Friday, October 20, 2006

this must be what a nuclear fallout looks like

What could be worse than having consistently high haze levels? stifling drizzle...
damn, it looks like a scene from a post-apocalyptic war movie...all i need is burning oil fields and crumbling buildings...shit.

I prolly need an ionizer to clear the air...but i may settle for a humidifier too:

Hehehe, this is too cute. Get one here
So i had a day-off from work, and what do i spend my precious time on? 4 long hours of scouring ebay trying to outbid another stubborn collector. Needless to say, i was unsuccessful. These days, it's getting harder and harder for an ebay steal. Everyone is so clued in that i take forever to sieve out the goodies, only to find countless others doing the same. damn.

Oh well, decided to do the next sneakerhead-thing: clean out the shoe boxes and indulge in shoe-sniffing(!)...sure sounds like a bad/crazy thing to do
nike tennis classic 1993
Don't think i've posted this before. Pretty pleased with how it looks after all the time in storage. Sure the box has seen better days, but its still holding up pretty well. Made in Korea goodness y'all

They sure don't make 'em like they used to. How else do you explain the crispy white leather and soles? I can't really put too much stuffing in them, the box just isn't big enough (without bursting somemore, lol), so the smooth toe box is a definite plus. That's DS-no creases condition, baby!

The tongue tag to certify it's age and the factory stamp of approval!

I dunno man, if Nike starts doing retro's like how it should be done, i would be ploughing in the ca$h for sure. Sure, use some high tech materials to make the soles and colors last longer, even add some exotic materials to jazz it up...but keep the size stamping, tongue thickness and heel tab please! Those tennis classic SB's got nothing on these!

Stussy Store Tour
So the store series finally drops

Peep the series in color-detail here. I like the Hitomi Japan tee the most, full frontal print remiscent of GDEH-style!
NB walk in colours of England - HK
Peep the 1of1 realization of the HK winning entry:

True to design and awesome!
pic via Milk magazine and freeproblem
My Heritage 2.0
So i guess many of you guys haven't really seen my mug shot before...prolly posted it eons ago. But no matter, according to My Heritage, this is how yours truly looks like:

The site uses facial recognition technology to match your face to its database of celebrities (which amazingly captures even local celebrities!)
Alright, laugh at me for being 78% like Stephen Chow, but at least he has a funny bone in him, but...
60% likeness to Rain!!! LOL, not too bad! I know my pals are puking this moment, hahaha.
So the next time you spot a Rain/Andy lookalike, it might be me!!!

Scarlett gets me going...pix specially for "S78": thanks for the Maria O hotness! lol
Here's another set, featuring Tricia Helfer from Battlestar Galactica. According to Time mag, its a show worth catching!

ad tv
Check out some nice ads via youtube
Dove ad: Evolution of beauty:

Question to self:"what makes a true beauty these days?"

Ad for Che magazine:

Qustion to self:"you'd wish it was true"

Laters y'all


78 said...

the only problem with that T (Hitomi) is the ZY logo looks too much like Poo York. .. VA VA VOOOOOOOOOOOOM! SHITE SON... word on the street is that she doesn't believe in manogamy... time to move to the West Coast son!
That Hello Kitty humidifier is quetsionable.

xymon said...

you're right about the "ZY" logo 78...

c'mon, liking Hello Kitty is gonna get you more chicks! lol