Saturday, April 30, 2005

pic by 6061, powered by his new Sony
Enjoying a spot of quietness in downtown Orchard...with my photog possibly enjoying some other subject :)

On the topic of photography, Bernard Bertrand takes my breath away...simply sharp, pin-point sharpness

Go and be awed by Bernard's work

Came across this in my mail the other day, check out this guy...he's major talented, pure Illustrator graphix, "100% vectors" as he says. A very spiffy site, put your mouse over the completed image (at the site, not the one above) to see the vector framework.
He's bound for big things, go check him out at

I'm on a roll here, yet another computer whiz...i really feel like a computer idiot here(come to think of it, i am). Check out Marcin Wasko's award winner animated short film...its as good as anything i deemed excellent before(in other words, its excellent!)

One of those songs that are currently ringing in my head is "Jerk it out" by Caesars Palace...the tune for the iPod shuffle (yes, for the 1,000th time, i still have not gotten it yet...i'm a loser)
But if you have one(and don't intend to give it to me), go buy these shuffle art (the guys are actually from Singapore i believe, way to go!)

Go here for shuffle art or here for all the iPod goodies. Tell them you saw the info here!

DKNY "Be Delicious" campaign...
If you guys and girls haven't checked this new fragrance yet, you better! I for one think its a very well-thought-out campaign and design. The steel+glass design of the apple bottle simply begs you to touch and hold 'em. Seriously, it has been for some time that anyone has come out a set of fragrance that can attract both sexes. And I don't mean unisex perfum! Guys will love the ladies' sweet apple scent, and girls will adore the mens' musky tone. Heck with what i'm saying, girls: just get the ladies version, guys(ie: ME) will love it.

Go get Sneakers by the crew from Crooked Tongues
Very comprehensive list of kicks that get us hot under the collar, even comes with a list of recommended websites and stores, as well as what you need to know to get started on your need hobby(addiction). While i would've loved more detailed info about each shoe and brand, i guess you can't want everything. Thats what having us bloggers is about, we trawl the forums, with the scoops and insider info that you can't just buy...all for the "love of the game", as MJ put it so plainly in his rookie contract (don't know about that? ahh...thats a story for another update, kids)

In other streetwear-dom news, Props to being hunted for the mention, i'm now a "classic"...hahahha
It used to be a painstaking search for street culture info all over the web. Now, with the help of rebloggers to consolidate the tons of info, it gets easier, but by no means less exciting. But i guess classic is a proper term, i'm an oldie compared to those new kids! (however, i'm glad to announce i'm behind RTHQ in the calendar department...hehehehe)

My man Slam x Hype is getting overwhelmed...and he should be, with his up-to-date and great updates. A full website is underway, in the meantime keep sending him fan mail about his uber-cool blog(he'll be tired, but tired-happy, lol)

Btw, the Mr Cartoon AF1s are due for release this weekend in LA and most parts of US...check out the launch event at 5th D forum
link via Slam

anyone has a retail hookup for these? need a us10, get at me, email's on the right

Have a nice weekend y'all!

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Ride the next wave

New package dropped a couple of days ago(thanks john, enjoy your vacation!)...Stussy SF tee for the Imaginary Foundation exhibition. Get it here and be sure to check out their other dope designs!

I previewed a couple of upcoming limited edition New Balance Classic footwear, including the 1500, 576 and 860 sometime back(always the first with the NB tip, don't believe me? go check my archives)...heres the upcoming Tier 1 release in the US

Whats Tier 1 series? A new boutique line of limited edition footwear(1000 per model for now)dropping in May. Premium leather, worksmanship, with comfort of outmost importance...for more info, check here via Fixins

Ever wanted a tee thats spouts your anger? get them here from Pottymouth clothing
NB: thats the safest tee design i could find... lol

The local Gov recently decided to legalise casino gambling(yes, in a sense, we are lil' behind times)...but seriously, the debates, consensus, possible social ills, safe-guards blah-blah were unnecessary....we all knew they'd build one anyway. Its like strolling down Orchard Road(shopping district in Singapore) in October, looking at the changing street decorations and wondering "Is Christmas coming already?"
Its inevitable

I just can't wait for the strippers, strip shows, live nude reviews...oh wait, i'm talking about Singapore here...looks like i'll settle for the customary magic shows and concerts by ageing "stars"...yay (notice the excitement in my voice)

