Thursday, May 31, 2007

Upcoming release
Kiks TYO - G-Flash triple threat

Now this collab's truly lookin' hot. Kiks Tyo previews upcoming triple collab with New Balance and G-Shock. Colorway and design elements will be similar to the August-relase of 25th anniversary G-Shock watches that are co-branded with Kiks TYO.
Peep the splatter touches on 2 pairs of 574's and a sleek special edition 320 [well in line with NB:JP's campaign]

Colorway is looking great, with the reverse that does so well. Splatter concept is nothing new, but by keeping it simple, its eye-popping! Since these are still samples, heres a point to note: for the 2nd yellow/black pair, put on a black "big N", and introduce black contrast stitching and laces and you're all set for a perfect compliment to the black/yellow pair!
Big ups to hobby:tech[Shinichi], premier sneakerhead of KikTyo, who also helms HTML [hobby:tech merchandise laboratory], that recently did the release a series of products in conjunction with G-Shock. Check back at the site for more info over the next few months
Stussy Rustler crew

i like the prints on this...but i don't think i can pull off the s/s sweat look
visvim sophnet logan

yeah, its been all over the web, but the more i look at it from this angle, the sweeter it is...why oh why are sophnet proddy so exx...
Anna K

wait, why is she here? coz she's back on the market yo! hahaha word is that she's dumped, she's the hottest "release" this week! =)
Honeyee blogs down and out

looks like a temporary end...but hey, them dudes know how to end on a high. they've set the standards for collective-celebrity blogging, interesting to see what comes next
Some lovely shots of imagine what would happen for sales if HF got Scarlett to model his HPP stripe range??

pic of the day

awesome streetart: look again

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

neither here nor there
Can't really put a finger on a true header, so its just gonna be whatever comes on my pc and how it shapes the post:
easttouch clot fam

Clot fam headlines the latest issue of EastTouch. Great to see actor Andrew Wong amongst the crew.
via kookies
Stussy Shibuya Parco anniversary

Shibuya Parco chapter 1st anniversary tee. Tribal+skulls!
Smashing Pumpkins - Zeitgeist

All Pumpkin-heads know about the return of Billy Corgan's band. For years, fans were chanting and willing the band's revival after their last effort "Machina" in 2000. On a personal note, the Pumpkins were one of the few bands that accompanied my teen years. Siamese Dream and Mellon Collie with Billy's angst-filled lyrics and melodic arena rock tunes sculpt and mirror my own early journey of learning; they definitely rank high up on my list of all-time fave albums. Sadly, the reunion did not include fan-faves James Iha and D'arcy.
Back in school days, i swear every kid i know wanted to emulate Iha's stage presence and fashion style [emo-look, skinny jeans? we were rockin' back then!] and D'arcy is like the dark/dangerous gal you were afraid your family would know about[haha]

But enough about the past...couple days back, the band marked their comeback with a concert in Luxemberg as a promo for their upcoming release Zeitgeist; go check the loads of fan-taken vids on you-tube

Another point to note is the album cover artwork [up top]...its done by none other than Shepard Fairey. Now normally you wouldn't feel this way about Fairey's work, but somehow after looking at the pic and then relating to strangely get a very resounding thud.
I mean, personally, if artwork somehow remained anonymous, it could make me feel better. Whats worse is how the man himself feels about the artwork
So you get a drowning Statue of Liberty and Rising/Setting Sun as a metaphor for the current state of union...what, couldn't he just use the scene from POTA??? or does he think the current generation is ignorant or only knows about Bathing Ape?

No offence, but i'd really expected more from the man who experimented phenomenology with Andre the giant and the countless design work, stencilling and wheat pasting...
Rihanna @ Radio1

Awesome pics of Rihanna at Preston... god i hope leather, short shorts and fishnets become the norm...

