting ones turned up recently..

Slick has been churning out fine stuff over time, all characteristically tongue-firmly-in-cheek. Love the mash-up of Einstein ala Albert Kiss! haha D=IS2; and the "ape shall not diss ape" take on the love-hate relationship with our favorite street culture primate

Reminds me of this tee by some witty folks in UK:
Captures the essence perfectly

Yet another primate specimen, but this time, one of age. Yeah, XLARGE turns 15 this year. Gosh, as one of the grand-daddy's of street culture, it only seems yesterday that it was the rage of hype-world. It still rules this day, for staying true to its skating/music roots and not giving a damn about hype. To me, this ape is king!

Peep the "brotherhood of XL" and the "relax" prints...there'll be more to come, with collabs by various labels paying their respects for sure.

And it all comes down to stussy, but this is a wierd one...

Called a "Chen Pocket tee".. i wonder if it's named after a person Chen? or does it refer to the "chia-pet" like fabric? wierdness-du-jour and certainly not what i'd expect from unusualy turn definitely, you can be sure not many will have the same pocket tee as you =)

Sunday, July 23, 2006

veg aka net-nerd
I trawl the forums and various design blogs like every other nerd and i sometimes get bored with the repetitive info. I mean, i'm sure you guys read up ALL the hype sites, and you'd come away with the feeling "so what else is new?"'s all the same dude.

I tend to pay a little more attention to details...
Most of you "street culture" vets should know this pic. It's the all-familiar shop front in Aoyama Japan. Yep, stacked ceiling-high with piles and piles of clothes. What might those be? Well, my young padawan, those be the almost entire catalog of ze masterJun Takahashi's works...mmm, yess...
Probably one of the simplest and dramatic wallpaper to dream up. The singular pic that spawned thread upon fourm thread discussing just how much value it's worth (street-worth ala drug-money kids, haha) and "wouldn't the fabric fade from the direct sunlight day-in day-out?"

Well, couple days back, JT (yeah, i'd wish we were tight like that) showed his new collection "But Beautiful V: guruguru" and a revamped storefront via his honeyee blog:

All awash with vintage Star Wars figures (no doubt from the Sillything reference of their Star Wars pictorial tome). Check out some of the rare and even (gasp) custom figurines (!)

So where did all those clothes go?

Probably to the new UC display at DSM-UK. Could anyone scope it out and let me know?

yeah yeah, you know about the DSM opening in Tokyo

But did you know about the Uniqlo flagship store opening in New York? peep the teaser site. amazing web skillz i might add.

heh heh...cute tee from Oddica. link via

MAD toys drops this "back-in-day" vinyl of the etch-a-sketch. Sure brings back memories.

Let's not forget the genius of a certain George Vlosich III and his masterpieces

0-60mph in 1.67s aka WTF

Yep, the Barabus TKR should be named the WTF. 1.67sec is not even the time i took to type 1.67sec, it's that ridiculous. Check more info here... 1005bhp what?!?

Absolutely love these cartoons... cute gone bad! hahaha
Go clickity here for more, by Megan Murphy.
more updates laters...
The things i do when i'm not out and about... sheesh, i'm such a net nerd.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum

Caught the Pirates last weekend. Entertainment-wise: top notch!

Now i know why its been breaking box office records left-right-center: excellent actors who flesh out the characters, based on an otherwise ho-hum amusement ride. Johnny Depp is really born to bge Jack Sparrow. I can't wait for March '07 for part 3!!!

The movie really made me thirsty for a coconut thereafter, heh heh.

so, what's your pirate name?

My pirate name is:

Black Sam Rackham

Like anyone confronted with the harshness of robbery on the high seas, you can be pessimistic at times. You have the good fortune of having a good name, since Rackham (pronounced RACKem, not rack-ham) is one of the coolest sounding surnames for a pirate. Arr!

Get your own pirate name from


Been listening to Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers all week. One of those evergreen bands that defy time and whose songs can still touch. Easiest way is to cop their Anthology: through the years album for a quick run through of their discography and its enigmatic lead singer-songwriter. Current heavy rotation has got to be "The Waiting"...heart wrenching
*newsflash* Gnarls Biggie!!!
Like what Dangermouse did for Jay-Z, Sound Advice will do for Gnarls Barkley and Notorious BIG. Do the right thing and go clickity before its too late
Look what just dropped in the mail! Finally getting me hands on a Let's Get Lost tee!

Done in honor of a beautifully shot movie and for the man it was based on

I like this quote on the tee:"When a cowboy is born in Oklahoma and ends up in Rome, he's got to have a story"

The lyrics to Let's Get Lost is a gem:
Let’s get lost, lost in each other’s arms
Let’s get lost, let them send out alarms
And though they’ll think us rather rude
Let’s tell the world we’re in that crazy mood.
Let’s defrost in a romantic mist
Let’s get crossed off everybody’s list
To celebrate this night we found each other, mmm, let’s get lost

Let’s defrost in a romantic mist
Let’s get crossed off everybody’s list
To celebrate this night we found each other, mm, let’s get lost
oh oh, let’s get lost

I've been in a flim noir-sort of mood lately. I watched and re-watched Coffee & Cigarettes. 11 short movie segments linked by the above-said 2 items. I liked a couple and so-so for the rest, but it more than makes up on what i feel for the movie on the whole. Best of the lot are "those thing'll kill ya" and "delirious": starring Bill-groundhog day-ghostbustin'-Murray!!!LOL
Go get the DVD y'all!
Madfoot x T-19
Remember the Nike T-19 SB dunk high for Shingo? Check out the Madfoot version...very sweet

i like the detailing near the outsole. on the whole, looks very classy.
Pix of nike+ and apple's soon-to-be marketing juggernaut.
Will Function follow (its os-so seductive) Form? and will it finally answer the question all true footwear and running enthusiasts have been asking all these years: Will Nike ever understand that more than half the world's population over-pronate and finally find the Fit?
These NB sample pics have done the rounds, ever since they popped up during the Bread&Butter show in Berlin. Now here's the juicy part: them kicks will drop in early Jan '07. Yep, you heard it here first.
These lovely 576's are inspired by the leather interiors of racing cars. Let me say it for ya: must cop!

Pretty nice renditions of the 1500's. Notice the heel interior detailing? its the in-thing now. Too bad NB will only have them in '07, oh well, better late than never. But i just can't keep my eyes off that cream/curry pair on the left...too tempting!
Life-sized Pong - what?!?

Check out the videos by Guillaume Reymond of the most popular video games in decades, Pong and Space Invaders, done using real people! Shot in painstaking sequences, they depict the video games perfectly!
Not that i don't like my name, but these sites just keep popping up!
In light of all those cool Brazilian dudes at the World Cup, What's your Brazilian name?

I quite like "Mao"...but would've thought "Random Ramblings" would have a sexy name like Claudio Ramblao?!?! WTF?