Sunday, October 29, 2006

John Locke's description of a general idea corresponds to a description of a concept. According to Locke, a general idea is created by abstracting, drawing away, or removing the common characteristic or characteristics from several particular ideas. This common characteristic is that which is similar to all of the different individuals. For example, the abstract general idea or concept that is designated by the word "red" is that characteristic which is common to apples, cherries, and blood. The abstract general idea or concept that is signified by the word "dog" is the collection of those characteristics which are common to Airedales, Collies, and Terriers.

Design is everywhere amongst us, and the designer connects with his audience with his idea, product, physical or theoretical involvement. Success is simply the thin line that the audience crosses with an "oh, now i get it" or an exchange of belongings into an appropriatation of said designer's work.

Asics 1/700 waterline series

To me, this is probably the case where pictures literally speak more and louder than words. You do not need to visit the link to AltSnk than to understand instantly the connection between the Tamiya hobby kits, the magnificent (and very famous Japanese) battleships, and carefully detailed footwear of Asics. From the color and material selection to the anchors-embossed heel caps to the traditional deck wood-panelled insole.
A beaut
Nike Air Footscape Woven 360 "Skulls"

Staple's insight, we understand the concept behind the f/scape design is "Deep in tradition, sport and history"
Supreme 07 - PE

'07 is gonna bring us more lovely PE homage from Supreme. Props for the group who will be inducted to Long Island's Music Hall of Fame!

Stussy x Commonwealth
Image Hosted by
Lots of stores getting buddy-buddy with Stussy, so what's another more? Long-time store-partner Commonwealth gets some technicolor love
Babe of the day

Kate Hudson sporting a killer bod

She was incredible in Almost Famous by Cameron Crowe. Experience it. Enjoy it. Just don't fall for it

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Don't call it a comeback

Katherine Hamnett retro's some of her famous slogan tees. T-prints were defnitely the language of our generation, as it was during the fabulous year of 1984. Decades on, it is as relevant now as it was then. the message can be political, humour, irreverent, nonsensical even. The only thing that matters is that it spoke of what you/we are facing. Problem is, what have we been doing about it, or have we simply left the actions to the print on cotton?
A savant (/səˈvænt/) is a learned person, well versed in literature or science, often with an exceptional skill in a specialized field of learning.

An autistic savant is an autistic person with Savant Syndrome
I remember a recent BBC documentary "Beautiful Minds" that covered these wonderfully gifted persons. Their specialities or gifts could range from memory, arts, music or arithmetic.
Stephen Wiltshire, a Brit, is one such gifted person with an immense memory he is dubbed the "human camera". However, he's talent lies not only in memory, but in reproducing what he saw, most times only once, by putting pencil to paper.

Be blown away by the intricate detailing, he's an MBE holder, mind you.

If you think these photos are amazing, wait till you see him in action, in these videos of him in Tokyo and Rome.
The way he goes about drawing without drafting nor pause for proportion checks, simply start to finish in a continuous sitting takes my breath away. When he calmly says "and i'm done...just let me sign my name here" at the end of the exhaustive panoramic sketch, i just shake my head in fascination and admiration.
I'm not worthy
Sistine Chapel de Paco

From one talent to another. Check out Paco Rosic's tribute to Michaelangelo's ceiling artwork on the Sistine Chapel, using spray paint. The result is amazing, truly vibrant!

Enjoy the links...taking a short break, dreaming of technicolor architecture...

These couple came thru the post, was scoping the F2K but the ape-head became a bonus.

Peep Zouk's recent flyer. I like the colors, gear detailing and general vibe...but doesn't it remind you of David Choe's whales?

I'm a big fan of his art and attitude to life and art..mad talents y'all
Another 1 of my fave:
Image Hosted by
AMQ x Puma

I like the detailing for these new Alexander McQueen designs for Puma, from the laser work to the exquisite form. The feline fang with human root of the ManCat tooth is the definitive logo that represents this collection.
FBT Ancestor

Visvim just can't go wrong with the FBT. If there's one shoe you need to have in your closet, its gotta be the FBT. Latest incarnation tweaks the iconic flap with enclosing loops, probably to tie-in with the laces. Start saving
Undrcrwn NCAA "&&&" tees

UndrCrwn retro's the iconic Michigan Fab5 and SinCity Rebels. Get here

Also at Turntable labs, check out reduced price of the Wood LED clock...freshness.
Why iPOD succeeded where others failed
Top 5 reasons
1 last important reason
Pretty much on point and should be a lesson for all labels and bands
You-Tube time
Sponsor Me

Halfway thru the vid, i half expected the awesome PJ Ladd to pull a Darkslide...he's that good

Style Wars
I have no idea how the entire movie got uploaded (youtube limits video length/capacity), but catch it while you can...

have a nice saturday

Friday, October 27, 2006

kiddie-T's.killer-rule.cute plush
sesame st gets alife

After the frighteningly "out-there" tees of Frankenstein and Mummy all-over prints, alife releases yet more head-scratching prints of Sesame Street characters Bert, Ernie and Oscar. Hopefully, they will all be in time for Hallow's eve. I can't imagine wearing it for any other occasion, perhaps the a block party for some kid's birthday, a terribly hot chick you're trying to impress, or the anniversary taping of the Sesame Street. And if they get all snapped up by hypebeasts, don't worry, i'm sure the kid's department at your neighborhood clothing store will stock 'em (or something like that). via
1st rule in class: do not copy

Atypyk shows up yet another gem of a satire on the state of un-education in recent times. Cool stuff for adults, cos i doubt these will get anywhere near a school...
ele, piggie and raf

