Sunday, March 27, 2005

Y'know, the local authorities recently banned smoking in lots of so-called "public spaces", pubs, bus stops, air-conditioned areas, toilets actually leads me to think the only legal place to smoke will be right in the garbage bin itself (and you better put out that ciggy before it burns down the bin!). Well, i'm not much of a smoker really...i'm more of a 2nd smoke addict, i think i have too many pals who smoke =)so i'm just lamenting on behalf of them(i'm such a nice guy)... it can't be helped, ask any male who has been conscripted in the army and they'll tell you being a friend of a smoker means no mosquitoes when you're out in the field! Seriously, do you think the enemy will care so much if you smoke? they'll never notice the ciggy lights or wispy smoke of a Marlboro...they're busy lighting up too!

In any case, the authorities should be busy thinking of ways to curb the haze/smog/pollution in the air these days. I was so overwhelmed by the haze the other day that i thought it was a tear-gas initiation all over again (gas! gas! gas!).
And i am incensed(pardon the pun) enough with the folks in Sumatra/Indonesia to take down the "donation for tsunami victims" image on the right scroll bar you've been familiar with the past months. Heck, why the hell should i canvas for donations for a country that doesn't even try to help other nations affected by haze from their bush-fires?

random stuff
my fave graf/artist Banksy has outdone himself yet again...if you can't get onto the walls of best musuems in nyc, make it happen! link via Wooster collective

Good news!: Podbrix released these cool tees specially for your i-shuffles!
Bad news!: they sold out in 18 minutes of coming online! be sure to get on their mailing list to be on the ball the next time they update, coz they only make 300 of each design!
Good news!: You can still get the not-so-limited design here

Remember the Nike "" range of yesteryear? Is this a revival? Check out the new Ueno city attack "Sakura". Simply gorgeous: laser etch, premium leather, awesome box, and just in time for the cherry blossoms(sakura)!

link via Alt Sneakers

some pix of the Massacre event (as referenced by RTHQ)
"Collections" pics

Reebok releases & Customs

SBTG special custom for 50 Cent


Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Ever get frustrated about some things, which certainly almost always perfectly irks you so...(grammer incorrectness alert) and then you get so tired thinking about it, coz you know it isn't gonna help screaming about it...and then it just fades away like darkness before you fall into deep slumber. I guess sleep is always a great solver LOL, if only everything is always so simple, but thats just the way i am...simple simon :)

Its been a long time since i've updated my blog...for sure, i hold up my hand, blame laziness on my part...but first i wanna thank anyone who might be reading this: thank you for visiting my pages everyday; and for 1st timers, check back often..if i haven't updated, use my blog as a link page, go visit the nice links on the right ->

I love coffee, prob coz i've been drinking the thick stuff since young. i love art too, thats why i love this site. (sorry, i know its a lame association...hahaha)
anyhow, go check out this nice fotolog of artistic lattes
they look somewhat like what i had a while back:

I posted about my customs earlier...check out this article on my man Mark aka SBTG:
For Kicks
its NY times my friend, he's def for reals

Check out my good pal Tom's work on the 35th anniversary adidas superstar "adicolors"
Star Wars inspired trooper coolness:



Sunday, March 20, 2005

u talkin' to me?

Had a pretty relaxed weekend for a long while...just rest and more rest, which is fine by me :)
Last friday was the Massacre party, for 50Cent's album was also a sneaker event for LimitedEdition. Props to the crew for the arrangements, had a nice time(especially the free vodka's, lol) I promised pics of my customs, so here they are:
name: Massacre/Redemption
original shoe: New Balance BB585 sample(soon to be released in April)
Massacre (Left shoe)

Redemption (Right shoe)

In case you are wondering, the front toe box and heel cap are "glow-in-dark"...yes they do work, just that i have not figured out any way to take pics of them(grr). Anyways, even though they did not win the top prize (not likely, since i'm using a NB shoe for a Reebok-sponsored event hehe), i'm very pleased with 2nd place. Here are the rest of the shortlisted participants

Props to LE crew for the support of the local sneaker scene!

Thursday, March 17, 2005

time flies
Seriously, i can't believe its yet another week. But then again, time is always passing us by whenever we need them. I can remember the panic and subsequent lack of sleep last weekend as i stayed up throughout sunday nite to finish up my customs in time. In case you are reading this in time, head on down to club Rouge today (18th March) at around 8pm for the Massacre party to catch a glimpse of some of the best kicks collection, customs as well as exclusive stuff from the 50Cent album launch. Of course, a pair of customs from yours truly will be on display as well.

I'll put up pics from the post party...i'm just too lazy to do it rite now...LOL

Interesting stuff:
ever wondered why Apple makes those single-button mouse?
well, now u know....and it just ups the cool-factor yet another notch

I'm a big fan of Jackson Pollock, so picture my happy-puppy look when i saw this site, totally awesome stuff for pollock wannabes!