Still on repeat on my iTunes...umbrella-ella-ella-ella-ey-ey
Had an off-day from work, caught up a couple of vids
Beastie on Lettrman

This one is just nuts when i saw it on the telly...still killin' it for me
Timbaland feat The Hives

From Timbo's latest and video really mashes well. Awesome ode to Sin City and Frank Miller
and 2 classics to round off...
Guns 'N Roses Civil War (voodoo child intro)

Slash is way way slick
Queen @ Wembley '86: Under Pressure

Long live Freddie... [RIP]
Kelly Brook photoshoot

Kelly Brook's shoot for upcoming calendar...enlarge the pic for a somewhat "loose" bikini bottom... heh


Sunday, May 27, 2007

shopping season is in

bape x futura*wtaps bdu*AJ1 '00
Here in Singapore, besides what others tell you about having 2 climates: rainy and bloody hot; we actually do have 4 seasons: pre-sale, great singapore sale, post-sale, year-end sale. Of course thats not counting the renovation;relocation;closing down;pre launch;one day only;school holiday;nowhere-else-to-spend-your-money-but-here sales that crop up in between. So if anyone reading this is intending to come over the next 3 weeks, have fun jostling for the bargains. I seldom get much during sales, hopefully i can find some decent shirts or button downs. I saw quite some good deals for the ladies though [Max Azria LBD's going for cheap] and mens [Hugo and AX as usual]...but i can't really stand the crowds, so i guess i'll do it during the weekday evenings
supreme mail
I usually go the online route for my fits, and while i don't contribute much to the retail economy, i think the postal service should probably thank or something :)

Supreme x W)taps tee done in typical Champion apparel fit, with felt lettering twist. Nice touch by tet. Props to S78 for the hook up

Also got in the new tiger stripe box cap [extreme right]. Follows up nicely with the old [Lafayette St milspec] and inbetween [digi-camo]. So glad Supreme have reverted to a deeper fit for the box caps [then again, it could be my huge head, ha]
arktip - "Makes 10, 12 cups of coffee"

Wha-? Latest issue of arkitip features Son of NY Ricky Powell. For sure, you'll get to see Ricky's shots and prints in the mag, but the freebie of "Ricky's Italian Espresso Coffee Blend" is a first...ha
KillerGerbil - OldLoveNewLove

Check out Kiler Gerbil's AJ1 tribute tee for the upcoming StreetThing and SoleObsession swapmeet in KL. Nice one!
W+K for Nike "Its just a t-shirt" campaign

Check out W+K's ad: yet another example of rule of life #1: keeping it simple. Find the photography style somewhat familiar? Of course, its by Terry Richardson! [i just wish for a more controversial shot of Maria though...heh]
Kaws+Nexus7+Be@rbrick=sold out

Flew out of shelves faster than you can say "5 bills", this beauty is gone. Local dudes can check the usual haunts like Falcon's or ambush [news via alvin is the 4foot Kaws companion also dropped a couple days ago]
I really like the feel of this 'brick, but i guess money-sense prevailed [why oh why didn't i strike this week's lottery?]
Heatherwick studios

Nice shots of Guy's Hospital. Soon to be officially completed and unvieled, the exterior is designed by Thomas Heatherwick featuring steel sheets interwoven like wicker-baskets. Its shields/hides the hospital's ugly boiler room...i think its fantastic!
If you are not familiar with the man, he's behind the iconic and totally innovative Rolling Bridge installation:

Check out more from the man - Heatherwick studios
via Rufus
Rotterdam bombardment commemoration
I saw the pics and info quite some time back and forgot to post, till today. The Rotterdam Blitz during the Battle of Netherlands on May 14 1940 heavily damaged the city centre and forced the surrender of the Dutch to the Germans.
For the commemoration this year, which marks Rotterdam as the city of architecture, Mothership planned a light-up of the bombardment periphery of the area of detrsuction on that fateful night with huge searchlights. Enough said, check out the breathtaking pictures:

More pics and video here and here
Farewell to Daylight

We all know Kaiser Karl takes lovely pictorials besides being the doyen of the fashion world.
If you happen to be in NYC, check out his exhibition Farewell to Daylight at Pace/MacGill gallery, he explores his love for the night-line of Paris and play between light and shadows

Saturday, May 26, 2007

a weekend:weakened

supreme*RRL*visvimFBTcl(no vis)*bapexporter*gshock haze
Nothing beats having a nice dinner with friends at the end of a work-filled week. Good food, booze (but of course), shooting the shit, surrounded by familiar faces and totally taking my mind off work and worries. Its an absolutely great idea to retreat to the pub by the seaside, at least you're away from the hustle/bustle of the city

