Saturday, October 07, 2006

Jeez, we hit 130

Here's the view from my window last nite:

The haze has grown incredibly bad lately. We're all hard done by the wind direction, for sure, but WHAT THE FUCK is happening in INDO and M'SIA?!?!

All we can do is keep showing satellite images and data, but because of political/democratical/illogical/non-environmental reasons we can't tell off our neighbours what they are doing to us?!?!
"It's a cat and mouse kind of situation. They might be enforcing some measures in a certain location, but in some other part of the country, there are still people clearing land and causing these fires,"

Now everyone will be staying home, blasting up the A/C, use up more energy and fuel, and inadvertently cause more harm while somebody, in somewhere, can't for the bleddy sakes, govern their country and it's fine? sheesh


Swindle magazine issue 8 drops. Check out Shep's interview with Banksy. Should be good.

Can't believe how long its been in storage. Peep skinner's hand-pulled "celebrity posterity" tee. The dude's been in hibernation for far too long man. yo, skinner, holla back!
Also pulled on the Stussy x Masterpiece "lions of juddah" L/S tee for a jaunt around town.
The shops have been miserable lately, but thank god for cute gals. I love people watching =)
Stussy x Conor O'Brien "Westside" exhibition in AU

Dudes down under have a treat over the weekend with this photo exhibition
Medicom Beams 30th x Jim Phillips Screaming Leg

Can't believe Beams is 30. Check out the Screaming Leg vinyl from Rock poster god Jim Phillips. If you don't know Jim and his Screaming Hand, you gotta see more from this Golden Age veteran.
Yeah, so Empire bought out Vehicle Skateboard, but them dudes still got some nice designs out for Fall 06:

Proper updats with a nice Harris Tweed footscape and snakeskin Americana's

Audi R8
aka: i just crap my pants

OK, compose yourselves. The video presentation is EVEN cooler, check it out

And if the roar of the R8 doesn't get to you, you can tune it out with this awesome custom fitted sound system from (get this)... Bang & Olufsen!!!

via sybarites
Puma x Marcel Wanders
Interesting news: "Puma is set to team up with world renowned Dutch designer Marcel Wanders"

Set to be unveiled at the Tokyo Design Week Oct 31st, followed by New york and Amsterdam. Release date will be Spring '07
Read here about the news and here about the man
sole survivor
Nice write up on collector Bryan Laroche, his collection and sneaker scene

Dreaming of engine roars and B&O sounds...
till laters, y'all

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