Wednesday, January 31, 2007

middle of somewhere

Stussy ProKeds~lEvis 201xx
Anyone out there still has/wears these? Don't know 'bout you guys, but i love and wear my pair to death sometimes. Not the most comfy [i can't believe pro players balled in ProKeds high-tops!], but you can't beat the sneaker [ProKeds was the first to call them sneakers] from everyday-wear
drops cont'd - packaging
More lovelies dropping in as the lead-in to the holidays in a few weeks time. This time its the Nike hTm Air Moc Mid. I still can't believe how some people don't follow the double-boxing when sending shoes with boxes. Maybe they aren't collectors etc, but don't the postal offices all have ready-sized boxes already? Makes me wonder where the high postal charges go to.
What i could salvage from:

At least there wasn't water damage

Released in '05 to [virtually] no fanfare, this model dropped into oblivion soon enough. I always loved the ACG range, and the moc is comfy and snug as any bootie out there. Trust the hTm triumvirate to mate cool classy form with rugged ACG thats a given with the moc mid.

I didn't know this before, but the moc mids come with something special. The insole looked a little wierd with some cotton/nylon cover, so i took them out and found out they were "invisible-socks"! [those that end below ankle-level]

Check out the hieroglyphic-like features on the outsole nubs. Anyone knows what they mean/are part of?

Feb 14 is looming by, so check out this cute penguin v-day card and lovely red lovebirds apron!
friends - cluck
Nik actually got one of those EGLU houses for his chickens! How cute! and of course in pink! haha

Looks absolutely awesome and [dare i say it] chic! =)
Oh yeah, congrats on the new addition to your family! Another trooper for the HQ! LOL
Speaking of the trooper, the RTFP "updated seditionaries" tee is up for $ale at figurepunk
Free Image Hosting at
Looking forward to more goodies from the bat-lovin' punk-trooper union!
last but not least, bestest of wishes to henne

get silly drunk at cookies with the man if you happen to be in location

still manages to look hot

Lisa Gleave

Lovely ideas for the saying goes, less is more


Sunday, January 28, 2007


StussyxW)Taps~W)Taps~Supreme midtowns~CasioxFragmentDesign
Had a long relaxing drive/walk/shopping trip today to compensate for the crazy drive-abouts on Saturday [i was more of a chauffer than participant really]. Took a pic at the usual boutique in town. Think i'm in love with the huge mirrors [makes mental note to get one for future home]. The GF was doing the shopping route for her new year niceties, i was just happy to tag along for the walkabout. Somehow there was like an intermission of rain for our shopping duration, haha

Drove on down to Chinatown for a look-see at the growing crowds in preparation for Chinese New Year. Sure am glad i wasn't in the jostlin' bunch. Some say its not exactly new year spirit if you ain't jostling and absorbing the atmosphere. I'm fine with the 1-arm distance, thank you...LOL.
Was walking around the Ann Siang Hill/Maxwell stretch towards South Bridge Rd and taking in the old/new sights [will remember to bring the cam next time] and turned up at a delightful find

These lovely pastries sure make my day! I remember my mom and granma always get them for me. Tong Heng pastries makes the best egg tarts in my book. Gotta try to believe!

My other current fave snack are these pineaple tarts courtesy of Jon's mom Aunt Pat:

Just the right taste, not too sweet either. Thanks!
new Disney ads

Check out the new ads, featuring Beyonce as Alice in Wonderland and David Beckham as Prince Phillip in Snow White. Its Beck's 1st US assignment since he's announcement to join Hollywood, i mean LA Galaxy soccer team...
Best shot of the series [by Annie Leibovitz no less] goes to Scarlett Johansson as Cinderella:

Tsumori Chisato
Tsumori Chisato's prints are world-renowned, and i just love these photos added by Lena from the 05 and 06 seasons

Awesome colors and creative use of positive and negative spaces!
Bill Sullivan
as the world turns...

Yet another can't-miss you gotta check out, the photo exhibits by Bill Sullivan. Isn't it amazing how much you can interpret, derive and feel emitted when you look at the shots of tube commuters exiting from the turnstiles? Maybe its just me, since i commute by train daily, the pics struck a chord...
Joan Mendicino

Joan Mendicino has these lovely pieces of homeware. Can you spot the bird-like vases?
couple klinks

These glasses will be a charm for Valentine don;t you think?
Check them out and more here!