Always lovely to see my pals i knew since uni-days, and amazing how we've managed to keep in contact through these years even though we have all chosen different career paths
we are the enemy
one blog which i never fail to catch up on is Steven's. For those who have been involved in witnessing the rise of streetwear thru the internet ought to understand his latest post. Its what i've said countless posts previously and shared amongst the few other "non-commercial" bloggers [thats still left] out there. We see so many hype sites that turn into ad pages instead of the commentary they started out being/proclaim to be, sometimes i just wonder whats the point of calling themselves bloggers for.
dr martens - long lasting
These ads by Doc Martens have been in the news lately for the wrong reasons. Theres been backlash about the ads desecrating the rock heroes, others even saying they shouldn't even be pictured as "angels" for their colorful and most times illegal lifestyles they led when they were alive. My opinion? What crock of stinking bull*

CR from L:Kurt Cobain, Sid Vicious, Joey Ramone, Joe Stummer
I can understand if these people complained the icons' images were used without prior permission; or that they wanted a cut of the profits from the ads [which i bet if they did get a sizable cut, they'd shut up anyways] I can't say for sure all of the 4 rock icons rocked 8-eyelets when they were alive or during performances, but i know alot - a whole lot of their fans did. I coveted the classic pair of cherry 8eyelet "doc marts" during the grunge years and always bugged and tried on my buddies' pairs but i just couldn't afford it myself. I find these ads representing quite well the nature and history of the boots
DJ Shadow - Tapes tee

New print showing Shadow's tape collection...i like!

Out in black n' white in Turntable Labs
Powell reissues

Also part of the new drops from TurntableLabs are more reissue decks from Powell. I've always fiended for the skull n' sword so its great to see more available! And you wouldn;t be wrong if you find the graphics familiar, Powell/bones brigade imagery has been one of the most copied/lifted graphics in streetwear.
copperhead 18: Dig
Those familiar with the vinyl works of Brothersfree will know the amount of detailing and quality that goes into their products. Brothersfree member Kenny Wong has ventured out and doing his own projects under Kenny's work. Check out his latest 1:6 creation: Copperhead-18: Dig

Same high-attention to detail, the figure is exquisite

Read about Kenny in this vinyl pulse interview and they are available for pre-order at Span of Sunset
Kah Rah Shin!

Quite possibly the best site of the year so far, this kept me laughing and amused for some time. Awesome! do not miss out on the videos!
hearts Reebok collection

Reebok plays catch up to NB's 320 re-release; Nike's vintage running collection of Waffle trainers, LDV's etc; with their own retro release of Aztec via Scarlett's collection. No disrespect to the shoe designers, but the ad designers [and no doubt Scarlett herself] did a great job and i did not notice the shoes at all in the ads...heh heh
hearts LV collection

Ad from F/W 07 catalog, platinum-blonde-hotness!...and oh yeah, nice bag...heh heh
Karolina Kurkova in Puma
Puma is also lucky eough to have supermod Karolina in Puma gym togs...heres her shots in a photoshoot for a fashion mag in NYC

Eva Cavalli
When you're the wife of one of the most celebrated fashion designers who clothe Hollywoods' most beautiful, its sometimes pretty hard to coverup your embarassing moments. Eva Cavalli [wife of Italian maestro Roberto] was caught with her pants down at Cannes Film Fest:

But at least she recovered majestically with a confident catwalk smile in the evening afterwards. Could it herald the beginning[or the end] of the saggy pants trend in haute couture? or a call to the fashion elite for the common sense of belts and better undies? :)
Posh @ Chanel

I'm amazed at her amazingly skinny pins...and that huge rock in the 2nd pic - simply unreal
Jenn Aniston
Some pics to remind how hot Jenn still is...

Jenn Love is the other Jenn

amazing dress
J Alba - Good Luck Chuck promo ad

great way to round off a post, don't you think?

PS: just a shout out to all the mails regarding my recent posts, esp to Drew and rest of the crew at NB HQ, thanks for the kind words. to Bingyan and frenz, thanks for checking back regularly [we definitely need to do coffee soon!]
and oh yeah, happy birthday Tommy!