Thursday, June 23, 2005

"Today's blog is brought to you by the letters X, Y..."

Doesn't the above phrase ring a bell? remind you of Sesame Street from yesteryear?

Gosh, seems like a long time away from those days.

While we can't stop time and age, i guess we can still feel young at heart...i still get fascinated by a slow walk in the park with a morning drizzle; brightly-colored hand-drawn 2D cartoons/anime; long hours in the design-art section of Kinokuniya Books; seeing your crush try on a skimpy spaghetti top; trying to fit the last spoonful of Haagen Dazs Rum & Raisins...
It does bring me away from the strung-out, worked up days

So i absolutely love "Kastner"s Spell with Flickr searches thru Flickr's huge archive of images filed under individual letters and creates the word from random images of letters. It even looks like my Arts & Crafts lesson from schooldays! hahaha
Definitely an awesome fit my "Random Ramblings"!

LMAC - "music and art for your grandkids"
I gotta admit, i like pop art, and i love anime...lmac just seems to be loaded with them!
Those crazy geniuses are working overtime to churn out the good stuff, with newbies in store:
Ark united (in-store exclusives)
lmac(ex) and (b) apparel
Mishka NYC Summer 04/05
Head down to Far East Plaza #05-128 for a look-see (and spot the babes) or do the online thing (and probably miss out on the babes)

They'll be embarking on the American Leg of their World Tour in a week's time (don't worry, store will still be open), go find them if you're in the area. Its the only way to get hand customs, exclusive merchandise and the much sought-after collabs.
Dudes not in the cities of the Tour, relax, you won't be forgotten. Just drop them a mail to get the info/updates as to when they'll be at your city, and your nearest stockist.


Tuesday, June 21, 2005

I feel the need....the need for speed

Initial D opens this week...

Would be interesting to see how the anime adaptation turns out...worst comes to worst, i'll still catch it just to see the clothes the dudes are wearing (lol)
The stars will pop by Singapore for the Premiere today, with a red-carpet walk the Shaw cinemas...

For the groupies out there, got a feeling Edison should be hanging around for a while, catch him at the usual celeb pub/joints or that uber-cool shop. :wink:

Sunday, June 19, 2005


You know how, once in a long time, you come across people who have the same direction of thought...and you begin to realise, somehow, you might not be that alone

Steven of STREETWEAR TODAY shares with us his thoughts on the current globalisation fever that has everyone caught with a hype-like grip:

"Globalization is a topic hot on everyone’s lips and minds, not a day goes by in which you aren’t bombarded by the sensationalist media about the negative effects globalization is having your life, your job and your country. Well, let’s turn it around them, start thinking globally and act locally. Like with everything else in life, every negative has a positive, thus, surely, Globalization has some positive aspect which you can use for yourself. Let’s take the ability to have instant access to global information example, you are no longer dependent on the knowledge with which you were infused with in your local settings, be it by your parents, social surroundings or teachers. You can, today, gather information about every subject from anywhere in the world an instant and thus find solutions to problems from outside your traditional think box. "

StreetwearToday is due in less than 12 days, and features Gimme5 head honcho Michael Kopelman...the dude has been-there, done-that and is still on top of the game. Read about how Michael and others around the world (featuring Surrender of Singapore, Stereo Skateboarding of SF, Franklin & Marshall of Verona) took their globe-trotting knowledge and making an impact from their local setting. The revamped mag and site are now bilingual! (i can officially say i can read a German mag)

Also features write-ups of HVW8 Production House

and Mr-"i-hate-interviews"-aka-"Mr Pants"-aka-"Invisible:Man" himself, Andrew

who surprisingly gives one of the better interviews of late, dropping info on the new es footwear collab and something about Bastard Squad and (gasp) a 24inch BMX with Shadow Conspiracy. "Wha-, who?" i hear you say? Well, guess you gotta buy the mag to get the juice.

