Sunday, November 28, 2004

Glad to back

Back from the olive drab and camo greens to civvie life...and i'm still poorer, blardy hell...bah!

Anyhoo, hope u had a great week...heres something to cheer u up
i'm a hotters girl!
Avril's halloween backstage pic...i'm beginning to dig her more these days

Some silly news while i was MIA...
guess u guys may have noticed the LeBron ads and posters around town...those guys in US know about it too...
They prob think we're a wierd bunch ...again

But "duh" article of the week goes to the Brits
SUVs harm the environment...duh

On the environmental note...some tragic animal news
I'm a dolphin lover thru-n-thru

and some interesting ones...which also explains the reason why i really love bbc documentaries and the discovery channel
Pandas do hand-stand to pee

Heres a follow-up of the Tara Reid "i'm so embarrassed" episode which u guys really liked(i got no response from the gals, so i assumed it turned u off)
New paparazzi pics of her in bikini(which isn't a bad thing...except for her "meat tenderizer" look-alike tummy)
what the hell is she doing to her once-hot bod?

Ok, pretty tired and bored already...and i've got a bad cough and runny nose on the way...catch up soon

Thursday, November 18, 2004

hello all, currently on hiatus...enjoying sunny days, chlorine-bleached skin and strained muscles (ouch)...
managed to get on a pc to put in a couple o' words...hope everyone is well, feel free to sms me if anything crops up...i'm damn free at nites...when i'm not running around playing tag with other buddies...LOL

oh well, can't think of anything to blog anyways, wearing uniform means not thinking :)

catch up soon, y'all

Monday, November 15, 2004

Boring Mondays

Its a sleeping-inducing monday for me, too tired and lazy to do anything...
On to the news:

Ever wondered what were the voters really thinking on 2Nov?
Look no further, heres the proof:
i am so smart, i am so smart

And as further proof, at least 4 key cabinet staff are resigning, including the big guy
He is surely the smart one


Yet another Asian does us proud: Kobayashi-san out-chugs and leaves everyone far behind
Next in line to get life-time ban at buffet lunches

Bring the brolly, showers expected in the next couple of days/nites
Should be a sight to behold

Speaking of stars, Becks really knows how to make a woman happy...very happy. After the huge diamonds, Mr Golden Balls gives his lady her next best friend:Mr Vibro
Diamond-encrusted, platinum-plated no less
"hmm, hope it fits..."

Spotted in celeb-land, Angie and her little precious Maddox, looking really grown up these days... and cute too! coochie-coo!
Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at
She's definitely one hot MILF

Some LA-LA land (don't u love nicknames?) news
Any of u guys spotted the non-descript posters at Cineleisure at the weekend?
cue heavy breathin sequence

Some Batman prequel peeps... Christian Bale in his new spiffy suit
Image hosted by

and the awesome/humongous/rahh!/whoa/ batmobile of all time
cross between a Hummer and a Lambo
I foresee lots of custom-heads will be pimpin' their rides to look like this in future! :)

Dear all readers(yes, all 3 of u), yours truly (meaning me) will be MIA for the next couple of days, i'll have no access to PC's and email (cue shark theme song da-dum, da-dum)...despite the horror, i'll be back probably on the weekends. Look forward to the next update y'all....If you've reached so far and have clicked all the links today, go click on my pals sites on the right! Tell them i sent u!

Leave me messages or sms's, whichever is more convenient

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Celebrity Tragedy

ODB - May you RIP

I've heard that breast enhancements (commonly termed as "boob job") usually causes loss of feeling or sensation over the affected area. That may probably explain Tara Reid's gaffe when she attended P.Diddy's party last week. She was happily posing away(she did look a little more stoned than usual), smiling for cameras with nary a care until her boob did an unexpected curtain call. She was oblivious to the sudden torrent of flashbulbs as the paparazzi zoomed in... and horror of horrors, it looks like the rumors of her boob job for the past months have been confirmed.
scene 1 peekaboob
and heres the close up... gals, if u ever thought of having one done, think of how your re-constructed nipples will look like... ain't a pretty sight (picture Not Safe For Work)

In keeping with the current theme, came up with this pic on the net (don't ask me where i surf, u don't wanna know). Some have said the lovely pair belong to Avril, and comes with the accompanying pic of her wearing the same coloured top... you be the judge:

Alritey, prolly boobies overload for y'all... so i'll end off on a pretty note, my fave Paris!
Eat your heart out motorshow racequeens!

Sleep well tonite...Ta!

Saturday, November 13, 2004

TGIF-TGIS etc etc

I'm getting lots of "complaints" that i haven't been blogging...hellooo, i'm Mr Busy here ok? LOL just playing...

