Monday, May 30, 2005

Bubblegum Pop

The Hundreds has some nice resolution pics of the 180s designed by Union LA...u guys prob seen/heard about the news already from the various style blogs and forums.

Somehow, low resolution pics makes them more "exclusive" and "sneak preview" eh? LOL..heres the important info,
Drop Date: 11 June, Tentative Retail: US$140

All my friendly people in LA, where are u? Help me out here?!
They're beginning to grow on me, its been ages since i had a bright-coloured shoe. I've retired my voltage-lightning Zoom Havens after they blinded my classmates

LMAC boutique opens on June 1st
at #05-128 Far East Plaza
Find all things LMAC and:
Flying Cat, Scarygirl, Uglydoll, Mishka NYC, ARK, Monsterism, Wonderfarms, Clutter Magazine...

In case u didn't know, i'm still, i dun mean the "addicted-to-shoes & clothes" type of sick...
Been wondering whether i've lost a bit of weight in the process of suffering. I;m actually a calorie counter (don't laugh)...the only problem is that i just keep counting the calories i eat LOL
Maybe this nifty device will be helpful, a calorie counter u can wear
Then again, i hope it comes with a Taser to "remind" me to stop eating.. hehe

My buddy Ibrahim sent me this link some time ago...still haven't finished reading it, i just can't stop laughing
I am a Japanese School Teacher. Believe me, u will not regret clicking
Try to spot the terms Kancho Assasin...actually, i did do some of those antics while i was younger...maybe thats why i identify with the Jap kids, lol

Have a nice day y'all...(while i go cough up some blood and snot)

Sunday, May 29, 2005


Had a long day out today... updating in the wee hours even though my nose is running, my forehead's heating up and vision's blurring...yeah, feeling effects of flu on a weekend...damn

Went to drop serious $$$ on my new pickup, show u pictures next week... should be dope.

Anyway, its the start of the Great Singapore Sale...the month where every square inch of downtown Orchard gets packed, every clothing on the racks thumbed thru', gallons of cola/beer gets drunk in the seering heat and money comes rolling thru the cashiers...

I seldom get much stuff during the Sale, its hard to get truly great finds...compared to my ebay fiends..heh heh

Have a peep at what might be one of my best digs:
Simple looking vintage Casio Data Bank watch

You know, i've been wanting something like that for so long, its ridiculous. Maybe its coz i was denied once when i was a kid, its hard to justify a $50 watch to moms...Theres plenty of them around now, not too hard to find, vintage and refurbished...and dirt cheap to boot.
So what, you may ask, is so special?... glad u did

Ahh.,...peeps familiar with the Jap urban scene, have some inkling of the current "street" fashion should have seen and recognised the double-lightning.
Yep, its a Casio x Electric Cottage collaboration, circa 1999(not sure, i'm relying on a Japanese language manual and warranty card)
So why get your panties in a bunch over this rubber+platic+digital thingie?
1) Electric Cottage is defunct
2) Its by Hiroshi Fujiwara (godfather of style)
3) Their stuff is hardly available to general public
4) Casio's Japanese collabs are hard to get, and very hard on the pocket
most importantly,
5) I got it for a steal, its in prestine working condition, i'm gonna wear it, and u don't have it! *cue silly maniacal laughter

My frenz don't called me the master ebay digger for nothing...:)

By the way, i ain't the only lucky one out there...
check out this lucky bu**er who manages to sneak into the photos that'll appear for decades to come

gate crash

Getting hot for the summer, time for tees, berms and slip-on shoes
Have a nice weekend

Friday, May 27, 2005


Sometimes you just wonder why...why do forum peeps act like newbies?
Case in point:
Exhibit A: New Balance 577NBW, aka "Carbon Fibre"

Exhibit B: post on NT showing, probably "hidden" sarcasm

Why do people always equate nice shoes with ridiculously high retail prices? Are we that brainwashed by Nike? Just becoz Mita Sneakers in Japan retails them at 26,500yen (or just a notch below usd$300), does that mean the rest of the world too?

Heck, i'm just probably picking bones in egg yolk...but tell you what, since those out there believe its usd$300, i'll give u a usd$300 shoe. I'll "hook u up"with a "once in a lifetime" offer...I'll even throw in free air shipping.
Better yet, get more, get 3 pairs(one to wear, one to resell, one to keep to resell in future) at usd$900 shipped, and i'll throw in a free Nike AF1 LeBron Chamber of Fear "Complacency"

If u think i'm messing with u, go ahead...the CoF AF1 is waiting for his owner.
Get at me quick...offer valid as long as blog-owner's patience with the sneaker game lasts.

Ok, rant over...

Now thats what i call aneroxic....

What the hell happened, Lindsay?

