Sunday, December 30, 2007

absence makes the heart grow fonder

Met up with a couple of close friends for a boxing day dinner at Ichiban Boshi Esplanade. Cosy ambience with delish food. The scores of ala carte sushi plates have been cleared by the time this pic was taken of our main course(!) haha. Think we ordered like something from every page of the menu. Theres something about eating amongst close friends that make you forget about time and everything else i guess.
Kudos to the cutie waitress who could remember every single item of the menu, i swear we tested her with dish names and then the item codes, and she got it right every single time(!) Yeah, its sorta teenage prank and all, but hey, who cares when you're having fun, heh.
Friends have each progressed much in their own field and life, and while gatherings have always been nostalgic in nature, we've grown closer over the years since the days of being just Uni mates. Looking forward to the next eat/drink session! ha
late x'mas or early b'day

Supposed to be my x'mas treats, but hey, as long as i get my tee-fix addiction going on, i've no complaints. Besides, my b'day is next week anyway ha.
Some "international" flavours for the prints: Undercover Klaus Schulze; GoodenoughUK "arabic" font; Visvim 6-nation l/s tee
Like meeting up with old pals, nostalgia is key for us otaku's...hunting down every last tee we missed out on is half the fun, haha
ihavepop - necklaces

Seriously, when i first got my man Juse's mail and clicked on the pics, i thought "wth?" Title says necklaces, but those are scarves ain't it? So, as with Juse's intentions, look closely and then somemore.The dude is right, those are neck-laces!

shoelaces for sure! haha. Definitely a fun project to handle. Yo Juse, can have 1 with black/white duo tones, pls? =)
Ihavepop is currently running their "toys on tour" exhibition that should bring him round the world to the major cities. So drop by if he's anywhere near.
anna in stride

Maria S is in town for exhibition match, but i sure miss the days of Anna K in short tennis outfits... heh

more Ms Moss

...from Vogue UK shoot

laters y'all

Wednesday, December 26, 2007


nothing says xmas treat like some ben&jerry's, with a little oreo wafer thrown in...yumz

Hope everyone had a safe, warm and lovely x'mas celebration. Here's some visuals to get thru the hangover and boxing day
santa baby

Of course, i wish Santa's little helper looked like Megan Fox...but doesn't everybody?
Megan Fox - Rolling Stone Japan

Have a nice day!

Monday, December 24, 2007


Less than an hour till Christmas, hope everyone's safely back home with the loved ones or out partying to their hearts' content. I've to say its been an amazing year thus far and i'm thankful to all those who work and live around me (yep, includes my buddies from the interwebs of coz). So i'm utterly content to sit back, slip in a couple of dvds and relax the night away. Who needs dinner at expensive restaurants just coz everyone's doing it, when all i need is a smile and twitch of her nose from my girl over simple foodfare.
Oh and before i forget, congrats to Mr & Mrs A on their new edition to the fam! Ultra-hyperstrike! hahaha, gotta meet up soon, you know me and young cute girls! just kiddin'! hahaha
Oh yea, above amazing "color wheel" artworks via Yan Lei
Couple of Christmas wishes
Stussy holiday

Holiday editions by Stussy are always a treasured bunch. IST-otaku's clamour for the party tees and what-nots. I'd love a hug from these cuddly bears though, anyone come thru with one or the pair for me? =)

Stussy turns up the hype notch during hols, check out the Levis collabs for Stussy UK below. Collab tee with raised denim Stussy font is designed by Misha of PAM

Selvedge goodness and custom leather tags sure to make denim-heads happy, i know this stussy-head is over the moon
Looking good, and as those who have been blessed with a sneaky peak at S2C-08 will know, theres a whole lot more to come! Can you say pointy-heads and atomic balls?!
GDEH + Berlin

Another of my wardrobe brand stalwart Goodenough throws up an excellent print. I've considered them the frontrunner of unique and innovative printwork on tees and they've not let up one bit. The detailing is just awesome.


Check out the leather tooling on this baby, breathtakingly sick!
Any kind folks in Germany in the mood for favors?
On the note for bags and packs, OrtegaxPorterxBeams

These "folk"-imprints should be a nice complements to the GDEH/Visvim range
And since i'm on the topic of Chrissy wishes, i'll just throw this into the bunch. I mean, who can resist Space Invader?!

