Monday, December 26, 2005

T'was the day after Christmas...

Interestingly, the book u see "the true story of the 3 little pigs" is actually quite a good read, even the total text is about, oh 10 pages worth, lol. MT always manages to find something to remember her by.

After 2 days of working in crimbo season, moi finally manages some down time...and what does yours truly do on such a rare occassion? He goes and gets mashed up in the post-x'mas sales of course. $ingapore is the land of the never-ending sale, we have pre-x;mas sale, post-xmas sale, year-end sale, new-year sale, end-of-season sale, pre-post great singapore sale, and the cycle goes on, and this is on top of the other sales which the malls, stores, labels offer. If one leaves this country and returns the next year, i bet you the same sale will still be going on.

uparmored for the sale-season -- game on

Anywho, nope, i didn't manage to find anything i need/want. Not that theres anything to think about/decide at 10am in the morning. Thank god for lunch and some sanity to return. Went for the movie of the month, and yes indeed, Kong is King at the box office. Didn't expect the story to tie up the loose ends for the simple plot, but kudos to Peter Jackson, he's done a pretty spiffy job. The scenes of Kong battling T-Rex has got to be among 2006 MTV's "best fight" nominees: "Kong-Slam!", "Kong Suplex!" "Kong Headlock!" "Kong-judo chop!" and the best one yet..."Kong Death-head-twist ala Jet Li"! Who knew he knew "Kong-fu"?!
Then again, which man/animal wouldn't kill for Naomi Watts!?

V3i - D&G gold edition

A friend told me about this some time ago, gotta be seen to believe. 1000 pieces distributed to D&G boutiques

ho ho ho

all other x'mas cartoon strips suck.

A new way to look at time: Nooka watch
told you so
Told you guys about the next colorway from Bape right? down't say i didn't warn ya

via kookies

Last but not least, warmest of wishes from me to you, be safe, have mad-crazy fun, y'all ain't seen what 2006's gonna bring next!

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Have a proper Crimbo, y'all

Going into sorta moblog mode these days, snapping as i walk along. Apologise for the bad resolution though, its the best my VGA phone can handle.
Went for a short stroll round town after meeting a pal. The Jan Arthus Bertrand exhibit is still on and awesome as hell. I can't get tired of his prints:

The crowd in town is famously packed. Every traffic junction masses close to hundreds, and it changes lights like, what, every 20secs? View behind the wheel:

Some random pix from the pc:
Kylie vs Maddie

my fave month

have some nice turkey and egg nogs...laters!

Sunday, December 18, 2005

don't it make you smile
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Time sure flies, met up with the uni clique last nite. Some have new jobs in the new year, others still having their cushy-big-bucks-daily-grind, and yet others (2) who are still lovely as ever. Evening's nut-shell flow: warm seats, yummy sashimi, cool mall aircon, swarmy streets, sardine-packed throngs, secluded dessert spot, comfy sofa's, chilly desserts, dazzling smile, reluctant goodbyes.

me at 2am:

i'm a little on the furry side, but i don't bite

Funny thing about x'mas though, i've never looked at it as an gifts-exchanging sort of thingie. Its always been a gifts-giving situation for me. Not that i'm a loaded rich kid, but i always felt that a gift no matter how simple/small, as long as its been well thought out, will mean so much more. But i've never felt bounded by seasons. why should we wait till a particular day in the calendar to get that friend a special gift? And be pressured by the ringing tills of the shopping malls that signal yet another person has got that "x'mas gift", and not you. If you can't find the right gift, then don't compromise, thats wat i feel. But that ain't gonna look good during the festive period, you say. I agree, thats why i either spot the gift months ahead to buy and keep it till the 25th, or give it right away. You'll be richly rewarded with a surprised and deeply appreciative response. To me, nothing beats the beaming smile you know is gonna be on that someone's face when he/she opens the wrapper to find something he/she had mentioned yearning for eons ago; or that what you've bought fits unbelievably perfect.

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much thanks to Jaslyn(CD) for the patient service

thursday walkabout
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Surface 2 Air
Hung around town after work, still not used to work after the "long" leave, lol. Popped into Surrender. The John Willie inspired tees have been on the racks for some time.

High quality stuff, i might add. Full all-over heavy print on contrasting tee (black on white and vice versa) with lots of embroidery and print details:

new stussy tees:
sure looks like gift-wrap paper

Buy shirts, prints, art, books, etc from Umbrella Market?
fecalface, delphi collective, crown farmer, jeremy fish, darkroom, mars-1 supply the goods.

have a safe week ahead

Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Broke out the "beauty rulez" tee for a rare occasion. What's to celebrate? nothing really, i like to randomly name any day a nice occasion. Sounds dumb as i read back what i typed. But seriously, i'm not stupid enough to deem everyday a special one. But as luck would have it, i even managed to get a rare sms, with a surprising Beatle music attached! lovely, not to mention touching as well.
Downtown seems to be building up a nice momentum for credit card meltdown over the next 10 days. I now fear driving on weekends, i might meet someone with road rage or i'll turn into one soon enough. ha


The line of tees for the 2000AD exhibition are up on PlayLounge. Tado needs to design tees for large-sized peeps


Felted Poker
denim moment

Remember this competition from Levi's Japan?

The contest Bearbricks are on display in Tab Device. Check out Edison's pic:

You can (technically) buy the winning designs at Levi's Yahoo JP store

Also spotted the lovely Levi's Laser Art project (everyone and their granny is just jumping on the Laser bandwagon huh?) available for sale.
You can choose these icons to be "emblazoned" on your denim:

Not really feeling them, but customization/bespoke fashion is still the new black for the forseeable future.

Edison & HF had a little promo done for Levi's Taiwan recently. Photographed no less by Leslie Kee himself,
you know the project is gonna be serious
seeya laters

doing the look-back, peep the killer spikes

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

"ok big boys, shut up and do your thang!"

Hmm, 12 days to X'mas. And i've haven't had much fun shopping yet. Still thinking of some "last-minute" grabs this weekend for a couple of guys & gals. Definitely the credit card companies' fave season i say. Quite a few shopping malls opening up to longer hours this year after last years' success (ie: kaching). But knowing every shopper and mysef only too well, opening longer hours will only mean more procrastinating. You know, mulling over and over, to buy or not to buy, only to snatch it the next day, when the mall staff opens doors first thing in the morning.

Lots of sales all over, the Gucci's, Versace's, Club 21s blah blah. I've grown immune to them over the years. Somehow, i don't get excited anymore. (i) it's still bloody ex after the "discounts" (ii) those on sale are always the icky colors. case in point: the little Gucci handbag with green leather trimming. eww (iii) the unseemly crowds

Some new stuff spotted though:

Not that i'd buy them. But i'm open to gifts, thank you :)

New Stussy Customade tees, designed by Phil Knott

Suicide in Hollywood

Look for them in the party pics and Hollywood illuminati soon. In the meantime, head to Nice Produce for your fix.


Nixie watch

The Cathode Corner Nixie Watch displays the time on nixie tubes, which are quaint neon display tubes once used in calculators in the dawn of recorded history (1969). It is a two-digit wristwatch designed for everyday use, being water-resistant and rugged.
Individually numbered and production runs of 50, peep them at Cathode Corner

to watch:
Spike Jonze is a genius.
His GAP tv ad, up for ad awards

Amazing stuff, watch as these guys bomb a train that just pulled into the station.

Right-o, last post for the day. A hunt that went for ages, finally comes into fruition: