Monday, February 28, 2005

Last day of Feb, yet another month passes. I find that the only different thing i did this year is not replenishing my filofax, mostly cos i feel i don't need it as much nowadays. However i'm not lacking in the calendar department, cos i got these cool postcard calendars courtesy of "MK12" at decoylab. Each month u get a calendar for the month by post, each one with beautiful graphics and the days/dates on the reverse. Go sign up today! (psst, and tell them u heard it from here!)

Something else came in the post today....finally i get my hands on the grey M586 woohoo

yeah yeah, more shoes...what can i say, i'm a sicko

I've always loved Simpsons, so what cooler stuff than hearing your fave characters come to live! Check out their spot on Conan
Link from anticlown

And check out this awesome digi-art, u can adjust the speed of playback...really cool stuff, i wish i could do that

Saturday, February 26, 2005

Imagination is more important than knowledge

I bet you thought that was a pretty nice quote, well at least i did...its reportedly from Einstein. Back in 1905, Einstein presented 3 papers, brownian motion, photoelectric effect and special relativity, and basically changed the world to put it simply. People tend to have an image of Einstein as that frizzy-haired old man that looks slightly mad(had to be, with all that genius thoughts)...but they forget, he was only 26 in 1905. I'm 26 this year, have something which others term an "education", can paint and draw pretty ok, have no great meaningful possesions besides what i can fit into my pockets, and basically lots of great pals. I definitely pale in comparison to someone like Al and his achievements, but i do hold true to one thing he says "The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education". Sometimes we just learn more, know more and definitely understand more by letting nature come to us. Thats not to say education isn't important, we do need to learn to read and write, but that should be for communication, not a license for life.
Now that i have your attention(sort of), its 2005, Germany has decided to honour the man who brought us the way of modern life. Don't believe me? go check out his accomplishments at Einstein Year 2005. Lots of links there to keep me occupeid for the rest of the year. Enjoy

Props to Skinner and partner for coming through with their new line of KognitivKulcher tees.

Tee: Posterity/Celebrity. Check out the details, crystals!

Nice clean prints, excellent choice of tee as well. Thats just one of several prints they have lined up
Contact Skinner at for more info on how you can purchase KognitivKulcher apparel.

Package came in last week, another camo tee for my collection

Friday, February 25, 2005

hey ho, let's go

Its been a while since my last entry...yeah i'm a lazy bum...(whatever)
Thankfully, its the weekend yet again and i get to see more of my bed...actually its not really the truth. I find that i tend to spend even lesser time on my bed on weekends than on weekdays, cos i wanna make sure i really spend my every waking minute doing things i couldn't do on a weekday. I'm a walking contradiction i guess. More time to rest means more time to use up for activities, which makes me more tired and in need of, what else, more rest.

But, you may ask(yes, all 5 of u), why do i loathe thee weekday? Well, actually, loathe will be too strong a word. My to-and-fro work travelling does have some nice "perspective" to it. i'm an frickin' optimist:total travelling time takes up 3hour plus. I tend to observe human quirks a little more each passing day.

Everyday i take the public bus to my workplace...and without fail i end up near the rear of the queue each time, sometimes even further back if i deem too lazy to set off earlier from home. Well, theres nothing surprising about q-ing for buses, even ants do it(i seriously have no idea where that phrase came from). But each day, i notice this other queue ending up not far from mine. I can never see the start of the queue, and i can't figure out where it leads to judging from the people's attire (you know how it means white-collar jobs from those in shirts/ties/suit and blue-collar means tees/dirty-loose-jeans showing off bum-crack). SO the investigator(read:busybody) in me decides to take a little detour one day,and walked past the start of the queue... and when i saw what i saw(sorry for bad english), i was lost for words for a minute and then i smiled. Seriously, it would've raised a tattoed eye-brow or two overseas, but its the norm in Singapore: those people were queueing for free newspapers, dutifully handed out by this old man(one per person mind you, any more and you have to queue again)

Thanks for reading my idle banter thus far...anyways, queues aren't really that bad, trouble only starts when there aren't any, like when kids start queueing for kicks and u have to rope in bouncers, and u still get a riot...sheesh

chocolates melt in pockets
Did i mention i take the train besides the public bus to work? Yeah my daily travels should be named Planes,Trains and Automobiles....
Funny thing happened yesterday as i was taking the train back home. I was listening to the radio on my handphone, blasting techno dance music to keep myself from dozing off(thank u WKR91.3FM) and this teenage kid takes the seat beside me. As i gaze upon my opposite neighbour trying not to show too much interest lest he thinks i'm gay (what else can one do except gawk?), i noticed at the corner of my eye the kid trying to get comfy and bring out his phone from his front pant pocket. He succeeded after a while(it was tight jeans), but he immediately froze and stared at his phone...i wondered why: dead batt? porno message from a guy? wrong phone? tic-tac dispenser? i turned my head....stuck upon the display window of his Nokia was a glob of chocolatey mess. I stifled a chuckle and looked away as the kid looked around to make sure no one saw it. He instinctively stuck his hand back into the pocket. His delayed reaction in bringing it back out confirms the location of the culprit. Out came a wrapper and card-holder with a similar chocolate signature. By now, i was refraining myself from saying "oh man" and laughing out loud, but theres more. Little-Lost-kid proceeds to do what every kid will do....he smelt the chocolate. Damn, what was he thinking? CSI? trying to find out who/what/when did the chocolate happen onto the scene of the crime?
And what happened after? after looking around for some tissues which he doesn't have, he decides to get off the train and "take care" of the situation. Me? i just pretended not to notice and enjoy my techno, with a packet full of tissue in my bag..Hey , he didn't ask me!

Speaking of sweets...was pretty bored the other day (seems like i'm bored every other day) took a sequence of my little "fall guy" or girl...wateva

Check out this sweet idea....this will definitely take off if it was available here

Mr Tom Cruise looks to be seeing this new latin chick Sofia Vergara

She's pretty hot stuff(her name sounds like viagra, how apt)
and if you think she has BIG ones...she does:

is that like, D or something?

Some nice tees from uk: Imperfectionist

Thanks for reading...

Saturday, February 19, 2005


I keep complaining about not enough sleep and what do i do on a free Saturday afternoon? complaining about having nothing to do, of course

Ah well, i'll just put up some more stuff for ya

Peeps in Singapore will have known about the 10million lottery couple days ago...yeah, couple of guys(or gals) shared the loot...imagine, could've been as simple as a 50cent bet for a 1.25mil windfall...think thats awesome? check out this UK dude instant ka-ching
simonsays: but seriously, i'd been happy with any winnings at all

Keeping with the design stuff i posted earlier, check out these nice works from Japan... damn, they just blow everything else away

from kei-ichie IRIE

Nendo's "drawer home" rocks

go to nendo

Not sure if u guys have seen Don Hertzfeld's works...think i saw it on someone's forwarded email before...its sick, hilarious, totally inane, insane, whatever... go see for yourself

my spoon is too BIG!
from anticlown

photo hosting and image hosting by
Go peep the 2005 SI swimsuit issue

View the showstudio'svideo and images from last year's Nike White Dunk exhibition

Micr0$oft wAnTs 2 te4ch u wat th3 kId$ R realie s4yin9
simonsays: can't blame those old fogeys..haha

You know the catchy tune in the Heineken ad "Meet you there", where the dudes do breakdancing moves like "popping" and sliding? The song is called "cobra style" by this group called "Teddybear Sthlm". Check out their video on their own page

Check out this uber-cool street campaign by Idealab 3M in Canada... what better way to showcase your product than for a hands-on real-life sample...mind you, thats real moolah behind the glass

photos courtesy of the apt

That last pic reminded of the work by design duo of Mia&Jem from Sydney, check out their simple and cute bathroom signages, among their other awesome work of course!

Ever tried googling your name and see what turns up? now i know xymon is "a high-strength composite material for applications requiring extremely high strength without significantly compromising chemical resistance." click

But this is more fun...ever wondered if your name turned up more often on goole than God? Googlefightcompares the 2 word searches on google and lets u know! Check out the classic fights of "god vs satan", "coke vs pepsi", "Mac's vs Burger King" ...but my fave is the "my girlfriend vs Pamela Anderson" its a close call! hahaha

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Left in a Right World

No links for today, sorry

Sometimes when u think everything will go smoothly...maybe, just maybe for this deals you a surprise blow
Seriously G, all that talk about winning the lottery is just crap..winning a draw? a shoe raffle? consider it a figment of my imagination, i was just playing around. I didn't need all that, i was just saying it for why can't u just show a little sympathy for me? do i really need to go the longer route all the time?


