Monday, September 28, 2009

...fight to get it back again...

"do ya recognize...?"
Fila Moda x Supreme

so fresh so clean

devil's in the details

oh what? yeah, you saw right

Seriously stupefied as i held the shoe in my hands, maybe i can't even call it a shoe. but a piece of history instead. I've only previously seen this in otaku magazines, never in real life. Heck, i thought my pair of Padmore Barnes would've been the highlight pair in my collection of Supreme collab footwear. Modelled after a hybrid of golf shoe and sneaker, the stylin' is so simplified, clean and fresh. Supple leather upper, stitched sole, and the best part about Supreme footwear? Its always the details and this one started it all! Embroidered tab ala shirt sleeve tabs, logo imprint on the insole, fire red heel panel, embossed logo on the outsole (way before the Nike collabs) and the signature "dollar sign" on the pivot points. C.R.E.A.M y'all!
I was stoked previously to discover the secret detailing on the inner lining of the Supreme Down Lows and the dollar sign nubs on the toe caps (to replace the Nike stars), and this one on the Fila must be the grand-daddy to all that. Ka-ching!
" butta"
Nike HTM AF1 Paul Brown

that laser-cut logo...the premium-styled humidor

butter-soft coach leather, superb construction, contrast stitching

At this point, this is probably akin to a sneakerfreak's multiple orgasm. Coupled with the fact that i way under-paid for an NDS pair, i'm truly over the moon. Up till this day, i still kick myself for missing out when it first dropped. Could've been Mr Cool since Day 1, y'know what i mean? But i chose the long route LOL
I've said it before that i'm still the AF1cionado at heart, and the quality on this is pretty astounding among the other pairs that i got. I may never get the dough or the steez to roll with the Anaconda-skin AF1, but wearing this makes me feel like i'm chums with Eric Clapton already. =)

Managed to cop the Jesus phone and of course i needed the excuse to get a Porter pouch.
Btw, Blueprint 3 rocks hard!
Jay-Z doesn't skint on the details, no photoshop for them, they went all out on that album cover!

"the most anarchic"

Unrivaled No.8

The more i look at it, the more intrigued i am to find out more. I can't explain much more than just let the pictures do the talking. Real piece of work
AUG 09 issue came with a short case study on Singapore, and explains why Mr Tyler was hopping so frequently on the A380 between LHR and SIN

don't you love the iconography?

a fierce-looki' Steph in HerWorld mag, love the Christopher Kane top!

SEPT09 - no sooner had i put down the AUG isse, another drops, Tyler sure works them hard

case study on Tokyo this time round

Simply awesome "mixed doubles" tennis photoshoot i can't get enough of!

some style essentials for the upcoming month..i can't wait for J+!


So NB decides to go after the big guns at LV for the blatant copy of the iconic 574 model. But fyi NB, alife and bape have done it so much earlier. Why the fighting gentlemen? why not have mutual investments and call it a collaboration of the century and just in time for the 574 anniversary celebrations???

"The Fixer" from album "Backspacer" - Pearl Jam

This was the only other album beside Blueprint on my playlist the past weeks

"Strawberry Swing" - Coldplay

A truly amazing song, i just get all quiet when the song plays.. and i really get the feel of the imagery in the vid.
Its not something new though i must say its a fresh approach to a music video. Probably inspired by Jan von Holleben's amazing "dreams of flying" photo collection

Caught Pixar's UP over the weekend. Yes, i'm way overdue on this, but am so so glad i managed to watch it on the big screen. Its prolly too mature for the kids to catch the true meaning, but Pixar once again outdid itself on the film direction since Wall*E. A touching montage from the movie:
"UP: married life"

Been kinda down the past few weeks, so much on my mind, and so mentally drained. Wish it was just about work...sighs... not sure if i'll be posting anytime soon, but until then, be well. peace