Anyway, gonna post this up, try to be gentle with your comments:

Next in my series of customs, the M574PH, for my pal Philip.

Colors inspired by the CT exclusives, since Philip wanted something to go with his denims, i went with the grey/midnite blue. The midnite blue is given the "patent" look.

check out the 3M glow
Lion's crest with Philip's initial

happy family
and the family portrait...

Feel free to give comments, friends and foes alike (hopefully more friends, lol)

Laters, ta

**edit (11am)
yup i'm back... think i'll just make this a deluxe post to make up for the time i've been MIA.

Theres this DHL dude that delivers stuff to our office daily, friendly fella and efficient as hell... so it comes without surprise when i see these ads. They're supposed to be "banned ads or something, but i sure love the Yanks for their sense of humor in everything they do. Local tv is simply too "oppressed" for my liking (oops i said the "O" word, hope i'm not litigated)...Whatevs....
ADVERT numero uno

ADVERT numero erm.. two

*FYI, the other 2 companies featured are UPS and FedEx...

Speaking of FedEx (funny how things always link up eh? hehe)....
"They commissioned hundreds of designers to come up with a suitable logo, but the bare simplicity of the one below that they chose is brilliant: the arrow that implies delivery, speed, direction, forward, progress, etc that is fundamental to their service, is furthered by it pointing to the X, ie accuracy, timing, again delivery, location, whereever you want to send it etc etc..." end Quote
can u spot the arrow?

Can u guys spot the arrow? Its the empty space between "E" and "x"... clever eh? But don't go telling others I told u that, i just read from the web, thats all ;)

Anyone in UK wanna help me get this for free?? please pretty please?
Free walker-meter (for UK residents only)
ps, gotta love how Gary Lineker is still earning his fame dollars, haha

Ok, think i said quite a mouthful today... but one last post, i just can't resist
This is for all the embarassing "noises" and "smell" that comes from the "cheer from the rear" (wow i learnt a new phrase today)...Gals should appreciate these gems too (yes, they do fart, in case u din know)
Late contender for "Invention of the Year" award!

okie dokes...signing off, enjoy

Saturday, November 06, 2004

Its been a crazy week at work, funny how everyone tends to drop by or call up for a meeting just when you don't need them.... LOL

Anyway, the office sample sales have come and gone, my buddies will get the hook-ups from me soon, you know who you are (then again, "ting" maybe not... since its a "surprize")..(if that last sentence sounds foreign to u, its ok, its meant to)

Right-O, on to the random stuff this week:

I always love Subway 'wiches, excellent stuff, big portions friendly staff etc... plus they contain more than three and a half times as many calories as one Big Mac; have six times the sodium, seven times the carbohydrates and 14 times as much sugar....
Just right for your average diet

I always tell people i read alot.... :P
Go reed a book, U nevr noe wad u gunna ghet

Never rob a bank while its still under construction
Dumbass of the week award

Clean toilets = state of country's development
I guess the rule does not cover Singapore

Heres why the British are way ahead of us
A far more open environment

...And it seems the Texans are not too far behind either
"kids the 3 branches of government are missionary, spooning and doggy..-oops

Alrite, enough of sexist corny(*pun alert) jokes....
Tech-geek news of the week
Corn does improve your memory...of your PC that is

thats all folks, ta

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

vote or die
ain't i cute

G'monday to y'all...
Today's election day in US, time for democracy, excercising your rights of a citizen, voting for better governance....blah blah blah

Speaking of democracy and fairness, today is also mass-queueing day in Singapore. Seriously, i've begun to believe that we know nothing but just to queue and queue to get what you want (or in some cases, what others tell u to want)
Hello kitty, we Q...Condo, public housing, we Q...trip to the loo, we Q...freshly baked bread, we Q...sneakers which are deemed limited and rare...what else? we Q of course

This evening, the local shoe spot at Queensway shopping centre released the "next big thing", a limited edition nike sneaker that had the kids in a flurry. I've heard how some kids camped at the doorstep at 1am....mind you, the store opens at 11am and the guys only started selling the shoe at 7pm. But then again, i guess this is nothing compared to the situation overseas(its much worse, for those who wanna know). I originally wanted to rant about "kids these days", "queues", "nike selling out", and about how the "bubble will burst"... but i thought better of it...anywho, heres some pics i took when i rolled over to the store after work

shop front
shop front
queue just outside
bored looking peeps
snaking around, above other levels and out of the building
stretching to other levels
view from inside the shop
cute chick

ok, thats about it... thanks for waiting for the pics to load
and in case you're wondering, no, i didn't get my pair of shoes...its ok though, there'll be some other shoe down the road