Sunday, October 30, 2005

Yet another piece of nostalgia arrives in the post. Appreciative props to whoever takes care of clothing as good as me.
I read an interesting excert about "What your t-shirt says about you" that goes something like: "...those who wear cartoon tees are young at heart, easily nostalgic, and probably collects toys...". I almost thought that someone who wrote it was right behind
In any case, here's something for those that like message tees article

Purple and Bone Stussy court force due prolly early Dec.

Her royal Highness still rocks

pics courtesy of last night's party

Saw Maddie's vid recently...damn, she is turning out fine eh?

Rumbling along soon is the yearly ZoukOut party...

Held at the island resort beach of Sentosa, "ZoukOut will transform the sandy landscape into a magical clubland with four stages featuring a broad spectrum of genres including house, tribal, progressive, techno, trance, electro, indie, hip hop and of course the very popular Mambo Jambo."
I still remember the 1st party 5 years ago, for the millenium....ah, memories...
Head to ZoukOut website for more info

Marc Newson x Signeo

Marc Newson sure is a busy man. Check out his latest work for an audio player for Signeo

Kylie 06

bet my buddy Ibrahim will love this Kylie 06 calendar scans

Fuss Clothing have some new JaguarSkills tee in, hand-printed-individually-numbered 'nuff said.

GDEH furry dice?!

not something i'd put in my car, but if for free....

Just gotta add this in...sorry if i'm late, but its way too funny
legO-zone doing "dragostea din tei"

Monday, October 24, 2005

Hit up RTHQ for a very nice write-up on the must-have for winter...The M-65 Field Jacket

Let's go shopping

Lovely Kate Spade stack box and Flexi-file folders on sale at SeeJaneWork


Podbrix launches the BrixPod Classic this thursday(27th). As if the shuffle is not cool enough, Lego it! More info here

Too cute

Images that anyone cool(old?) enough will appreciate...grab them from ZE stuff

New bling from boyz at BreakBeat Science


Sunday, October 23, 2005


Finally got the CommandZ tee i always wanted. I always liked the idea of a satellite group, where each entity get to have its own niche direction, but yet still have the same focus someway or another. Its probably harder to implement in this day and age of $$-comes-first...but then again, maybe thats why the "previously-independant/underground" labels and individuals are deemed the forefront of street style these days.

Rival did their debut with a collaboration with Gravis in 1999, and
now they are ready for another big hit. They will be available in two
colors, Moonstruck and Phantom. 300 pairs made in each colorway. Only
available at Gravis Tokyo on 10th December.
(thanx Katsuya)


Collection 2’s title, aformofwar, is an extreme and direct reference
to the position SVSV™ takes against other street wear and luxury

View the complete line and the impending online launch in Nov SvsV - Serum vs Venom

Following pics of the upcoming Fenom "disco" denim...these are much better(imho).
Fenom 207 vintage

Fenom 505 vintage

All with lovely selvedge and only readily available at your local one-per-customer stores worldwide or course.

Mr KGB aka Killer Gerbil's artwork on show... man's got skillz
Go peep 'em here the Killer Gerbil

First things first, the answers:

Tha Questions:
1)Is she my girlfriend?
2)Do I know her on a personal level?
3)Would I like to know her on a personal level?
4)Do I think she is hot no matter what you guys think?

that's all to dreamland

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Close encounters of the cute kind

Its been a slow weekend, perfect for just slacking around, and clicking away on my digi-cam.

I love promo postcards, especially from clubs and movies. No stranger to being deemed "club of the year" by DJs the world over, Zouk Club closed earlier this month for a much-needed facelift. She opens on the 21st Oct, and not a day too late, just in time for their reknowned Halloween party on the 31st. Peep the technicolor promo for the revamp party and the tarot cards for 2005 "the Gathering".

The "Zoukettes" should be back in droves i'm sure, but i bet the incoming Ministry of Sound will give her a run for the money. Heard that Cafe Del Mar will be popping by the shores real soon. yummy

Had a short walk around the shopping malls in town yesterday...almost trampled by the ladies...can't blame them, Takashimaya had a Hello Kitty & Friends sale, duh.
Couldn't resist this cute Minna No Tabo card holder though, wonder what the dudes in office will say tomorrow?! lol

I need more wrists
How else can i wear them rubber fashion bands?

Rasta x3 from Stussy 25th; All-area access x2 from NBHD;; Livestrong

Quick question

I came across some eBay auction claiming it to be a GDEH x Undercover? Anyone with leads? do the mail thing


Thursday, October 13, 2005

Stop Press: I never have a normal day

New Ish from the STW2D team drops on the 14th (thats tomorrow, kids!) featuring exclusive and behind the scenes interview with Nike SB's Sandy Bodecker, brand and shop features, not to mention over 40 pages of fashion gloss to whet your appetite for the next 3 months!

Head to for more issue details and order info.

Fashion from Gehenom
More updates from my buddies...the LMAC site is up and running! With renewed focus on minute details, these limited edition clothing will be a work of labor and love. Exclusively available only at the website, the handcrafted and mad limited pieces also feature fabric distressing and hand-washed effects.
For the boys and gals:

be quick

launch of Diamonds & Bones at H-street 22th Oct

in case you didn't catch the word of the day up top...
Made up words in The Simpsons

Monday, October 10, 2005

bizzare beyond belief

Surrender's tribute to John Willie is finally releasing. pic courtesy of

The nice folks will also be presenting at iDn's DesignEdge Conference & Expo in November, i can't wait. seriously.
Hardy Blechman will be holding court; DElta and MOde2 of legendary DeFuMo will be dropping by(might the 3rd link be popping in too?); Kazuki Kuraishi and Kostas has an exhibit at Surrender. Not enough to get your panties in a bunch? Faile, Ben Drury, Rostarr, Will Bankhead pique your interest yet? Toy2R will be there, and so will Devilrobots(who were just here recently for the Trexi world tour). throw in local/global boys, LMAC, surrender, eleven18 in there for good measure, and you should have a cracking show.

Book your air tickets and fly down NOW

Lots of hot sh*t dropping this week...LMAC will be expected to launch their one-of-a-kind(well, 1 out of 15 ain't bad) hoodies and tees. Keyword to self: credit-card.

SneakerPimps show happened over the weekend....some nice pics from Josh and from Ladykickz.

does Mark look stoned? or just bored?


New stuff at Mellow online

Twinkle store

iPod for your Stikfas anyone?

Someone scanned Mad magazine covers. No, seriously.
Doug Gilford's Mad site

This time they really mean it

Flow Magazine from Sweden is finally back up and refreshed! Johan and crew plays it again, this time with an interview with Jeff Jank! Keep it up matey!