My fave comic and comic book creator will be unleashed soon on the big screen...make sure you never ever miss this....definitely my movie event of the year....damn, i really gotta snap all those posters up! (anyone willing to steal them from the cinemas will have all shipping fees paid for!)
What i'm talking about: Sin City

I totally forgot to post this a long while back... but u guys gotta see this to be blown away...seriously genius stuff
Wooden mirror
C'mon, a link with a title like that has gotta make u click eh?

ok now...really tired now...gotta recharge, seeya in a bit

Friday, March 11, 2005

awesome: Greenday awakens boy from fave greenday album is Dookie, maybe that did the trick

common sense: Censors allow explicit sex film to be shown in entirety

great news, yours truly will most likely be on planet earth for a l-o-o-n-g time: scientists discover how to live longer

next game to get: Lego! Star Wars! Video Game!

just came back from the IT show...damn i really gotta get me some ca$h for the 20inch iMac i'm still open for offers to give me iPod shuffles...your kindness will go a long way: i might even give u a hug in return(!) lol

i really like the shuffle (yeah, like you didn't know already)...but this takes the cake:

swarovski madness! its definitely over the top and crazy, downright silly...but a small part of me still pretty much dig it, haha
check them out here crystal shuffle

new balance X stussy X masterpiece info
showed you the purple madness the previous time(1st on the net with the news i might add) heres the full skinny on them: theres 2 colorways! and its ok if you don't understand Chinese, it hasn't released yet, and there are no info on the dates....but, i'm betting on a July drop. Enjoy:

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Boy, i dunno about u guys, but i sure get tired alot these days. Is it a sign of old age? aw heck, who cares about age these it some sign of impending illness? nah, i guess its just staring me back from the mirror...i just need more sleep. I';ve had people asking me "what's wrong?" instead of "hello" or "g'morning"...i've definitely gotta do someting about my panda-eyes...either that, or its my stone-faced approach to things/people i'm not accustomed to, which is basically anything away from my bed LOL. But then again, i just look that way...i'm "cool"...sheesh, sounds like self-promotion already...alrite fine, i'm not cool like snoopy's Joe Cool alter-ego...
but i'm still cool, hah!

Alrite alrite, some nice links for you kids
Body language of an office slacker: i'm actually a very qualified exponent of this

1 in 12 are psychic...hmm, interesting...aha! i knew you were gonna say that!

Found this interesting site about history while randomly googling (yep, i really do that)...should be great for those trivia junkies
Eyewitness to history

Heres a nifty gadget, a hard disk drive shaped like a book!
photo hosting and image hosting by
Should be great for hiding all that porn!

Speaking of which...some tips on how to draw great breasts
link via

Only 5 days old, check out this new blog Drawndevoted to art, illustration cartooning and drawing...i'm addicted already

For Singaporean readers, the IT show will start tomorrow(10th) to 13th...should be lots of gadgets and good deals, go check out the Playstation Portable, iPods, G5s, digi-cam babes, printer babes, laptop get the idea.
A little birdie told me that you get a $140 Apple voucher for every purchase of an Apple laptop. Thats like giving a iPod shuffle free! thats cool! thats awesome! my birthday was in January! ... that was a hint!

Streetwear update:
New season of Supreme clothing will be out soon(mid March)...artist to take note of: Peter Saville. Time to clear some space on that wall for new artwork

New SS05 Acronym jackets up on Hanon shop...yet more evil from thse geniuses
also, the new MHI apparel are up as well

thats all for now, cheers

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Purple Red

From the looks of the chart above and my ankle, i'm a long way from healing, i am still a very healthy purple...much as i love the color. (info from DrBunn)
you know you are sitting at home and VERY bored when you actually search for info on bruises

Oh well, at least it gives me time to laugh at funny animations
photo hosting and image hosting by
everyone's had more sex than me
Its safe for work, bunny is cute as hell, and of cos the song is contagious
(via hedonistica)

Speaking of animations, get over to AIST of Japan and be blown away by their dinobots. Turn up your speakers when they roar!

High fashion streetwear fushionist and camo meisters Maharishi and audio speaker kingpins B&W collaborate. You just know it will be awesome and BAAAD. Its never too early for a Christmas wish... i recommend saving now, i can wait =)
(link via protein feed)

Ever feel that you need to get organized? Here are some tips i found on the net

Use W-A-S-T-E to decide whether something's worth keeping:

W -- Worthwhile. If the item isn't worth saving, toss it. If it is, move on to the next four questions.
A -- Again. Will you use this item more than once?
S -- Somewhere else. Can you find it somewhere else or borrow it if you need it?
T -- Toss. Will anything happen if you throw it out? If you need it for tax or legal reasons, for example, keep it.
E -- Entire. Do you need the whole thing, the complete catalog, for example, when you only want to order from one page? If not, keep what you need and toss the rest.

Use R-E-M-O-V-E to clear off your desk:

R -- Reduce all the distractions on your desktop, such as knickknacks or this morning's mail. Put them on top of a file cabinet or bookcase instead.
E -- Everyday use. Only keep things you use often on top of your desk.
M -- Move items to the preferred side, whether you're a "righty" or "lefty." Put the phones, pens, pencils and pads within easy reach. Put the telephone on the opposite side so you can write with your preferred hand.
O -- Organize like items together so you can find them easily.
V -- View your time. Keep an organizer and clock on your desk.
E -- Empty the center. Clear off space in the middle of your desk so you can work on the project at hand.

