Saturday, October 07, 2006

still tapping away @ the pc, so here ya go...

Undercover Guruguru
Haven't seen alot of pics of UC Guruguru aside from flaunt sites and the 'bay, so here are a couple more:

denim jacket with "flies" embroidery * leather pack * "chuut" jazzfest79 tee

lovely "can" tees, esp the "Klaus" * key accesories of course
number (n)ine
N(N)remains a label i have yet to add to my wardrobe, partially coz of the price tag, but more so the exclusivity

How sick is that skull-in-skull chain? or the rock tee from latest "Noir" collection, which, in being the few white tee out of the all-black collection, makes it so much hotter?
Scarlett Johansson
So she's the Esquire's sexiest woman 2006 huh?
It's a pretty easy guess from all the "mystery photos"...

Can't hide the curves...

On the same note, check out Scarlett and Dita's risque photoshoot for Flaunt mag

i need hi-res pics

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sahlan78 said...

we all need hi-res of those pics... damn!!
And you should see the smoke 'round these parts... been trying to get in to Central Kalimantan (Borneo) but all the flights are cancelled... nuts.... visibility is down to 5m and sometimes even 2m!!!