Sunday, September 25, 2005

Its a sunday and i'm bored as hell. So here's some random stuff i found either in my pc or random clickings of my bookmarks...

Converse Chucks
Word has it that an intern at Converse inspired this release. I don't care, its lovely all the same. Available at all Converse stores

Some lovelies...
J.Lo beach
LiLo see thru
Mandy bikini (wow)

Some '06 retro releases

AirMax 95

a Dunk and AF1 low pack of some sort featuring "baseball"like stitchings...
head to Kutsuya's for more.

I love my Maharishi Terminators, but always wondered who else bought the rest of the 599 pairs since i don't see them around much. Well, probably the guys bought them back, cos here's a Crazzeeey custom for a Sony PSP:

talk about mobile gaming
info via Fader mag

Saturday, September 24, 2005


Its finally arrived, special 2-day shipping...brand new bundle of joy. Big ups to the boys in Milano for this. Heres the break down of events:
2 weeks before D-Day: Rumors abound regarding drop date.
18th night: Called in urgent leave for the next day (19th)
19th 6am local time, or 12midnite Italy: Curse the international time zones (why must the world be round?)...anyway, re-freshed page for the 50th time. Figured they'll only update at the hour or every 30mins, went back to slumber for another hour or so, before continuing the routine til...
19th 12noon: Buddy Ibrahim takes over while i have to pop out for urgent matters (what? u think i took leave just for the kicks?!)
19th 3pm: Back at home, still no update following 500th re-fresh. If the site had Google ads, they would have made a ton of money from my clicking.
19th 7pm: Had to break for dinner, but not before a 1,245,067th page refresh and a re-schedule of dinner to after 7pm.
19th 9pm: web page do not seem to updating anytime soon, time to take drastic action...
19th way too close to 12midnite, and 6pm Italy time: There is a god, and he must have internet. Divine intervention follows and a provincial order is made.
20th 1am: overcome by the "Z-monster", have to catch some winks. Plopped back to bed with a silly grin on me face.

And so ends a close to 18 hour psychological marathon. But for those who understand my babble, i'm sure you guys did the same, with lesser drama maybe. For my buddy Ibrahim: thanks bro for everything, there'll be a surprize for ya soon.

For those who don't understand, its ok. Heres an imagery:

black/black-sail...croc-skin,brushed suede,leather lining...printed insole...detailed of a kind lace clips...and s-i-c-k attitude to boot. Without a doubt, the shoe of the year: Stussy Court Force.

Just a question: whats with the box of matches?!

Fred Perry "Blank Canvas"
The Blank Canvas line by Fred Perry allows invited designers to give a new feel to classic styles of FP. First up is Vinti Andrews, whose resume includes Evisu, Fila and now FP. Only available to a selection of invited retailers, the line drops sometime Oct. Local Headz, go to The Asylum and be a victim.

Go check out Common's video for a dope song "Be", which traces His Airness MJ's roots. Click for link to video

Time to prepare for winter months ahead. None better than Burton's iDiom GoreTex jackets
go here
or a Bape GoreTex special

pair them up with these Nike Holiday releases. Goretex AirForce 1 Highs!


Sunday, September 18, 2005


Let's play spot the similarities...
Image Hosted at ImageHosting.usImage Hosted at ImageHosting.usImage Hosted at ImageHosting.usImage Hosted at ImageHosting.usImage Hosted at

Image Hosted at ImageHosting.usImage Hosted at ImageHosting.usImage Hosted at ImageHosting.usImage Hosted at
odds on an upcoming orange anyone?
And you thought "he" was just pushing clothes out of the factory with nary a thought...

BountyHunter x Undercover. I get the chills from just saying that...damn, amazing stuff.

5boro skateboards does some nifty graphix for Gorillaz
Image Hosted at
and the "Also Known As" project
Image Hosted at

My fascination with tees never ends. Thankfully it was light on my wallet this time round. Had to get the GoodenoughUK tee after seeing it in mags a long way back (disadvantages of a good memory huh?) I like dogs, especially irrepressible cute ones. Heck, who doesn't love cute dogs? Forgive my babble.

Anyways, if Must Love Dogs is still showing someplace near you, go catch it.

Not much of a dog movie as it is a date movie, but i do find it a light-hearted flick to catch. Its great for melancholy days and when you're thinking of someone. And i absolutely find Diane Lane adoring. Illuminating.

Image Hosted at
Rikke Korf for Levis
New takes on Engineered denim. Nice.

I always admire folks who take their interests seriously, pursuing perfection and beauty over time. They need our appreciation in due return.

the Brick Testament
Brendan Powell Smith does a painstaking and awesome job creating stories and gospels from the Bible using Lego bricks. Take some time to go through them and tell him how cool it really is. After which, go shopping =)

Shadow Percussion Project by Brian Undelhofen.
DJ Shadow's music rocks, but Brian's "re-arrangement" takes it to a whole new level of enjoyment. Go download the video and tell all your friends! Props!
via link from

Also managed to snag a Bape graduation tee, unworn and with tags no less! Props to Scott for the lovelies.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Good things come in small packages

sighs...yet another reason for an empty wallet. Apple pulls a fast one, hiding the Nano behind the big hoo-ha of the Motorola iTunes phone. Why the secrecy? Not least coz its suppose to replace mini, the pre-launch hype would have caused iPod mini sales to a standstill. Good move i say. And it comes in black, nothing says "buy me" like a black iPod. Go to your local dealer or click here for more info
For those that have been in the loop through the years (gosh, its been that long huh?) The Loft has seen renewal into thisisnaive, which not only includes my pal Tommy's amusing journals, recipes, photography, whatevs, and even an online shop offering handmade/vintage/deadstock finds. Nice

new Supreme
"some" faves...
Zapatista; Evil Empire; Raekwon & Ghostface Killa ; Lovely decks ; Equipment bag; Backpack; 3in1 bag; new Ramellzee

funny but true...

Eastpak limited edition packs

Can't see these Mysterious Al Eastpaks? Head to Urban Industry, tell them u heard about them from me.
I'm definitely feelin' this one though (hint hint):

Urban Industry storehas lots more other stuff, go visit.

Charlize Theron at the beach with her dog

Pop quiz hotshot: how many noticed she's wearing a Nom De Guerre tee?

Ha, laters!

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Noo Ywark
I love that skatedeck by Stash..."old New York".
I'm also pretty impressed and stoked by the designs of OUaTiNY - Once Upon a time in New York. the folks are inspired by skate, hip hop, and stories from the "olde" city.

Visit the site, and leave them a mail if you're interested to buy...if you're nice enough, they might just send to your corner of the world.
My fave is the "club twenty7", i'll leave that to u guys to figure out the reason behind the design. But i know my buddy Ibrahim will love the Maradona tee ;)

Junya Watanabe "Man" for Comme des Garcons x Nike

sometimes i wonder a designer's thinking looks like a knockoff sweater to me.
Garcons Homme "Rolling Stones" motif

This is more like it, but the "Stones" icon has been used eons ago, and probably done better by number(n)ine...

I'm bored and tired from work...'scuse my short update...
Check this: Rubiks cube. one hand. 29 seconds. unbelievable.
Fastest Rubiks cube...on one hand