Took a look at these plushes and and really liked them! Every toddlers gotta have an elephant plush! too cute
Get them via e-giggle
best cd review of all time
The donkey not only has longer ears than the horse but also typically eats much less. Also, its fur is not waterproof. The domesticated animal, Equus asinus, can defend itself with a powerful kick from its hind legs. While present in early American society, the donkey's popularity was not widespread until the Gold Rush, thanks to its social disposition and ability to carry tools. Many people consider the donkey a cute and comical animal, but it has a reputation for being stubborn. A popular German proverb contends that a donkey can dress up in a lion suit, but its ears will always stick out and reveal its true identity. The donkey is helpful in herding sheep, cattle or goats. The animal is also commonly known as a jackass, burro, jennet, hinny and ass. It has a loud, brassy voice that goes, "Hee-haw! Hee-haw! Hee-haw!"
-- Aidin Vaziri

Guess the CD before you hit the link here
bringing sexy back
Justin and buddy Trace Ayala's label WilliamRast is finally on the mass media/market from the recent celeb sightings and his own album launch. I could care less what JT wore on TRL or VMA's, as long as they can beautifully exhibit Cameron's perkiness for all to see...

Damn, she's got a sexy back
Posh is cute with kids
Alrite, so she might be a little fake, a little too thin, very much can't sing for a career...but she is HOT in my books. Plus, she handles kids very well

and of course the pics to wrap up the post

strange bedfellows

chilling @ home for a bit: arkitip-peter southerland-undftd-adidas jersey+supreme flight pants
Weather's been getting better lately, must be the heavy rainfall and wind changes fotunately. Decided to get a day away from work, (1) to take a much needed rest, (2) to mess with those skivvers at work taking advantage of my industry (ha! lets see how they get their work done w/o me)

Can't keep the good guys down. Go say a big "whut up" to the boys (and gals) @ Surrender when they reopen at new location, far from the madding crown, tomorrow.
L1 - gallery, L2 - shop
Sat: new season HP, HP+, Visvim, NH
Sun: OF (hype boys keep away)
Extreme makeover: Monopoly
I loved Monopoly during my youngish years, prolly one of the 1st few games that taught me counting skills, ownership (heh) and why its never good to go to jail (heh heh). I also had a lucky token piece and that was the old trusted shoe.
Now thats about to change with the new Monopoly Here & Now: what if the game was invented today?

Not only were the names and places updated, the tokens too! You get the Toyota Prius, Mac's French Fries, Labrdoodle, Motorola RAZR mobile, laptop and check out what is in place of the classic ol' shoe: New Balance kicks!!!
image hosted by
Looks like its the NB992
A very apt heritage shoe!
What better way to celebrate your centennial than have America's favorite boardgame cement your place in history?
New Balance Shoe - MONOPOLY: Here & Now is giving the old shoe the boot and allowing players to take strides around the board with a high performance athletic shoe by New Balance. Known for their specialized footwear, as well as their strong heritage in running, New Balance continues to focus on manufacturing innovative shoes for athletes of all ages and abilities and is the only athletic brand currently producing shoes in the U.S.A.
unwearable, but sick sick custom

This would be awesome for Halloween, check out these lovely Vans customs by Six Letter Word for Camouflage.
Customs is a SixLetterWord...getit?
LDV at the V&A
If you're in London, go check out the Leonardo da Vinci exhibit at the V&A, running through to Jan 2007.

For those that can't quite make it there, peep the amazing ingenuity of LDV's many inventions and how the illustrations come alive through the use of modern animation
babe of the day: Crissy Moran

Sizzling hot


Tuesday, October 24, 2006

build bridges

Short stroll in town, with the respite from the haze.
Fit: "Let's Get Lost" tee*Supreme flight pants*Nike Curry dunk hi's*OG Haze G-shock
The school holidays should be round the corner, yet the kids are thankfully nowhere to be seen in town. hmm...could they all converging on the new Vivocity mall by the harbour? Oh well, fewer of them to irritate me then.
Streetwear Today
Last issue of the quarterly Streetwear Today for the year. A pretty good read, especially the feature interview with pioneering graf legend Mode2, his thoughts and views about how graf, hip hop, women in his art, urban/conventional art and their unique links, from the artiste to the viewer, label to the user, producer-consumer etc.

Apart from store,label,industry updates, you gotta love the photo shoots. Check out this "just kidding" shoot:

Really nice looks for the winter.
Check the site for more info
adicolor winner

The adicolor winner is announced. Ari Lankin utilizes the omni-present Hokusai to great effect. The winning design will be released on 28th Oct (this week, queue-seekers!) at the Wooster adidas store, only 25 pairs to be available. Best chance to make use of that Porter x General Research x Rei x North Face sleeping gear! (gosh i'm beginning to talk like dontbelievethehypebeast)
newsflash: purple haze coming in
If you've noticed from the aboe pic, you would've picked out the black/purple detailing on the adicolor (you didn't? tsk-tsk)
Now, this must be one of the most consistent proof that all the shoe designers have that secret pow-wow meeting in holy-sneakerdom-land:

swoosh-dude:"so what cha think? best way to use up those excess purple fabric/paint?"
wise-old-adi:"i guess so, i don't see any hype kids complaining from the purple overdose on your Stussy LA pack. They'd think its the "West Coast x East Coast collab"...
swoosh-dude:"Crips x Bloods = Purple connection! that'll sell!"
the other dassler:"i hear ya, bro...even our fans have started jumping in on it, peep the CT Clyde comps and your adicolor comp pairs. we matchin'!"
swoosh-dude:"now we got the frickin' purple out of our way, what do we do with those neons from the 80's?"

babe of the day
Love these J Alba pics taken by wouldn't even notice the ugly photo tags at the bottom