Back in the days...u were so..."overflowing"


Thursday, May 26, 2005


Belief is probably what the Liverpool players had last night...on the biggest game of their lives...European Champions League Final...against AC Milan, a team with much deep history and future legends of the beautiful game.

Unbelievable is what the rest of the world, the fans, the spectators, the neutrals felt...3-0 down at half-time, 3 goals in 6 "mad minutes" to draw level, a crazy double goal-line save in the last 3rd minute of extra time, doing the "Grobbelar" jig to save 2 penalties and be crowned Champions of Europe. Un-fuckin'-believable!

Read about the game
International Herald Tribune
BBC's 11 reasonswhy the final is the best ever in history
and trust the BBC to let u be goalkeeper/hero Dudek for a day!
Shev's amazement of the Reds

How some bettors fared... props to the faithful fan who plonked a bet way back in December, at odds of 80-1.. haha

In 1978, the Pope dies, Wales win the Grand Slam, Liverpool wins their 3rd European Cup.
In 1981, Prince Charles marries, Liverpool win their 4th Cup.
In 2005, Pope dies, Prince Charles re-marries, Wales win the Grand it written by fate? destiny?
And every year Italian champions Juventus played an English team in the Cup, one team has gone on to clinch the coveted Pool thrashed "the Olde Lady" 3-1 twice.
Well, no matter what Milan threw at the Red Army last night, even if it was 10 goals at half time, Pool would have found an answer. Someone in the stands must have sold their soul to the devil... i personally thank you for that!

Even the "Hand of God" has deemed the Reds fit to be spoken in same breath as the 1970 Brazilian World Cup heroes.

Then again, maybe it was the "good luck" i said before i slept that did it...

or the fact that i wore my lucky jeans which i haven't washed since their last european thriumph, the UEFA cup. (hang on... i don't ever wash my jeans....hmm)

Thats for another blog update i guess :)

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Photo crazy

Interview magazine party, NYC

Yes, the Nigo-mania is still going on... check out his platinum grills
And with his posse of "endorsers"(u don't need me to tell u who they are)....good to see Mike D though

The Baby Milo hoody looks set to be the next $1000 target... and what is up with Mr Williams' chains?!

Yet another Mandy pic for my bro Ibrahim

she appears in Esquire mag...get at me if u want more ;)

Anna K in sweaty hot can u get?

Killer buns

Have a nice mid-week

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Best week ever

It has been a long while...someone once said time passes quickly while you're having fun...well, i guess time passes even faster in blogosphere. One week is like an eternity in net-space, i know, i'm a netizen through-and-through, theres not many that surf as much me for sure. For those that have been asking about me, i'm doing fine, thanks. Those that know me, or have my MSN messenger know i'm alive and well...fine fine, i admit i'm a little lazy when it comes to blogging...but i prefer to say that i'm picky about the stuff i put up.
I guess sometimes i get confused with i want to do: do i want something like an index of cool stuff to show the world(like 2,114 other bloggers)? do i want the hottest gossip on the grapevine in street-culturedom(like my other forum-lurker buddies)? or do i ultimately just want to be me? for my friends?

Sorry for the slight digression, just me airing my thoughts. For folks that have been with me since the beginning, thank you for not getting cheesed off by my blog, and for sticking with me. I promise to stick true to my blog title and to be a random mess of nuisance! heh heh :)

It must be a god-send of sorts, a coincidence of "firsts"...first time i handed in a resignation letter, first time i had leave of absence, first trail walk(although it was a short one)...
I was so thrilled to meet up with my gang of Uni pals, it must have been the hardest i've laughed...since our last meetup! hahaha...Its def special when we get along like we've never been apart at all.
Moreover, also managed to spend time for the special one...u wouldn't believe it, but i;ve dreamt of her, spending time with her etc. The total time spent over the week was probably, what, less than a day? but it sure felt like an eternity to me. Y'know, the feeling that u never want it to end, and if it does, u look forward to the next. It's definitely someting i'd hold on forever.... Thanx

Ok, in case you';ve been wondering whether Xymon was hijacked, nope, rest assured i'm fine. This is the way my blog have been and will be. You'll be privy to my thoughts, besides all those other cool stuff. If you aren't cool with that, fine, theres plenty of blogs/sites for that, i'll be the first to point u in the right direction.

K, some links to feed upon:
andy warhol art

most awesome PUMA website
If anyone out there still doesn't know this,the reason why Puma and adidas have similar focus on trainers/track and their jackets are so cool, is that their founders are brothers.

Ever wanted to put a light saber on your homemade videos? Now u can

In case u missed it, some sample pics of upcoming season's Nike kicks
Snuggles Pt1
Snuggles Pt2

Do u need Mac skins?

What's a xymon blog without Paris Hilton? her hottest SFW vid yet.

Thats all folks...laters

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Theres never a right day to rain...