Laters, my friends

Saturday, April 16, 2005


It not only rained, it poured today
Well, not the ferocious winds and rainfall like hurricane season elsewhere in the world, but its been some time since we last had anything similar.
...something like my last blog update... hahahaha

The pic above is from this blog by Sam: the explodingdog
With a name like that, you can't resist to click i tell u...this guy is simply prolific..and he does drawings prolifically simple...which is just awesome to me

Micah Bauer has also done the same, but on a slightly different level of art form...check out his 365 art piece project. Micah J Bauer graphic journal

Seems like today might be an artistic day...
This might be old news, but still lovely news to me:Michael Lau G-shock

that alone sends tingles down to my toes...i adore the guy and his vinyl crafts(others call them toys..pfft,
see more here
If anyone has a hook up for these...please please help me out here (if not, i might be so distraught i won't post anymore...)
yeah, like anyone is gonna care...just help me out if u know where/when to get them? thanks!

If u happen to be spending your time at home or in front of the pc most of the time, u might feel really bored. Cos unlike what others(ie. me) tell you, the net has nothing interesting. Well, a quick way will be this spiffy site. tracks all the news events around the world and presents them to u in the way it mirrors real life: how inter-connected we really are... superb work from Craig Mod. Major kudos!
warning: its addictive once u start clicking

ahh....we've come to prolly the last part of the update

I can't believe how i managed to miss this

I always like to think we all have a part to play in this world...however small the effort, we can make peace a reality...sings:"for u and for me, and the entire human race..."
So with much regret, i present the World Poop for Peace day...which unfortunately fell on yesterday, April 15th.
But i have no doubt you celebrated some way or another... hehehe

Alritey...had fun with the update, hope u too

Tuesday, April 12, 2005


My bad if you've been checking my blog expecting an update...will get down to it soon enough, promise.
Nothing much exciting lately, finally caught up on some episodes of Desperate Housewives (dope story, hot ladies) and CSI (i'll watch anything related to them). Thankfully, not every show on tv is as good as these 2, or else i won't be leaving my room. Then again, theres the net...always to keep tabs on the pulse of things as well as download good stuff like Ghost in The Shell episodes on BT(that reminds me, i need to get back to episode 3 in a while)

Elsewhere in street culture-dom, the usual hype in the race for the next big thing continues...and takes a sort of interesting turn in the case of Freshjive. Well, it could be a real lawsuit...simply filing one is easy. Thing is, its probably much more than that. FJ is prolly using the opportunity to create hype(coincidentally for their parody tees in question)...its too quiet for them for a long time imo, i guess time is ripe for them to challenge the consumers like before. But this "incident" does give rise for the young kids out there to give some thought.
Lots of people think Shawn Stussy is still in charge of the label...well, NO. He's been away since the 90's...remember when the label went into a decline then(if u happen to be around then)? The label changed hands, Shawn chilled out in Kauai living the good life...i guess he;s probably the smart one among us. Over the last couple of years, stussy has enjoyed a revival of sorts...we all love the retro feel, the vintage look, especially the photo tees...they were so reminscent of Shawn's styles in those 80's ads. Fact is, they were...only they were blatantly reproduced. The Jap crowd simply adore Shawn's style and ads and bought over the licensee agreement, made them into limited edition tees for their local chapter store exclusives. The rest of the world caught on and forgot about the main US line, only chasing what was limited, creating new lines like Customade etc. This was well and good, but it still didn't hide the fact that the main line wasn't as thought out or well designed (in my opinion of course)
And recently, the Jap have bought over the label...hence the giant revival of retro prints...wonderfully done to coincide with stussy's 25th anniversary. So what do we have is sort of a tug of war feeling. On one hand we get those awesome prints...on the other, think of how Shawn must be feeling having all the reissues churned out after another...

food for thought, hmmm

Last one
SBTG (mark) posted pics from his exhibition held recently SBTG(D) Hall of Fame...yes, he is that good, the shoes and tees are really that clean and dope for real
Peep his samples for the unkle collab. And for those that didn't know, for the record, he had the samples done WAY ahead of the official nike release. It might be a case for him to get pissed and angry with nike or anyone who thinks he ripped off the nike shoe...but think of it in another way, nike had to use HIS idea and custom design to make that hot that calls for major props.


