Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Ground Breaking
Its near the end of the 1st month of the new far its been excellent news in the trends dept, new gadgets, hot apparel, fresh hollywood scandals etc etc...
And it looks set to dominate my blog for today...

Surrender's new clothing labels:
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whispersClosed-door party is on friday 28th...heard Lavelle, F2k and Edison will be dropping by.
New Royalefam baseball tee dropping on opening day:

Well, limited or not... i don't really think its as hot as some have perceived it. I just wished the references weren't that obvious:
first the "abe lincoln" head done ala ape head, although its upside down, then the crossbones and "3 stripes" which look vaguely familiar on the bape and wtaps tees...

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On the topic of new tees...heres something i find really cute

I really had a good laugh... go get it for your girl

I've saved the best for last...pic of the day
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Sunday, January 23, 2005

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Sitting at my pc... just thought i'll post up a couple more stuff to make up for the missing logs the past week. Had a pretty relaxing weekend, finally am able to lose any work-related stress (till Monday, that is)...well, at least its gonna be pay-day this week =)

Some interesting stuff:

Custom printed M&M's This is soo-soo awesome! perfect for V-day! perfect for B-day!...until i saw the shipping info that they "do not currently ship custom printed M&M'S® Milk Chocolate Candies internationally" Sob sob

Nicole Locher is a Parisian chick, does graphic designs, and i'll bet she's got kick ass attitude...i love her grrl-power and fem-dom tees(some R-A pics involved):

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Some viral marketing alert...this has got to be something big coming up, no one spends that much effort on animation/email/hipness for nothing. Check out the videos about the above-said dog and the games(addictive). Pretty nifty stuff i might.. But what does the 2 headed dog mean? well, rumors abound about the relaunch of MTV2...likely

i-mockery is a cool site... its also home of the domo-kun u get to win it!

Caught "shall we dance" over the weekend...not a bad movie...guess it was delayed for so long(it was released in oct 2004 in US)to avoid the bad press from J-Lo's breakup with Affleck and subsequent hookup with Marc...anywho, she looks great in this movie...not saying she acts great, but looks great..hehe
heres some great movie stills
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Besides eye-candy...theres also this lovely song by Peter Gabriel "The Book of Love"
anyone with the mp3, pls send to me!
The book of love is long and boring
No one can lift the damn thing
It's full of charts and facts and figures and instructions for dancing
But I
I love it when you read to me
And you
You can read me anything
The book of love has music in it
In fact that's where music comes from
Some of it is just transcendental
Some of it is just really dumb
But I
I love it when you sing to me
And you
You can sing me anything
The book of love is long and boring
And written very long ago
It's full of flowers and heart-shaped boxes
And things we're all too young to know
But I
I love it when you give me things
And you
You ought to give me wedding rings
And I
I love it when you give me things
And you
You ought to give me wedding rings
And I
I love it when you give me things
And you
You ought to give me wedding rings
You ought to give me wedding rings

Any girl will love the lyrics! ;)
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hypebeast pic of the day: stussy x wtaps tee, mhi sand camo snopants, casio x haze g-shock, nike htm woven boots

its been a long time(long time)...shouldn't have left you, without a dope beat to step to

I Surrender
I last mentioned the mhi x surrender snopants and cargo collab... its up at the mhi site:
mhi x surrender x futura2000

mhi x surrender x 3D (massive attack)

Only possible from the brains of Royalefam(SBTG, Ballistic) and James Lavelle (Mowax, unkle), the guys hook it up with collabs from Hardy Blechman, Visvim, NBHD, BeastieBoys, Massive Attack, et al. Go say "hi" to Earn and Mark: Surrender opens on 29th Jan:
14 Scotts Rd, #03-06, Far East Plaza, Singapore 228213.
psst, go check them out, i heard something about "free Dunkle giveaways"

Some new NB kicks out this week (only in japon)
NB1400 x FabFour, brown and black leather(soft as butter)

only downside is the 19,000yen pricetag...

NB586 retro colors...done in the same colorways as the early mita 580 series

retails at 13,000yen...if any can get the grey/purple for me, get at me asap

Lots of pics for todays log...sorry if you are using dial-up =)

Monday, January 17, 2005

Vans x Addict Clothing competition

Check out RTHQ's contest for these cool vans kicks. Theres nothing more recognisable than Vans' monogram work on these retro babies!

New store in town Surrender is gonna burst open soon (about time, been under wraps for far too long). Coming from the Royalefam gang, its definitely hot stuff... how hot? can u say Maharishi, Visvim, Methamphibian, Unkle among other collabs? For a sneak preview, peep this cool Maharishi x Unkle x Surrender snopants...thats some cool change

Have u visited Mr Philippe Starck lately? I like how the man thinks... adhering to the K.I.S.S philosophy - Keep It Simple Stupid!, if i can only steal a bank to get them lovelies!

Porter x Playstation PSP carrier/case
First off, have you even seen these guys on the market, much less in your friend's palms?

Heck, i'll get the Porter case, who cares about the PSP... LOL

OGI graphic pic of the day:


Wednesday, January 12, 2005

I finally believe...God is a Mac designer. How else can one explain the stuff that Steve Jobs (he's actually Santa) keep churning out? How else can one explain the claims of "ohmygod ohmygod!" when they see an Apple product?. Earlier today, these babies were announced to the world at the CES:

iPod Shuffle: Official soundtrack to the random revolution

"iPod shuffle rejects routine by serving up your favorite songs in a different order every time. Just plug iPod shuffle into your computer’s USB port, let iTunes Autofill it with up to 240 songs(1) and get a new experience with every connection...Daily gridlock feels less mundane when you don’t know what song will play next. iPod shuffle adds musical spontaneity to your life. Lose control. Love it."