Probably my last relaxed day before my new job and all i get is a heavy downpour...
But i can't stand being trapped within my room, thank god i was rescued by my buddy Ibrahim
Went for a little cruise...
Ibby in his Merc (technically his)sporting his OG air max's

ME in my Iceman zip-up

Dropped by Limited Edition in Queensway, and what luck, the Ueno Air Force 1's arrived and put on display

Them babies are seriously dope, superb etching detail, not to mention excellent packaging. Go have a look at the work of art (and say hi to Seb in the meantime)

Speaking of Limited Edition, they've opened a new shop "Vault" in downtown The Heeren, Orchard. Located on Level 3, same level as Nike and adidas, it will house some vintage gems(hence the name Vault) and the usual variety of sneakers from all over. This sunday will see the week-long LeBron James' Chamber of Fear exhibition. Its the same show thats only been to 5 other cities in US and 1st time outside of US.It will culminate in an auction for all 5 pairs of the CoF set(size 9), with proceeds going to charity.

Heres a look at what the Stussy Terminators would've looked like had they been actually released (the rumors had been floating around since last year)

New RealMadHectic x GDEH uk collab tees

(info via AltSnk )

Alritey, gotta cop some zzz's...brand new day tomoro

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Jean-Michel Basquiat (1960–1988)
Check out the exhibition at Brooklyn Museum thru' June the meantime, read about his life and works

I'm going "arty" today...

I'm always in favor pro-active works, and i admire these guys for what they do...the next time u see them on the freeway, honk to give them support!
Check freeway blogger
Heres what Banksy says...
"Saatchi gallery: 1850 visitors per day
Tate Britain: 1850 visitors per day
Tate Modern: 2500 visitors per day
Rooftop on M4 motorway: 2500 visitors per hour"

Check Seen's(aka godfather of graf) busy developments

If you've never heard of Logan Hicks, you haven't seen one of the best stenciller and most hardworking one yet...this is my personal fave

NYC 5th Ave, 10 x 13ft, multi color hand-cut stencils
Peep his works. (via stencilrevolution)

Have a nice sunday...

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Mr Shoe Shop Sample exhibition - Michael Lau x
'Nuff said...i get exhilarated just from looking at the Master's works, not to mention the upcoming customisation competition. Someone in HK please get back to me about some hook ups, pretty please.

M-Lau's stuff have always been ahead of time (gosh it must have ages since his gardenergala series dropped) of the pioneers of street and urban culture.
On the same note, checkout NTT DoCoMo's vision of the near future(2010 in fact)

Heres some vision of beauty: Grace Park, who'll be appearing in the remake of Battlestar Galactica

I couldn't forget her name once i saw her pics...superb!

Calling all adidas hunters:
Looking for a little help here. Am searching for this jacket, adidas originals "Seefeld" track jacket in Navy with Orange stripes. Need a Medium, any info will be appreciated


Friday, May 13, 2005

Pic overload warning
(don't say i didn't warn ya)

Sony Robotcam: ROB1

You can't even begin to believe how cool this is...
Sony launches what can probably be the coolest Bluetooth device by far. Its a camera on wheels remotely controlled by the phone's Bluetooth, up to a distance of 50metres. You can see what the cam sees on your mobile. All i can say is..Damn! how awesome is that?! All the voyeurs in the world unite! :)

Check this and other cool phones and accessories here

on a related mobile phone news...
If you are at Times Square in NYC these few days, you must have seen this. NikeID's billboard project lets you custom your nike design from your mobile phone and show it real time on the billboard! Peep the movie here

LaFraise means "strawberry" in French (yay, i know French, i'm romantic!)
They also make cool and cute tees
"watch your back"
"hell-o kitty"
they are too cutesy to be missed...

Alrite enough of nice things for a moment, check out Forbes list of World's ugliest buildings
To each his own eh? Some are pretty ok imo...

random Celeb sightings
Paris in France (pun fully intended) for Cannes fest

I bet she stays at the Paris Hilton (Haa! i'm so funny!)

Angelina Jolie and Maddox in Vanity Fair..damn, that kid sure is cute

no wonder he's cool, he's wearing New Balance kicks!

Ok, final pics today...specially for my pal Ibrahim

Now go and get that hoodie

**late addition**
Sneaker freaks, dunk-heads and hype-beasts would know the "light bone/flint grey" dunk sb's are the band-aid's.

Just a hunch here, but the simplicity, colour, material selection might be due to Dobbs hats...a label synonymous with made-in-the-US quality straw and felt hats

If you ever drop by Philly, you gotta go to Ubiq, one of the OG boutiques opened by those who know, for those in the know (humor me, i'm in a lyrical mood).
for those of us who can't, well, just go visit the online shop and buy some quality books and tees. Case in point:

awesome Bones Brigade inspired hotness