Monday, April 04, 2005


My mind is pretty much a blank today, can't seem to do much thought why don't u go read some of these stuff and enjoy them...or not...watever

How not to get hit by bicycles
Seriously, i just snorted and did not believe the site...but it does seem to really make sense...somehow

Scientists find pain killer from poison snails
This is some cool news...hope it goes a long way to help those sufferers. Read the article here

How director Robert Rodriguez dares to take the 7 sins of movie-making for SinCity
I love this quote "I really got into this business to do new things and make really cool cinema, not to be part of a club."
Check it out here

Lastly, for us fans of street culture, "streetwear otaku", "sneakerheads" whatever you may call yourselves... have a look at what Slam has to say about the current "culture" and if you do not have an inkling of what he's feeling, then don't consider yourself a "head" or worse, a "player" in this so-called "game".


Sunday, April 03, 2005

Flame On!

Looks like this year's gonna be a pretty eventful year for fan-boys like me in movie-world. Right after Sin City opens comes this excellent trailer for Fantastic Four! Its hidden as an "easter egg" on the official movie site(click F4 after the intro sequence to open) or u can click here (you need Apple QT to view)
One common link between SinCity and F4? Jessica Alba of course...fwoarr...

The trailer focuses more on The Human Torch, which is utterly cool(besides Invisible Woman(Jessica Alba)

Heres more of Ms Alba...hotness...for GQ mag

and as Nancy in Sin City

sorry if its Jessica overload...too early in the morning for me to care. But like Paris Hilton says "Thats Hot!" =P

Some cool stuff from the web:
Transparent Screen
Ever wondered how to spiff up your desktop? this is an excellent idea

from this flckr site

Web Zen garden
I always wanted one of those portable zen gardens but they're always so frickin' ex...this will be much cheaper
Zen Garden


This DJ rocks....LOL. Check it out here

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Fash mash hash

Is it me, or has this blog become a weekly update? yeah, its definitely me(duh)
Really trying me best to update it as regular as poss...but y'all know me *smirks
Pretty arty-farty update today, so lets go:

Fashion fest is almost over, if u haven't gone down to the Singapore Tyler Print Institute to catch the works and designs of local-master-sneaker-customiser(thats a mouthful) SBTG, u got till 3rd April.
Heres some pics courtesy of ryanstyle and impheatus from frontallabs forum

last pic shows a collab work between Methamphibian and SBTG(a rare occurance if u know these masters)

This guy makes me feel so stupid....he's seriously a genius in my books
Go check out Jared Tarbell's Complexification and be prepared to be blown away by his works. Get this: all those beautiful works of art were done by computer programming...didn't i say he's a genius?

Get this cute shower curtain by Dalek before its gone (naked babe behind curtain not included)
Get it at

More niceties from graphic artists...Ryan McGinness finally makes this tee for dudes

Lovely message, LOL
Get it at

adidas finally drops the bomb on the final #35 shoe for their 35th anniversary...its a beaut

Ultra premium leather uppers and soles, specialized suitcase, cleaning kit(yeah, like you're ever gonna wear them), gold trimmings...the whole nine-yards.
And if you think all it takes is money to win it, adidas wants u to hunt it down, know some trivia, get a limited ticket, hope and pray u get lucky, and then maybe, just maybe u get a chance to be one of 35 people in the world to own it. Simple, really
Go get more info at
Oh one more thing, its only available to folks in Berlin, London, NYC, LA, HongKong.
what, no love for Tokyo heads?...oh well, they got some many nice stuff there already anyways... hehe
logged at 11.47am Apr 2 2005

Part Duex
The weekend has turned into a stay-home u lucky kids get me for company once again

"The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources" Einstein

I've been saying this for the longest time already...i seriously need to get starting on printing my own tees. Get it off your chest with this simple tutorial by craftgrrl.

Speaking of procrastinating, i'm still mulling about getting that 1st Apple....Reading this article just makes me thirst that little bit more

Since this blog is full of randomness(and i know a great majority of u guys out love it like that...i hope)...check out the Gloo for beautiful random snaps

Yesterday midnite(or does it count as this morning?) saw the release of the Star Wars Ep 3 toys. The news reports have labelled them as collectables as its the last of the series.... Yeah right. You and i know that Mr Lucas and Hasbro ain't gonna let the hype die down...not a chance, nada, nyet, zilch, kaput....
In related news, to coincide with the launch of Ep 3 toy set, Hasbro will be selling empty boxes... read more here

oh, u think it can't get any worse?

image via theapt
The M&Ms are cute as hell and def will taste great(Homer Simpson moment: mmm, cho-co-lates..)...but i cringe at the marketing strategy.... check it here

And it won't be complete without a full-on assault in NYC will it?

comes complete with R2D2!! whoa!