In the meantime, i'll just enjoy a lovely "egg" i received this evening

"2 pieces a day, plenty of water"

Yeah, i'll pick myself up...just hope its a short fall

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

I hate Murphy

Sometimes you just get the teeniest bit of feeling that Murphy is peering over your may not actually believe Murphy's Law, but it sure as hell seems to happen to me a whole lot. Allow me to, explain...(whatever):
At work, i'm literally a working disaster...ok, maybe losing things, delaying production line etc doesn't directly affect me, but it does begin to dawn upon me that i may have played a part in causing it. Away from work, i never get the good breaks...god knows when's the last time i won any contest or lucky draw based on pure luck, and without strings attached(those stupid time-share survey/luckydraw not withstanding). I mean, ordinary peeps get to win shoes, clothes, cars etc...i'm more likely to get "thank you for participating" note. Heck, even when i get an offer for free magazine subscription, i get no further reply(Vapors, pls get back to me, i'm sorry if i said anything wrong)....major bummer i tell you
Is it karma? what did i do in me past life? more importantly, can i do something about it?(spoken like a true Singaporean)

Are my links and info on this blog not enough? wait, don't answer..i already know it LOL

Ok ok, so i'll just continue my post...hopefully someday some good will come out of it(pls let it be on lottery-day tomorrow)
In the meantime, enjoy...

NB offer
This is for readers in Singapore. New Balance local office is offering a Valentine's discount of sorts: Buy a women's NB product and get the men's NB product at 50% (or vice versa) Offer valid till end Feb.
Only valid at New Balance Tech Centre, 60 Alexandra Terrace, The Comtech, #02-09. Tel:6273-1255
simon says: Tell them you heard of the offer from me!!!

Free Looks
Whats a "xymon" blog without news of Paris Hilton...hottie gives more than intended(or is it really?)

following pic not safe for work

akan datang: Skinner's Kognitiv Kulture
Go peep at my pal's new blog...plenty of hype news, pics etc at iamskinner blog
Ask him for more info on his new this hottie

Quite a few coolhunters have mentioned Justin's excellent new blog...It all started during the Pepsi advert on Superbowl halftime. Needless to say, Justin is smitten...i gotta admit, thatpepsigirl aka Mandy sure is hot

Setting up a blog just coz u really like someone is pretty cool, some might say nuts, but i'd say its cool in my books. But setting up a blog coz of a song pretty much takes the cake... i doubt many have heard the song "Jenny 867-5309". The deal is this: the simple catchy song is about the title girl at the phone number. The ridiculous deal is that this guy actually phoned up all the 867-5309's in every state in US! all 989 of them!(didn't i tell u he the man?)....but the best response is entry #678 hehe. click me to visit the Jenny site

right, thats all for today....
prays to self: pls let me win the lottery tomorrow...

Monday, February 14, 2005

Its Valentine's Day, so i thought i'll just post up some beautiful things that come across my mind
photo by Wolfgang Volz
Central Park in NYC has this excellent excellent art installation by Christo and Jean Claude. 7500 steel gates with nylon flags, 16 feet tall, 23 miles long, 26 years in the making, $20 million, on view for 16 days. Just by looking at the pics, i'm floored...i wish theres something like this where i live. The subtleness and simplicity really gets me. Just think, they've been having this idea for 26years(as old as yours truly) and finally they get a chance to show the world (thank you Mayor Bloomberg) what beauty really is. And just as art imitates life, it will only last for 16 days before it is dismantled... "enjoy life while it lasts"...
check more pics at Josh's site

i just caught this on the telly...smoking hot stuff..i now know what the golden globes have been raving about

Eva Longoria is a babe through and through

Its a nerd, learn about the science of kissing

A closer...i'll leave u with a wonderful poem i found(from the net, what else):
I'll stop loving you when
Diamonds never sparkle
And flowers cease to grow
When thunder doesn't echo
And rivers do not flow
When hearts no longer wonder
And hands are never held
When smiles are only memories
And hope is never felt
When trees no long blossom
And the stars refuse to shine
When autumn has no falling leaves
And winter no longer dies
When time has no more tomorrows
And rainbows have no hue
When God alone commands me
Then I'll stop loving you!