Enough said, its BEYOND COOL

Mini-Mac: 6.5 inches wide and 2 inches tall

This baby packs a 1.25GHz G4 processor and 40GB hard drive...for usd$499...
Is this the answer to the search for my first Mac???

In other related news, 8 year-old finally proves that i'm as dumb as a bell
I swear, he's a wizard
simonsays: At age 8, i was still trying to know the name of the cute girl sitting beside me...sheesh!

"Hurray" story of the day:
Female lawyers in Cyprus finally won the right to wear trousers in court...
simonsays:maybe peeing while standing up will be next...

seey'all laters

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Though for the day
Cost of shipping a gift from overseas = $45
Cost of sending a Multimedia Message of the gift to your mobile phone = $5
Cost of donating to the International Relief Effort to give the gift of Hope and Life = Pricele$$

Nerd-porn of the day:
Hummer with 2 Hemis

Check out the new Hummer, it pirouettes (turns 360 on the spot), sprints (0 to 60 in 5s)and can KRRUSSH you like a roach (670 horses, 14inches off the ground)... I likes

With great technology, comes great voyeurism... sighs

Celeb pics of the day

front and back of Jessica Alba...wooo

OGI graphics pic of the day


Sunday, January 09, 2005

Sometimes, i just wish i was smarter....
various Lego PCs

Star Wars episode 3 spoiler pics alert!

Though pics look exciting... i don't its gonna do well, nor will it ever hit the highs of the original trilogy, and fare just as badly as the earlier 2 prequels.

A pretty cool pic for the day:
I absolutely love the girlie pics by OGI

courtesy of OGI graphics go visit them!

As a mark of respect for the victims and direct/indirect people affected by the Asian tsunami tragedy... pls take a moment of silence to reflect on their loss...
Heres some pics of the before/after effects of the tsunami. Courtesy of Tony Demark.


the fairy tale ends

Finally got to have a walk in town yesterday...i really do miss the idyllic walks, the carefree strolls and coffee breaks at the sidewalk cafes. Plus, school days have finally started, the streets are pretty clear of pesky teens(yay)...until noon, that is. Thats when every, and i mean every teen from every single school came out in full force selling flags for the Red Cross and various associations for the Tsunami fund. Heys, i can't complain, they were doing it for a good cause. But the least i would have expected was for them to be better behaved when outside of their school compounds. I do understand that kids being kids will always misbehave, and adults being adults will always view them with a sceptic and disapproving eye, every single action they do is prone to adults' derision. But then again, kids should at least be given a talking to on how to project themselves in public...sighs...
sorry if it sounds "holier tha thou", guess its the "i'm right, you're wrong" mentality in me coming out... i should just relax and let it be. After all, i am after all a "neighborhood" kid myself when growing up as well, and saying all that can be seen as a hypocritical move...all i hope for is that they do not become stigmatised by the public perception, that they may realise that they too are as good as those kids from "posh" or more reknowned instituitions.


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"Every mortal loss is an immortal gain" ~ William Blake
Go support "Project Tsunami" by Royalefam and Ambush, they have launched a tee, where all profits from the sale of the tee will be donated to the International Red Cross. Last i heard, a kind soul bought 100 tees at one go...(cheers to Earn, Mark et al)


Ever heard of a security patch for a security patch? It can only be Microsoft

Hero of the day goes to Mr Keiji Ikeda... Call him Mr 003

Saturday, January 08, 2005

Shock 'n' Awe aka
"i love russian tennis players in itsy bitsy tiny yellow bikinis"

I'm suffering from lack of sleep, but i shouldn't let that interfere with your need for entertaining rambles...
Just gotta share a couple of stuff with ya before i go into zombie mode...

Ms Anna K...aka "sexy legs", "with love from russia", Ms "took-pity-on-enrique"...was recently spotted enjoying her hols, sunbathing, having a bit of sun, sand and sea...
Well, there was a lot to be seen, in pictures shown in sequence:
(following pictures Not Safe For Work...but since u are not at work, its ok)

nice tat, as she prepares to change from her bikinis

thinks to herself:"hmm, something ain't right somewhere.." and...

proceeds to check out the problem


ah, problem fixed

ok, u guys can breathe now ^_^
Ms Anna K finally answers the question we've been pondering for ages...she is definitely a blond =P...and she's bald downunder, woohoo!

Phew, guess thats enough excitement for one posting eh?
Wait up! one last pic to go, specially for my pal Ibby
super hi-res pic of Mandy


Thursday, January 06, 2005

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Going a little technical today...

Space explosion causes bubbles...maybe God has gas?
From website

Comet Macholtz...coming nearest to Earth on Jan 7th

Mr "moneybags" aka Bill Gates' PC crashes during Tech show...hey, at least it proves that we are all getting the same software!
Boo-boo at CES

On the same note, check out C.E.S org

I'm always impressed by the Japs...after reading this article, i'm a firm believer.
Jap scientists perfect the Ramen
in other news, hordes of fresh grads rush to be scientific researchers in new field of Science called Ramen-tology....

Yet another example of tax dollars going to waste... babies cause stress... DUH, what next? "scientists suspect water might be wet and fire is hot?"

After the tragedy of the Indian Ocean Tsunami...North Am residents are next on mother Nature's list...Those in the Central region braces themselves for a 123 punch by the N, W and S storms. "A two-or-three-times a century type of thing"

ok, enough of the bad news (hope folks in north Am turn out fine)
heres a regular feature of my blog lately... "oops" pics...
Image hosted by
someone needs to visit her waxer

cheers, have a safe weekend