Sunday, August 24, 2008

the postman always rings twice...

Oh, and more than a couple of times for sure
Been hella busy that i've forgotten to post these goodies i got in the mail
First up, my grails!
These boots are made for apes...
Putting the 2 together is apt, from box to footwear design, they just show how much the brand (or the man) is in control even in collaborative work

Even though i truly believe folks who send out shoes without double boxing or wrapping should be shot, i don't really give a damn as soon i opened them babies. These Bathing Ape Manhunts may have seen a couple of wear before, but hey, i'm not picky. I love the faint undercover-like manhunt imprint on the nylon, don;t you?
Can't wait to pair them with stiff raw selvedge denim and vintage tee or flannel shirt
And what did i tell you about the box design? Gotta respect for someone who takes the time to adorn the simple shoe box. Its designed like the Hasbro toy boxes of old, and yep, i agree its definitely a toy for the child in me, haha

1 of 500
Oh what has not been said of the adidas x Bathing Ape collaboration? It has personal relevance since its what got me into blogging in the first place. Gotta admit it really feels full circle when i opened up the package (yes, at least this was cocooned in brown wrapping paper). I totally remembered the fun the gf and myself shared with my buddy Ibby on the night of the hyperstrike launch. Disappointed at not being to cop a pair of the Hi's, i promised myself to snag one of them if i ever saw it for a good price
Compared to the Superstar model, the Skate-Hi's were known for being ultra-plain in comparison to the low-cut camo-adorned/leather-embossed companion

Imagine the shivers as i touched the deadstock pair
Dressed in premium leather and luxurious suede, this was what i yearned for years back, and still do!

Forget what they print on the heel, its definitely less than 500 pair allocation for sure.
Now i get to be matchy-mcpherson with my girl and her pairs of ape superstars! hahaha

big in japan
Yet another piece of history dropped in the mail. Of all the colorways in the palette, the lack of color, or white is definitely huge in Japan.

Gravis Rival x Goodenough
Looking more of an off-white due to the suede material, this chunky pair is a nice touch to the collection. Gravis gets lots of respect from me in terms of integrity. They've never diverged from what they set out to do. They've always been a urban footwear company, with emphasis on comfort and user-appeal. Not an atheletic company trying to do street, or vice versa. Perhaps its this viewpoint that appeals to HF to tie up Goodenough with Gravis

Rarity? I don't really know or care. I know its gonna be dope with vintage denim or BDU's

football is beautiful

Folks who have followed this blog long enough will know i'm a tee freak. So its no surprise i got yet another T for the collection. Couldn't believe my luck to spot this Soph.Net x Nexus7 print, featuring perennial fave Angie!
and whats so football about her? check out the teensy little "earring"...LOL boys...

yes i'm late, but i still love these polo shirts from the Fred Perry x Comme des Garcons collab. i don't care if its "outdated", but white polos will never be out of fashion


One of the main reasons (besides work) i haven't been blogging regularly
I didn't just see a human fish, i saw for the first time a superhero called The Olympian. Seriously, 1 hundredths of a second? Geez
The man (who will be called God) truly deserves his 8 Gold medals and 7 world records in one meet

Anna K for Maxim
don't you love summer?

Alba watch
i still heart Jessica

stay nippy
Lily Allen shows Jess how to do it

first the left and then the right...


Sunday, August 17, 2008

stars and crescent

Been MIA for the past weeks...allow me to do a little recap

Saw this cute lil' bugger in the shop window and how could you resist his cuteness?! and the fact that he brought a big smile and some lovely flowers for my gal LOL =)
I truly believe time stood still during the superlative Olympics opening ceremony. Theres nothing else i could describe what i saw. So this is what happens when you give Zhang Yimou unlimited budget, that man is a genius...

i so want those illuminated drums...

...and just when you nothing else could top the performances? They get Li Ning to run the lap to light not only the Olympic fire but the imaginations for generations to come

and what else to cap it all off with one of the 4 finest Chinese inventions/contributions to mankind. Spectacular
Had the chance to view the National Day parade at the old stadium, so i was interested to see the one at the esplanade this year

new and old
A shot of the Integrated Casino resorts in the background and the familiar skyline of the Singapore River.

dry and wet
and the fine weather went away just as soon...pretty quick hands and feet by the spectators as well to don the plastic ponchos, haha! thankfully it was just a passing shower

Always my fave shot, the parade form up (peek the screen) and the guard of honour contingent in front (much fond memories)
You'll spot the rotor fleet in the background...

happy b-day Singapore!
I don't think anything else tops Beijing08, but hey, at least i enjoyed the fireworks! :)

Me after a long drive home, lugging back some parade goodies, haha

red and white: matching the patriotic way
supremewtaps | electriccottage | nikeslamjam | porternbhd

I gotta say, this collection is rockin'...and judging by the fellow beasts, its gonna be hard to scoop these up

HB-wetdream of a jersey

ditto jacket!

cute logo

damn, even the mobile phone charms are blingtastic

boy, these ties are groovy

easy, simple, perfect. red please

real reason no work gets done
no surprises where i'm spending my time these days

Laters! haha