Saturday, July 18, 2009

sniper sniper

couple of vintage finds earlier in the month

Bathing Ape "digicamo"

Printed on an Oneita Power-T, and featuring a digi-camo print (you can only see it up close in the tiny dot matrix that make up the ape-head), this one's definitely for the vault.

Undercover x Kaws

Its indeed a joy to find like-minded otaku's (or nutcases depending on how you look at it) who keep their tees deadstock. While UC recently re-printed the "U" logo tee-prints, theres no trumping the OG Kaws signature piece.

W)taps '07 cap

Just a random find on ebay, the newsboy cap doesn't picture that well if its not worn on the head i guess. A nice mesh fabric for breathability.

Nike Air Force 1 XXV 07ASG Playstation

Speaking of '07, this is one lovely find. Made by Nike's Innovation Kitchen to be given away to winners at the Sony Playstation gaming pavilion at the '07 NBA All-Star Games, this is 1 of 25 pairs. Check out the laser detailing on the heel tab and right foot heel panel. Based on the XXV anniversary model of the AF1 with seamless toebox and rolled leather edges, the leather insole and lining completes the premium touch.

Visvim Lhamo folk

Probably not as exclusive as the AF1 above, but this is one hard nut to track down. Folk series has one of the best feet-to-ground feel, and based on my fave FBT model, its a must cop. Big ups to Samuel for the hook up!

Visvim Zahra

It was seriously raining kicks from the postman the whole week, so just bear with me, haha. Also got this Zahra slip on that i've been wanting to cop for ages. Will go excellent with some Soph shorts or HPP chinos, don't you think?

Bathing Ape x Birkenstock Tatami

Yet another surprise snag is this DS 1st Ape camo tatami sandal. Some time ago, i was amazed to get the Stussy Tatami at a steal, and now this - i'm ecstatic! Word of advise for the snipers: do not be put off by the sizing, Birks sizing don't run the same as your sneakers ;)

couple of snaps from the latest issue of iD
Hiroki and Visvim is finally opening up to the Euro sights, first a short write up on Monocle, and here an interview with Michael K no less

Of course, was drawn in by covergirl Lily Allen, who was styled in the shoot by the divine Kate!

and check out Evan Rachel Wood shot by the Terry god: hotness!

Since the Potter movie opens this week...
Emma Watson for Elle

at UK premiere

Emma at legal age = hot
Emma drenched and upskirt = holy-wet-dreams!

bonus pics: Emma with a near slip at the afterparty


Saturday, July 11, 2009

never never land

Sure is an eternity...
If you've been checking back on my blog for the past month, thousand apologies for the disappearance
Just one of those mood swing kind of thing
Still alive, still kickin'...maybe more moody, but yeah, still around the block. Nothing like some retail therapy to perk up my mood. Thought i'd kick the habit of my spendthrift ways, but i guess never say never...

Medicom for MoWaxArts

Crazy little critter for my future display shelf...which i expect will have to be pretty massive to house all my spendings of the past decade LOL

Bathing Ape x UNKLE BapeSta

Hard to be a spendthrift when you come across grails. Not deadstock? who cares, i'll just thrash the heck out of it while rockin' matching unkle tees, haha
And nothing like some summer sprees...

Supreme x Malcolm McLaren

Visvim Eiger Sanction ripstop shorts

Sophnet houndstooth short pant

Shout out to the 78monster for the hookup. The Malcolm McLaren tees are the best prints for the season imo. No idea when i'm gonna be wearing them goin' by the rate i'm buying up tees, earliest estimate puts it at early-2011, LOL! But hey, thats the way i like it, wear what i like, when i like...may be a hypebeast, but not a blind one.
Some precious shorts for the hot hot weather as well. Really like the improvement to the Eigers this season, fit is superb! The Sophnet houndstooth was a nice catch, big ups to 78 for recommendation. The best bit about them shorts? RiRi!!! hahahaha

Caught Transformers last weekend... well-worth the ticket price for Megan Fox
She did exactly what Michael Bay asked of her: just appear and be sexy

at the Late Show, showing some deep cleavage

goddess-like (aka angie-like) at the LA premiere