Go check out Streetwear Today, click on the English version(newly added!) and get a subscription today...if you need more info, email them!

Oh, just because i mentioned Surrender above, the mag will show off a 2-page artwork by Surrender's creative art director Andy, a tribute to the late John Willie(1902-1962), fetish photographer and bondage artist who was born in Singapore and grew up in England.

You know i can't stop at just saying Surrender without giving a shout-out to SBTG. You would've seen both SBTG and Meth's latest custom works on NT

Both denim-demons done using Surrender denim, with Meth putting a selvedge denim touch on the toe-box and SBTG showing off his print work on a vintage-wash.
Both are due to show off even hotter stuff, their "East-meets-West" customs will be mindblowing...wait for their exclusive online offerings soon.

YEs, its pre-meditated, pre-conceived, whatever...check out Beinghunted's presentation of SURRENDERin time for the Summer drop...exclusive pics, info(yep, the new line of tees will be smashing)...and u get a detailed look at the Surrender footwear, embossed blazer-style, very Def.

You know, I get mails everyday regarding from my pages on determining fakes to info on streetwear etc, most of the time asking "where to buy this", "how to get that", "can i get a hook-up". I'd love to just simply dig up my bunch of online bookmarks, list of contacts and what-nots and blah them out on the webpage, but thats not what its all about. People ask me how i get my info, if i have "connects" with the right people...Answer is "No, i don't", though i'm fortunate enough to have made good friends with fellow info-trawlers. I trawl the vast space of the net, forums, sites, stores, most times dropping an inquiring mail or 2, other times sifting through thousand of searches (ask anyone that knows how i google or ebay) to come up with little bytes of so-called info. Its pretty easy to get i said before, theres tons of info-sites, style blogs out there. I visit everyone of them too, and then more. That was why i wanted this blog done my way...cos to be spoon-fed is to misunderstand the "game". I prefer dropping links and pics of upcoming labels on and off, just to pique your interest. And if you feel the urge to ask, do so...
I do have a dilemma these days though...i get mails from strangers asking if i can hook them up. I used to do it in a heartbeat, thats what being someone who remembers what it was like hooking up, "back in the days" of good ol' Niketalk (circa pre-SB). But i've been left with bad taste in mouth lately...probably cos i'm being too nice in the new world of selfish hype. Oh well, guess its what is termed a painful lesson. Feel free to have pity on me

Back to the links...
Ever wanted a "true-to-life" Foosball table? Now you can...for $73,000

Featuring patent pending technology to microcast 3D molds from photographs, now u can truly pit Ronaldinho against Maradona, Steven Gerard versus Pele...via elevenforty

I'm feeling the new Amadana earpiece though...

upscale and posh like the Beo earpiece:

its a perfect match for the Gucci bamboo:

"Gotta get me one of those"

T'was a dark and stormy night

Well, not was frickin' hot in fact, when i caught Batman Begins on a Saturday matinee(when was the last time anyone used the word, outside of opera or plays?)

I felt it was an excellent movie, finally one that does justice to the Dark Knight that i love in the graphic novel "Dark Knight Returns" by Frank Miller. The fact that Christian Bale has a copy of Batman: Year One that he refers to on-set probably contributed to the true-to-original and my enjoyment of the movie. I'd say as far as comic adaptations go, it has the story of X-men2, the down to earth feel of Christopher Reeve-era-Superman and possibly the truthfulness to originals of Sin City. Sin City hasn't opened yet in my part of the world, but my gut tells me i'm right...after all, Frank Miller is co-directed it with Robert Rodriguez.
"Begins" has a host of stars like Gary Oldman (very under-rated role as the future Commisioner Gordon) Michael Caine(can anyone think of a better Alfred the Butler??) Liam Neeson (the mentor-mentee fight scene was very SW:Episode1) Morgan Freeman(loved his gravelly wisdom and wit ala Se7en) and Cillian Murphy(very credible take as scarecrow).
Batman Begins also stars current tabloid dynamo and owner of some huge bling Katie Holmes

a pic of her wearing it..and then some:

But i guess most males, paparazzi will remember her take in the movie for scenes of pokies like this:

Gotham must be cold

Though i guess she's either "cold" or "excited" most of the time outside the celluloid

Tuesday, June 14, 2005


Still a little pissed and angry, but its just the leftover teenage angst in me (yeah right, like years overdue)

Anywho, back to a couple of info bits...