Use R-A-P-I-D Response to sort mail and create stacks for each category:

R -- Read. Magazines, newsletters, etc.
A -- Attend. Notices and invitations for seminars, workshops, meetings.
P -- Pay. Bills.
I -- Important. All unknown incoming mail that needs sorting.
D -- Dump. Mail you know you won't read or need.

If you read it again, it seems to say "waste, remove rapidly"...ain't it cool? ok, fine i'm a nerd

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Sweet sweet pain (aka stupider & stupider)
I finally got off my butt to do some physical training (background: yay)...Its been ages since i had that much sweat pouring outta my pores, i was literally bathing in sweat and grime...which is bad in a good way...watever, y'know what i mean.
So there i was getting all physical and having thoughts about what a spring chicken i am, doing exercises and contortions that was a piece of cake 4 years ago that i forgot about my bad ankle. Lo and behold, its the The Return of The ankle simply gave way. But its ok, nothing i haven't experienced before..."nah, i can handle it, i have these kind of stuff like its was in fashion"; "pain is just a reminder you're alive"; "no pain no gain"... yeah right...words were never more than mere what then did Mr Alpha-Male go and do? complete a 6-lap 2.4km run on a bum ankle of course, and in regulation timing mind you.
And nope, there wasn't any medal, adulation or congratulation... just me, now in a chair, typing along cos i have nowhere else to go...correction: i have nowhere else i can go.
Oh heck, anyways, please kindly give way to the dude who thinks he's some young punk on the block when you see him on the train... mucho gracias

ok fine, i'm an idiot

Relax, i still got a couple of links for ya, i'll never forget those who visit my blog everyday

Yahoo is 10 years old! Woohoo!...they've come a long way, props for the great work and innovation! go check it out here
The sad thing is...i remember when it first started! damn, really makes me feel old now...seriously, the first thing i tried registering was the email for ""...obviously, its was taken/not allowed/only reserved for the big bosses at yahoo.

Sportswear companies are suddenly coming to the key words for 2005's new marketing niche:Yoga, Dance & Women
nike women has the new "5-6-7-8" campaign...pretty catchy, its the phrase you're most likely to hear the instructors say at the beginning of the moves:"and a 5-6-7-8"
now adidas women has stepped up to the batting plate with their new lineroom for doubt they will attract the ladies, stella McCartney's collections are excellent!

Not sure if this will offend the ladies out there, its on sexual just click only if you're not easily offended. fellatio advice for gals
Just thought i'll add in a couple more links before i hit the bed...

Thank god for IPEX!!!

In other news, Penelope Cruz is a hairy ape

RIP Mr Jeff Raskin, the world will be forever in debt to your creativity

Fun pic of the day:
How to convert your iPOD into iPOD shuffle

had me in stitches
*edit: link via coolhunting

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Halfway thru the week, must learn to chillout and relax...wait, think i've been doing that all this while, lol
Local sneaker boutique LimitedEdition is having their annual sneaker event, this year's theme is "the Massacre", held at Rouge on 18th March. Lined up for the event are Reebok X 50cent customs competition, "best 5 kicks" collection, and nike LeBron contest. Think i'll just join for the fun of it, its something to keep my brain working anyways.
Went to pick up some materials today to prepare for customizing, currently still having no idea on what to paint/etch/write...think i gotta have to come up with something fast if i want to get it done by next week's deadline. What can i say, procastinating is a full time hobby of mine...

Some stuff that might interest you:
I remember watching this Jap tv programme which pits the best of the best in Japan for almost anything(best knitter, best wood craftsman, best knowledge of stationary-i'm serious! etc). The one i saw featured the best shop window display, and i'm always in awe with how innovative they can be. Well, this prob gives u some idea, check out these displays

Invention of the week:
Ear Vacuum cleaner! Woohoo!

Y'know, i'm actually quite put off everytime i go town or hop onto the trains and see hordes of kids wearing the same mysoginistic "streetwear", probably what they gathered to be the "in" thing...von Dutch caps and tees (thats so year 2000), pink anything on guys (yeah, i know designers are still pushing them out for the S/S 2005 season, but these local kids are wearing them like its 2003)... and then completely mismatching them for that certain "skater" or "punk" or "rocker", "slacker"...pfft, i dunno, whatever look they had in mind, or whatever the "77th street" shop puts out for sale. Firstly, they sell fakes, very bad fakes. For the folks in UK, they are something like TKMaxx selling the Supreme and BountyHunter apparel, but they are doing it with vonDutch, bape, whatever they can get their hands on in Thailand or China factories etc (yep, thats how lame it is)
Yeah yeah, i'm rambling and naggy and whining... and i prolly shouldn't even bother blogging about it. But heck, i'll just use it as a filler and a lead on to this page:
how to get the right clothes for the skater look. Kids, it ain't much, but its still better than the combos you are wearing
On the same note, isn't it cool, u can find out "how to" do stuff online? awesome!

Saved the best for last
Check out this superb video "powers of 10"...excellent for physics/science teachers, or just simply general knowledge.