Sunday, October 26, 2008

same day delivery

Weather's been acting up again, heavy showers late in the week. Brought out the GDEH MA-1 bomber shell for a nice change. Think it made me look plainer than usual...just the way i like it, ha. Pic reminds me, the laptop bag from HP is falling apart, need to change up with the other hp..headporter that is, lol
Did a little shopping and errand-running on Sat


Big ups to Andy@SRNDR for the help. Store makeover is pretty cool, finally utilizing the real estate. Nice collection of wtaps and nbhd goods in, as well as the current vis. Pity about those HG Kurt Cobain tees though... correction, those are more like mid-riff tank-tops: tiny!
mrpostman did his rounds again

Levis Fenom 505-207

This one amazed me, sent out on the first flight outta Jpn, reached my hands hours later, same day! Big ups to big-man Dave!

Jam Home Made leather cuff

Its the subliminal concious state of mind that made me cope this. Probably trying to piece together a black-black-chrome fit, it needs a jacket and leather ankle boots to complete the..oh wait, those are coming as well. LOL (more on next post)

Bape x UNKLE

3rd times a charm: easiest to cop, fuss-free, and cheapest! yay

Bape Medal

Vintage trinket made for the 1st Bape HK store...back in 1999. Those were the days of underground-style, hush-hush, by-invitation-appointments-only that shot the nowhere store to infamy...we all wish for those days again...


Sophnet x Visvim Logan

Full suede...mmm...Very nice. I'm all for the black w/ white trim

Goodenough underwear

Hmm, wonder why HF opts for a standalone under-gear, why not just go with BaseStation? Isn't that why BC was created?

Art for Sketch for change auction

Tim Biskup, Bob Dob, Amanda Visell

Luke Chueh (i heart this guy)

Gris Grimly, Jeff Soto, Joe Ledbetter

Really awesome artwork by artists in support of Obama's Presidential bid

Peep more from the Obama Art Report

And if you like some tongue-in-cheek posters, these 2 are great!
Parodying those vintage American wrestling ads, its a hoot just reading their nicknames! haha

Get them from Etsy seller YeeHaw Industries

Who would've thunk? seriously? With Mickey Rourke reviving his career, could this also be JCVD's finest work?! What next? Steven Segal cutting off his ponytail? LOL
Hi-Def Trailer from apple

Youtube link
This is too awesome: utilizing a ink-jet idea and extending it to computer-controlled water-jet fountain art! Think of the possibilities!

New Sony Bravia ad, shot in India
Pretty cool eh? Of course, it rips on the ground breaking Honda ad, but still its got nothing on Guinness in terms of scale... hehe


Tina fey is on a roll, just love her AMEX ads
Link, the other German shepherds...
another one with Martin Scorsese no less
...and the bonus scene..."Boca?"
Marty is hilarious
Oh, why aren';t these sown on local telly? sure would've brighten the mood amongst the boring ones

and on the note of Tina and polictially-related laughs...peep Ricky and Thandie's take on the Who's Nailin' Paylin porn movie
Ricky is a genius... genius
and Thandie? dayum, she can go far in the porn industry for sure.. YESIREE!
...even the wankers are thinking about it(presidential election)..

final vid
for those that can vote...DO THE RIGHT THING!
on to more light-hearted topics

Gisele for American Photo magazine (there IS such a mag?!)

and shots of Ms supermodel-long-legs...

damn, i heart denim short shorts

OK, my fingers sore from all the CTRL-C and CTRL-V's...laters!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

magic wand

Did i mention Russell Peters will be in town in early Nov?
Tickets running so fast, they added a couple more shows. Who's he?

somebody gonna get a hurt real bad... =)

...gotta listen to my instructions...

...oh my... i'm arriving..!.

But of course, i'll leave you with some comedy from America's finest, who has been honing his craft for the past 8 years and does an un-erringly great job (prob the only one he's good at)

Lil' Kim may have her magic stick, but dayum, i sure want his magic wand...

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


ape camo|45RPM|apesta camo|wired Honeyee

Threw on a couple of staples for a matchy-mcpherson pic. If theres one thing perculiar (and irritating) about SG weather is it can sooner sear thru your skin than pour cats dogs in just about the same time. Shoulda gone with the ape manhunts for more security (instead of avoiding the puddles on my whites)
Managed to pick up a couple of CK dress shirts for cheap. No idea for the sale (pre-season? bailout sale?), who knows? but there're def good deals to be had. And might i add that its the first time in ages (eons) since i've actually spent on non-food items in town, hows that for boosting the economy huh? (bravo to me)

...its never too early/late to formulate a wishlist...

Chrome Hearts: totally rockerific styles

Goodenough: motorcycle jacket
Just love the details, from the inner lining to the vintage printwork

Visvim: E-Cat 18 and 28, Hockney
Hooray for the return of all-time faves! now to find them before they get swept up by resellers

Sophnet: Duffle coat and Mountain Parka
Tartans feel truly warm innit? Makes u wish for cold weather just to rock 'em badboys

Wacko Maria x John Smedley
With detailing so subtle and respected quality so high...will there be any left to be picked up? sighs...


Miley Cyrus sure knows how i like it
but godammit, just peep at her watch game. and much as those bunch of knick-knacks appear annoyingly kiddish, its a pretty good lookin' fit, no? :)

Both Ms Moss and Gisele show you how to rock shorts in the coming freezing temperatures

Recent pics from the uber-hot most-talked-about show from fashion week: Balmain

From the retro-ish shoulder pads, vintage jackets to tie-dye, skin-tight, animal-print jeans, they're all to die for
How hot were they, you ask?
Hot enough to be on Ms Moss perpetually the past weeks:


A couple more shots: pure sex!

Rihanna in green: effortlessly hot

US election/economy watch
Couple links you might be interested to read up:
- Palin's right-wing mentors
- 57 lies the Republican Party wants you to believe
- 10 american financial meltdowns in the past century: for a somewhat simplistic and summarized view, but good enough to get a general idea how bad it really is