Factory Girl

Caught Factory Girl yesterday. Film was about the explosion and implosion of the life of Edie Sedgwick, Andy Warhol's muse from the times of the The Factory...hence the titular Factory Girl.
So-so stuff, caught it more for the legend/myth as well as for the lovely Sienna Miller, rather than the "documentary" direction the movie seemed to be going in.
Burton x Warhol

This one tied up real nice with the release of the Factory Girl film. Burton collabs with the Warhol foundation for the 2008 collection. Glad to see the Edie sweat, but still hoping to see cow-prints/velvet underground banana's etc. Theres still time to act to put those in production, guys.
via Josh Spear
sexy Keeley

Not much to be said...other than "anyone know of nice labels for sexy pencil skirts"?

back to work in a couple of hours...c-ya
It's almost impossible to pin down the exact reason, but i bet the medical term has to be chronic-something to explain my behavior. Is it chronic fatigue that makes my eyes Garfield-like at just 11pm at nite, that leads to a chronic-procrastination in my job-hunt? Is it the chronic-urge-to-spend that makes me break the bank time and again? Is it the chronic need to release the headaches at work?

Started the week with yet more workloads...i seriously can't see myself staying for much longer at my current workplace. Lack of proper job description is one thing, your boss handing you some half-day/half-hour projects on top of your normal projects is simply nuts. So i get a headache and i do what i unconciously always do -rub my temples and nose-bridge. Lo-and-behold, i get a silly welt-mark on the nose bridge:

Now i know how Brad from Survivor Cook Islands felt:

Had a beat-the-clock meetup with S-78 later that evening to pass him his stuff before he flies back to Indo. I must have looked like an idiot with a Bindi

Too bad he missed his Gonz "communion priest" which arrived a couple days later:

Now i know why it took so long to get here...the parcel was "missent to Bangkok"! I can understand if misinformed people mistaking Singapore for being a southern province of China, but Bangkok's a first, hahahaha.
mail drop
Yet more drops recently from my chronic-spenditure:
Out-of-print Electric Cottage tee, this one is definitely for the archives

And yes, the inescapable shot of the proverbial sleeve tag thats covered round the street fashion world. Like Henrik [artoo] mentions in the latest streetwear today, HF was the one who introduced the sleeve tag to street fashion and never got the recognition for it.

Probably the final piece of my NikeHK x Michael Lau hunt, since the possibility of me getting/able to afford a pair of the woodgrain SB's is 1 x 10[power of negative6] - [thats about 1 in a million]. Copped the lucky-red NY Fat and catalogue book

Masterstroke of marketing genius by NikeHK to get Michael "father-of-urban-vinyl" Lau to brand their flagship store and push yet another marketing angle towards the vinyl,toy-crazed community. I figured the NY Fat should come in handy as part of the upcoming Chinese New Year docorations, LOL

The catalogue features huge studio shots of Lau's iconic 12inch figures dressed in Nike's F/W 06 line, each one is a tear-out poster! Check out new 12inch addition #106 Pre and Michael himself.
I don't feature foods in my blog like Tommy or Stef does. I don't think i could stop and freeze-frame in time: more often than not, its in my tummy before you say "cheese" [pun awfully yet fully intended].

I guess it should be the season for mangoes this time of the year, cos most i've eaten so far are deliciously sweet! Check out how i;ve faithfully recreated the restaurant-style way of serving it by slicing it up, that way u can eat it like a pudding! hahahaha
Manuella plush

These ele's are just too cute to ignore. Creator Merav Flam designed them to reflect her own childhood without digital and electronic toys. Check it out
via NotCot
virtual keyboard

I've heard so much about this virtual keyboard, and i'm just putting off trying them out while waiting for the price to drop. Basically, the laser projects the keyboard and sends out the tapping[it even mimics the sound!] via Bluetooth to the and electronic device like PC, laptop, palm etc. You can find one from numerous online sites, like this one

Kern zip up

This had me in stitches. If you know fonts, you know kerning, and you'll flip at the little details on the sweat, especially when you zip 'em up!
Font-stitches : Kern-zip up Damn, i'm good with puns today
Get the lovely sweat at Veer
Cameron Diaz on holiday

So Cam and JT split and had a bad falling out at the Globes, but nothing soothes a broken heart like spending time at the beach.
Even spotted Eddie Vedder[i'm a huge PJ fan to those who know me] amongst the crowd. Heard he's a close buddy of surfing pro Kelly Slater