Sometimes when you need to carry lesser load, a waistpack is a better idea than a messenger
Visvim Keifer Hi

Almost selling out at Surrender, i hope theres still some left after the hols...this could be my b-day prezzie for myself, ha
the Moss in Vogue

Maria S will be in town for some exhibition tennis over the new year, so heres a couple of tennis-inspired editorial shots... :)
Isabeli Fontana - Vogue Brasil 04

laters y'all

Sunday, December 23, 2007

good times

A big hello if you've missed me, haha. Didn;t manage to throw in a short "be right back" message last week before the trip, but close peeps would've known anyway. Arrived on the 15th and hunkered down with training right away that night. Boy, what a dwnpour that night. A big wet welcome to Jakarta with accompanying thunderous "hello" from the heavens. Thankfully everything went well, by the time the training ended, it was almost 3am. Don't think the Sheraton staff was too pleased with me dripping all over the carpet, heh heh. Nice tree at the lobby though. Its a stones throw away from the Cenkareng airport and squeeky quiet away from the bustle of Jakarta central, offering resort style ambience. While i'd love some night life and entertainment, i guess its not that bad when you're dog-tired from a night's work

Couldn't really sleep much as i was still used to waking up early in Singapore (yeah, i'm wierd). Made a nice cuppa as i lay on the easy chair. I swear, i even saw a cute little birdie making a nest outside my window (sorry, no pics though). Nothing wakes you up like hot coffee, and some hearty salmon sandwiches. It's healthy right? erm, nevermind...
And of course, some loving tender care from the resident masseuse, heh (its a spa resort afterall!)

And yes i did work through the weekend (not like you lazy bums... haha). But of course, i didn';t forget to pamper my tummy with lots of local foodfare (thank god for nasi padang) and these as well:

Yeah, good ol' Dunkin goodness! I seriously think it could be the driving force to me taking up any overseas assignments that crop up. Imagine 1,300 international outlets in 30 countries (and over 5,000 in US alone), and none in S'pore!!! if any buddies pop by SG, pls bring along some choco-honey-dipped-strawberry-stuffed dough for your ol' buddy here, k? ha

Really nice friendly peeps up in JKT, but 3 days came and went real soon and i had to split. You prolly won't believe it but yours truly did a 4hr turn-around trip back to SG and back to Bali. Crazy? yes. Fruitful? of course! It just means more duty free booze! hahahaha. Anyways, there were reasons for that, just that i can't disclose here, heh. Man, that switcheroo was hectic: previous night's training ended at 2am, slept for like 4hrs, washed up, checked out of hotel, went to local office for some debrief and its off to airport for flight back to SG. Once in SG, its yet another hop to office for some reload/debrief and its back on the road/air again. And yes, once i reached Bali, it was another round of training till 3am. So thats like what, only 4hrs of sleep and multiple stamps on the passport?! jeez

It wouldn't have been possible without some comfort and relaxation on the Biz Class for sure: some welcome champs, couple of Med and Euro food to warm the tummy, washed down wth some wine and whisky. Yup, its life!

Theres easily like 100 hotels in just the Kuta-Tuban region of Bali alone. While they may have supposed different star ratings etc, they all have lovely customer service for sure. Its a competitive market out there with tourist season seemingly all year round. Theres lots of boutique hotels and huge resorts to tempt your wallets. But if you're here to enjoy the place, it wouldn't matter where you stayed. I checked into the Harris Tuban Bali hotel, which was something like a budget resort hotel (if there ever was such a term). Its simple, no-frills with lots of friendly service to go round, and you can't beat the 5min from airport/10min to Kuta beach convenience.

Popped by Kuta beach the next morning for a short look-see. It was gonna rain (its monsoon season afterall), but surfing folks were still going at it. Also dropped by the site of the first Bali bombing, where there was a monument erected in honor of those who lost their lives. Locals told me it was ghost town for more than 2years after the incident.

Of course i went by the shopping strip a couple more times during my stay, i'm a shopping freak afterall. Got a few knickknacks and stuff as Chrissy prezzies for me friends and fam. Besides, other than a Dunkin junkie, i had to load my tummy with BaskinRobbins and A&W ice cream goodness! hahaha I'm definitely coming back to this lovely island, theres so much more to see and explore, and the people here are just so warm (and beautiful, heh)
Wish i could've stayed a couple days more, but its for another time i guess
home again

You know your disco loves you when the brocade-print flyer converts into a lovely hanging mobile
Ah, back in sweltering SG, with spots of heavy showers. Read in local papers about crazy sales and brimming cash tills and decided to check it out

Collab day: Stussy/Nexus7*Levis/Fenom*GShock/Haze*NB/ST33
Damn, pavements are packed with only elbow room and peeps are grabbing Vuittons and Gucci's like they're for free. And it gets worse when it rains, as all will pack into the underground walkways and malls. After like 3hrs of mall-meandering, I just settled for some delish soba and sashimi at Paragon's Soba place before i'm homeward bound.
relak-jack bbq

I missed out on the BBQ hosted by the SoleObsession / KnowItNothing crew last weekend, from the pics, i guess it was a swell deal. Spotted some familiar mug shots as well, next time fellas!

shit's dropped in Japan already and its going for crazy money. Any help out there for some Chukkas and Larry Clark? Don't mind some serge de nimes as well either!
hit me up
Lisa Marie Scott - sizzling

Monica Belluci still holding her milf status