Sunday, February 13, 2005

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Whats in my pockets...essentials and a 10million dollar dream

Its stay-in day today, so i'll just post up some stuff i've been reading since morning (the rest are either not post-worthy, or not suitable for such a family-oriented site)yeah right

5 in hospital, 20 with heat exhaustion, hundreds others stadium stampede? Naahh...just your average IKEA sale opening day. Somehow, i think it justifies those clueless kids queueing for shoes
outside Barneys pic

Speaking of crazy queues, i'm sure everyone speaks fondly of the hello kitty madness here in Singapore...this however, is pretty spiffy. Sanrio commissioned NYC design collection Surface to Air for this outdoor installation for Kitty's 30th Anni. via viceland

Yeah yeah, i've been using my new phone for a couple of months now...but who can resist new gadgets? I tell u, when the Helix by PDD launches in future, its gonna be huge...go view it at the 3GSM world congress if u are in Cannes next week.

Everybody has them lying in a corner of their cardboards...How to turn old tees into underwear

I love cheerleaders and this is amazing...its real too, so its friggin' amazing
watch vid here
simonsays: anyone willing to introduce their cute cheerleading friends to me? u know how to find me

Go get the March issue of W magazine... Ms Kate is simply hot
simonsays: its that old school glamour feel, very timeless

Something i think everyone needs at some point in time...25 toughest questions asked in an interview Cut-Paste-Save

Strange things do get passed as Bills in Parliament...
I pretty much like thong-watching in town, so i'm gonna pity dudes in Virginia
Virginia fines people in low-riding pants
simonsays: so where does the money go? buying belts for the people? or better yet, maybe they can buy common sense from somewhere

Ever wonder how to impress that dude at Bang & Olufsen showroom? or correct your irritating boyfriend who insists his cheapskate 6ft speakers are much better than Bose's cube speakers? Now you can

Saturday, February 12, 2005

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ah...a tee that describes the state of mind...

Who knew that holidays fly by so quickly? I'm supposed to be having a ball of a time relaxing and doing nothing ALL day, EVERYday...but i find myself seriously lacking in the department of slagging, skiving, snoozing etc...the nearest i came to those are that my name starts with an "S" too. Thankfully there are exceptions and i managed to spend a little pocket of time doing...NOTHING. I tell you, its wonderful(therapeutic in fact)what a cup of coffee(ice blended thank you), aimless wandering(more so due to confined space of a suburban mall), and simply clearing my brain of thoughts(by way of chit chats) can do for you. Its like clicking on the "Empty Recycle Bin" option, nothing easier...especially when u have a great friend around for company(thanks Y!). Maybe we'll catch up on that shopping thing sometime in future eh? haha

Gonna be a short blog today... so go check out Method Studios'new ad for adidas... i think its excellent!

Some outstanding new ideas and inventions...Read it all here, via Interaction Design

Peep the tees at In4mation's online store

I wish i could make my own stickers and plaster them all over town, like these guys

simonsays:i gotta make one for the local trains...

Or write something, in these pictures of walls


Thursday, February 10, 2005

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Yeah, so i'm under-dressed for the new year... who gives a shit?

I do wish to have some fancy togs like Jude Law in Alfie, y'know, gucci suits, prada lace-ups, valentino hosting and image hosting by
The movie's a great date movie by the way, a relaxing take for those boring afternoons or late nites when u just don't know what else to do. Of course the fact that the title character leads a "happening" life does attract me somewhat...mainly becoz he gets to shag all the birds(duh, what else?), including a certain Sienna Miller(his current real-life squeeze)...who does look pretty hot in most scenes(when she's not fully dressed)
simonsays: hmm, lots of parenthsis today...i guess i'm back to my old

Anyway, heres a nifty little Q&A read-up for those questions you were always dying to find out about the fashion weekend. Find out how u can do a "Versace" walk...i'm more comfortable with a "street" walk...Read article here

Speaking of remember to catch Constantine, starring Keanu...Now i don't really credit him for his acting abilities, but he does fit the title role in this DC comic(Hellblazer)-to-film trip. I think the film's gonna do pretty well, through word of mouth(like mine) and effective marketing(released in Asia week ahead of the US), however i do hope it doesn't bring a whole host of comic related movies just coz its a comic. Not everyone can transfer a graphic novel to screen...thankfully Constantine does catch enough of my attention (cos i'll be damned, my first love is comics!)

