Tuesday, October 10, 2006

midweek crisis
I swear, mid weeks are hardest to get by. Chill out times are non-existent. Hope you guys have better luck dealing with it, got som pics for y'all:
extreme riding

this pic had me laughing out loud. i dunno why, just out loud.
extreme elevators
Why's this dude surprised?


Photo-realistic flooring of an elevator-shaft! hah!
"my name is _____, i have a sneaker problem"
Check out Chris Vidal's spot on the Tyra show

dayum...i can't get this outta my mind:
Playstation AF1's or Tyra Banks kneeling before you!!!

Also do not miss this video of Chris waxing lyrical on Flight Club TV @ Riott
Hottest babe of the moment Keeley Hazel in British FHM! Yes, the Brits are such highly civilised breed to allow nipples on public publications!

practice safe sex
Cute ad..heh

Ritey, thats all for Tuesday. Will post some magazine pics tomoro.

Sahlan> the new Flaunt mag is out, the original Scarlett prints are too grainy for hi-res. Theres also a nice article in there, title "Street Elite", featuring old skool like Sir Lenny and new skool like Bobby Hundreds.


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sahlan78 said...

shit I swear I've seen another version of that playground extremism before.
Thanks for the heads up re:Flaunt... damn FHM UK steppin the game up... gotta love the page 3 culture... fuckin hundreds... seriously... nice kids but man oh man...