Sunday, March 26, 2006


Everybody understands or at least appreciates great design...with the meeting point at some level, degree or another. The greatest joy any designer could have will be that someone understands his/her work. And the most fun a fan-boy could have is that his fanatism is recognized and understood.
So i met this kid in the elevator the other day. He couldn't have been more than 12, and there he was, looking curiously at my tee. He had the type of inquisitive look on his face and thus i extended the invitation by cocking my head to the side and raising my brows. He looked up at me and asked:
"That isn't Batman right? Why would his face be green? Is it the Incredible Hulk in disguise as Batman, like, undercover?

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I tell you, kids these days grow up real quick. Sure as hell made my day though.
World Tour part 2

And the onslaught continues with an impressive line-up...Bulldog; Andy Jenkins, Rostarr, Ben Drury and, get this, Jim Phillips(!!!)
You know it's good shit when you get Phillips...will we see screaming hands on Stussy anytime soon!?
I can't seem to stop munching on tidbits at work, i wonder why...

BTW, that KitKat chocolatier Noir is excellent, even recommended by HF (hehe)
new shop, lots of new stuff to expect

can't wait
random hot stuff
Cindy-the-mom is still blazin' hot

Ms Carey looking very bodacious (i don't think i've used that word before) in her new vid featuring Snoop Dogg. Sizzling!

Speaking of sizzling, Maggie Q will be on the silver screens for M:I 3 this summer. Go swoon

Flask x Spraycan to escape the boys in blue? awesome! Courtesy of the good people from Wooster

Monday, March 20, 2006

hot rocks
Posting up some of the stuff lingering and simmering...
2 Casio G-shocks for the upcoming World Cup, with nice little detail prints and cases:
image hosting by Brazil
image hosting by Germany

Black Mic collaboration for the recent hip-hop collective
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Casio x Haze 15th anniversary watch...dope!
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Drooled over the Soph x Visvim apparel a few posts peep the shit-hot Soph x Visvim pack. Dayum!....And talk about hot stuff, nobody does the collabs/packs better than them crazy boys from nippon. The Nike pack comes in a Soph shoe bag, changeable printed insoles, and cute bling! (no idea if its a Gabriel Urist though, haha)

Stussy chapter exclusives (aka you ain't gettin' em)
image hosting by Stussy Ueno
image hosting by Stussy Yokohama

happy monday!

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Catch the FLU
Just when you thought the flu epidemic wasn't bad enough for your health, here's something to hurt your wallets as well...
Levi's Japan dropped the "Levis FLU" range to latch on to the upcoming world cup and street soccer fever..(get it? flu -> fever?) Well, i can't really say that's what it's suppose to mean (since i'm extrememly limited in my Kanji anyways), but i'm guessing it stands for the "fluidity" and the "fever" that the word street soccer brings. The concept is for dudes(and gals and kids) to live and breathe soccer everywhere they go...

The above pair is designed for the so-fashionable-till-it-hurts, Japan's favorite footballing son Hidetoshi Nakata. Comes with a gold button fly too. cute.

The mainline for FLU, with details like soft vintage wash and engineered seams, cotton/polyester mix to suit the body movement; where the denim has added wax patches, probably for close control during the ball juggling. Funny thing is, the more i look at the thermal shirts and jersey, they seem to remind me more of's range more than anything. And if you check out the video "motion" at tab device, you'll recognize the insane skillz displayed is not unlike the Nike Brazil "airport" and "freestyle" ads. Maybe it's due to the regular "pow-wow" lunch meetings that Jeff Staple talks about, involving the important head honchos of today's fashion style...
by the way, the young kid in the video is insanely talented. Respekt
naive's shop

Shop by "thisisnaive is reopened! What can i say except...jaw-droppingly good! New accessories and vintage finds, as well as more items to arrive from MilkFed. And if you love that pink rope necklace up top? Go peep Mosaic for some more niceties!
Stuff i'm liking:
W)taps x Vans (hit me up if anyone is able to hook up? thks!)
PE goodness from SupremeNYC

This just popped into my head as i do the ebay peeps in NYC call 1 or 2 sticks of ciggies "loosies" eh? hmm... over here, we call em "the lone dragon" in one of our dialects. Y'know, when you drag on em and puff the dragon...Ain't it cool?

Monday, March 13, 2006

eyes wide shut

Had a sleepy weekend, and i seriously wonder what i did during the 2 days that simply flew by me...gdeh uk-casio x ec-levis southwest soil-bapesta denim. got nice looks for the get-up, though they were probably eyeing the kicks more (shakes head)

melting skull
new temptation from Hikaru and gang (bet RTHQ will be all over this)


The Stussy World Tour retro set have started dropping at stussy direct. More to come

Most peeps liked the Stussy x SevenStars tee i posted a while back, peep the matching (and much hotter imo) jacket:


Mixco FC puts out some dope stuff for the footie crazy fan out there, and insane installation furniture. ha

Addict clothing for girls

hit up addict clothing for the new stuff for your better half. x Visvim
this is one collab that's high up on my list of must-haves. Anybody able help me out with them? please?

Spring drops:
Levi's x Fenom

You've prob seen them in other sites and on BGHD already, so here's another, with a peek at the jacket as well.


Yep, get them before you miss 'em. Stil love their "f@#k gucci gucci" tee though. ha.
Look for them at just another rich kid

40/40 club soon to hit the shores of Singapore in 2008. I wonder where it will reside? the new IR's?


anti-social makes some nice looking decks, go spend.

Have fun clicking y'all...