ESPN "Its the Shoes"
Hosted by Bobbito Garcia, the don of sneaker-dom and guru of all shoe-headz, the weekly show aims to capture every angle of the sneaker game... So if you have a cam handy and most importantly, you actually have heat that is worth showing off, film a portfolio/self interview of your kicks and yourself and send it in.
Did i mention not to send in the "unworthy" shoes? nah, i'm just kidding, i ain't judging, so just send whatever you deem important y'all...whats the worst that could happen? at most, Mr Garcia has a belly-ache of a laugh at your kicks, that is all (heh heh)
Click here for more info via NT

I'd suggest using this as an opportunity for city gatherings like the good ol' days of NT Summits. Film the kicks and collectors at one go and just have a blast. Anyone would like to start the ball rolling?

Mongolian BBQ
Simply tasty...a little oily on the side, but yummy.

In regards to shoes though, i'd say Puma is doing a good job on them, a slightly more "fun" take on the NikeID (too business-like, until they hit on the Times Square moblog IDea). Puma just needs a more focused and intensive marketing slant...hope they get it right this time.
Catch the Puma Mongolian BBQ Tour through Stateside from June till December
Link via how i'm still linking them, them dudes still owe me some moolah...but hey, i'm a nice guy, and nice guys finish last and get bullied all the time.

Reebok/Finishline Custom Kicks
Live in the States?
Can paint to save your life?
Care to have a Reebok in your design?
Well, get cracking
Guess it sure beats the mini Reebok competition i got 2nd place for, haa

Nokia shows off like a hundred models of phones to be released this, i'm kidding, not a hundred, but its many, satisfied?
This one stopped me in my tracks when i saw it last weekend, mirror finish stainless steel casing, scratch resistent screen, unique glide to reveal camera (the LCD portion moves up, instead of the mouthpiece half), new software to use digital pens to write messages...has your jaw dropped yet? no, then check the pic

and website for more info

Nokia held a launch party of sorts a couple of days ago in HongKong...the usual celebs appeared, but she caught my eye... no idea of her name or details...just that she's definitely a perfect match for the 8800

I can finally sleep well tonite...
Out of Body Experience
"This is a message from the Emergency Broadcast System. This is not a test, we now interrupt our regular programming to bring you this message..."

Yes, its a tuesday, the very fact you are reading this means i'm either too free at work, or simply, not at work. Its the latter. Don't worry, i'm not fired, have not tendered, and i'm not sick.
But i am sick to my stomach...just wanna say "f- it all". Everything is prob ding-dong jolly awesome before 8 this i'm just spent and tired.

I'm sure some of you will have heard this audio attachment which everyone forwards to all their pals...the audio that explains the origins of the word "Fuck". Done in a BBC-style, with a voice-over in baritone Barry White smoothness, it proceeds to let all know the versatility and use of this amazing word known the world over.

Here it is, ad verbatim:


Perhaps one of the most interesting words in the English language today is the word "fuck". Out of all the english words that begin with the letter "F", fuck is the only word thats referred to as the "F-Word". It's the one magical word, which just by it's sound, can describe pain, pleasure, hate and love.

"Fuck", like many English words, is derived from the German word "flicken" which means "to strike". In english, "fuck" falls into many grammatical categories.

As a transitive verb for instance:
"John fucked Shirley."

As an intransitive verb:
"Shirley fucks."

However, it's meaning is not always sexual. It can be used as an adjective, such as:
"John's doing all the fucking work."

As part of an adverb:
"Shirley talks too fucking much."

As an adverb enhancing an adjective:
"Shirley is fucking beautiful."

As a noun:
"I don't give a fuck."

As part of another word:
"Absofuckinlutely." or "Infuckincredible."

And as almost every word in the sentence:
"Fuck the fucking fuckers."

As you must realize, there aren't too many words with the versatility of "fuck". As in these examples describing situations:

Such as fraud:
"I got fucked at the used car lot."

"Awww fuck it."

"I guess I'm really fucked now."

"Don't fuck with me, buddy!"

"I don't understand this fucking question."

"Who the fuck was that?"

"I don't like what the fuck is going on here."

"He's a fuck up."

"Why don't you go outside and play 'Hide and Go Fuck Yourself'?"

I'm sure you can think of many more examples for this fine word. With all of these multipurpose applications, how can anyone be offended when you use the word? I say use this flexible word more often in your daily speach. It will identify the quality of your character immediately! Say it Loudly and proudly:


end quote

Just having a really bad day, hope to return to "regular programming" real soon.
Allow me to thrash my room, throw a tantrum, kick a dog, whatever...
Until the next transmission, take care.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Wisdom 101: Psychic empathy the recognition and understanding of the state of mind, beliefs, desires and emotions of others...

Having survived a weekend out around town, i now know the feeling of fishes swimming in schools and more importantly, sardines in a can. I enjoy being out among the crowd, you get a feel of the ground better that the fellow next to you might be feeling, what others are looking at, looking for etc. But somehow, a sale destroys all that. All of a sudden, kids of all shapes and form, including age, come creeping through the cracks in the walls and sidewalks and flood every square inch of shopping space. And if the shopping space is filled up, no matter, a coffee corner, a shady ledge facing some window displays...anything to lean lazy teenage bums and bones against.
And as you flock through the shopping malls one after another, and don't worry, you will...theres no other choice, the throng of shoppers flowing alongside will not allow you to change course, lest you dare to incite the ire of interfering with their shopping itinary and the charge for the cheapest deals out there. Once in a while, you get stuck in human traffic, especially when you near popular shops or hangouts...thats when it hits you how frighteningly pathetic the sardines must feel...

Sighs...thus after the tired limbs, distraught minds and empty wallets, you swear to yourself, "never again"....

Until the next weekend and sale, that is... =) hey, theres no way i'm gonna be left out when theres a sale goin' on!

Rather Not Say
UK online clothiers Drooghi has stock of Rather Not Say in! Definitely worth a look...and with tongue firmly in cheek, i'd rather not say more about it, just pics:

I'm feeling the use of pink and the college inspired look...definitely hot summer looks!

And whats better than cool clothes? Free ones of course!
Head to, stretch your design braincells and win a polo and windbreaker. You're worth it
"theres no other place i'd rather be, than be here with you..."

Pop quiz: Guess what movie i caught today?

Had to break out the goodies today, just had to...

Nexus7 "beauty rulez" tee...featuring Angie's lovely eyes

Its Angie, and Brad, in one movie...the bad boy, with the bad Brad girl. F the critics, go catch Mr & Mrs Smith, its guaranteed fun.

Me? i just had fun ogling Angelina Jolie
She reminds me of a confident, strong, independant, and damn as hell sexy girl that i have a crush on...and if she utters the same words Jane Smith (Jolie) tells John (Brad)near the end of the movie, i'll definitely be over the moon... heck that ain't enough, in fact, i'll probably die a happy man this instant...

Was having a short email chat with my pal Tom and he reminded me of my tee collection...yes, i'm slowly bringing them out to wear.
Speaking of Nexus 7 tees, besides the Angie tee above, check out some of Tomohiro Konno's collabs with Stussy

N7 does some of the best babe and skull tees in reflective print,ever, period.
I;m just missing the Japan chapter exclusives, feel free to help me out if u can. (please?)