"Welcome to my world"

Alrite, last topic for the day...something for u i-pod fans

Cheers y'all

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

New Custom: V-Day/Wedding special
Managed to wing this little custom out on about 5 work-hours...but it took like over 2 days of 2-3 hour sleep for it to happen

Colorway: Red patent/lavender/3M hot pink
Specially for Anson & Tricia's wedding, v-day...and believe it or not Tricia's upcoming b-day (coincidence? hell yeah!)

Did anyone catch the Superbowl yesterday? Patriots were excellent throughout the season, and they deserve the win...but don't just believe what i say, listen to the ape! read article simonsays:I wonder if she will predict this month's big lottery....hmm

Pic of the day

Get more amazing snowflake photos here
simonsays: its def going into my bookmarks!

Continuing the "snow" train of thought...(i dunno why, must be the bloody hot weather these few days)...i wish i can go to this place someday...heck, just a trip to someplace snowy will do for me

Go visit the ICE HOTEL

fun story to end the day:
ever tried picking locks? these guys amaze me...ALOT Lock Picking competition i wouldn;t want to tell them where i live...

Heres wishing all Chinese bloggers/readers a happy Lunar New Year, all the best to your health! Cheers!

Sunday, February 06, 2005

The pic u see above was done by Ian Wright...he's from the, he's not a soccer player, and i don't know if he's an Arsenal fan. But he does gorgeous installation art. Don't believe what i say, go see for yourself

Interesting article about how a cable operator is providing porn content to subscribers...esp the part which explains their rating system:
Single-X-rated movies feature nudity, long-range or panoramic and medium-range camera shots, simulated sex and sex between women.
Double-X-rated movies show intercourse, oral sex and close-up shots.
Triple-X-rated movies feature anal sex and visible ejaculation.

simonsays: now i know...

In case you haven't signed it yet...

Stop Ashlee Simpson from singing

ok...last nugget of info for u...all u loyal folks who've been reading my blog (but do drop me a anonymous post or 2 to say hi)
Remember the triple-collaboration of stussy, mad hectic and new balance? (if not, check the real/fake page of mine up top)
(drumroll...)Here's the sequel:
photo hosting and image hosting by
New Balance x Stussy x Masterpiece
simonsays: and guess what, it matches the tee i have! purple hotness!
This is gonna be a fun post for the day

Folks in France sure are gonna have fun
The geniuses at Project Blinkenlights have done it again...if u happen to drop by the Bibliothèque nationale de France, go play Pacman, Tetris, Pong or Breakout on a building. This follows their absolutely mindblowing debut in Berlin a while back...they;ve even been featured in Kylie's MV for "can't get you out of my head".....Na-na-na,nana-na-na-na...

I've never been a fan of the Star Wars Prequels of Episode 1 and 2...but i adore the original trilogy, and this abso-f**king-lutely takes the cake

Trilogy done in LEGO!

Maybe its a sign i'm old, but i sure do remember some of the toys in this list
Top 100 toys

But this one caught my eye...hehe
No. 41
simonsays: anyone actually has this toy? pls sell me!

Yet another list, thankfully it doesn't make me look old... Top 100 singles for the new century
While its more hip-hop and mainstream biased, it sure does serve as a good list of songs u should have on your ipod or ripped on your pc(if u haven't already) =)

Those fake jelly kelly/birkin bags are a dime-a-dozen on the streets for the longest time(since 2003 in fact) I do like them, fresh, young and very fun look to it...however it ranks the same as those transparent/translucent fashion throw-it-all-in bags that girls love so much. Sometimes u just forget what u throw maybe gasp a pad or a tampon. Thankfully a condom isn't that Hilary Duff's
photo hosting and image hosting by
problem is, i don't think she's legal yet.. hehe. On a side note, Trojan is sure to love the publicity

The 29th Superbowl is tomorrow(or tonite in US)...ah, the macho-ness, pumped up atmosphere, creative/controversial, the Simpsons will be on!

guest starring Warren Sapp(NFL QB), Tom Brady(NFL QB), Michelle Kwan(figure skating hottie), and get this: LeBron James and Yao Ming... u have arrived, big guy, u have arrived

Funny coincidence i guess, but the Superbowl every year precedes the Chinese New Year of the Lunar calendar...yes... its that time of feasting and visiting relatives, but most importantly, no work. Feel free to sponsor me clothes and shoes though, i'm always open to offers =)