The return of the Medusa...

Some call it gaudy, some call it OTT, i may have felt the same way at some point of time...but i do find the Medusa head and baroque motif attractive in a "bling bling" way.
Donatella Versace has offered her designs to the MINI Cooper Convertible, to be auctioned off on eBay, with proceeds going to the fight against HIV and AIDS.

More info here...the auction goes "live" on June 21st. If u love the topless Beetle

you should love this one.

The Grand
The Grand online store finally opens...stocks the hot stuff, the good stuff...tap your Euro contacts now

Sunday, June 05, 2005

I like to move it move it, you like to, Move It!

Been a tough week, still having the remnants of last Monday's flu (i still sound like a bad Donald Duck impression)...furthermore, PC died on me midweek...i mean, i know Pc's are getting faster and smarter, but how the hell did my PC know the IT fair is on this week?! But oh well, my buddies will know that i'm prolly the last person they know that is still using a Windows 98 platform (guys, thank u for not forsaking me, haha). What can i say, i'm just too lazy to load in the XP OS...that, and the fact that i'm too stingy to upgrade my RAM. Ugh, the chore of it all...
Went to catch Madagascar yesterday...pretty rollicking movie i feel. Its one of those new-age cartoon i guess...Somehow somewhere, cartoons got smarter, wittier along the way...Its no longer the 2D watch-and-roll-with-laughter...these days, u get movie references (hands up those who managed to get the insider film jokes) and political and social notions embedded in the lush computer animations. So while i did enjoy the obvious nod to "Born Free" , Planet of the Apes, American Beauty or even LOTR...i just want some mindless, pure, naive 2D fun sometimes...
Catchy song though, had me mimicking through the day =)

Pick Up
Promised you guys a pic of my new pick-up:

My new baby, nothing too fanciful, something affordable...
For those non-Singaporean bloggers out there, please note that owning a car here is like signing a death will, its the highest cost of car-ownership in the world, period.

Probably gonna be my new toy for a while...(can't afford anything else anyway, heh)
Gals, feel free to send me cutesy stuff, like Hello Kitty cushions, steering wheel covers, seat belt warmers etc. First thing to note, i did choose Red (i'm in touch with the SNAG in me, haha). Now, who wants to join in a spot of washing anybody?

Having a car will probably take some getting used to...imagine missing out on the crowded packed-like-sardine underground train cabins...instead, i'll face long lines of queues to get into the parking lots. Like the throngs of shoppers in town lately...i foresee a sharp spike in this month's economic revenues of the country, every other person was carrying huge bags. And the other person will be in the restaurants or corner snacking away. You can literally hear cash registers ringing in the air, its that scary. But seriously, how many of those "deals" are impulse buys? Already the word on the street is, if u don't need it now, you'll need it for Christmas...Jeez,...

Not that i'm complaining of course, you know me, i'm always open to kind generousity, i never turn down a gift (hint hint, wink wink, nudge nudge)

My good pal KHS always spouted this "wise" saying: "He who pees in the wind, gets wet feet"
Well, i got another: "He who logs at night, gets wood in the morning" hehe
gals, get at me if u dun get it

Something not R-rated... "He who has no belt, has baggy pants"

Broke out my steal of a find from eBay, Complete Finesse camo tee...something about getting it for a third of its value just makes my day :)
Wore my lEvis "southwest soil" denims as well, if u haven't seen it before, i'd describe it as the dirtiest pair of denims allowed to be labeled as "New", haha...probably shocked my pal Ibrahim, maybe cos i was sitting on his precious Mercedes leather seat...

Haven't had much new style info for ya, but do check out the Hideout store, which has finally opened. Just go unload your wallet there, its the sane thing to do.
While on the topic of British not miss one40five's selection, quality stuff.
Go explore Microzine too, i won't say too much, just that theres nice finds in there....hush, don't blow it y'all ;)