Wednesday, December 16, 2009

drop and go's probably the only thought going through my mind as i was packing my backpack before the trip. "tons of work if i go, but tons of work if i don't go, what the hell..."
Like my bro says, Tokyo's your Mecca, you've got get there. And so i went...

Not much city scape pics this time round, cos it was raining and i was lost in the labyrinth that is the Shinjuku underground station.
Seriously, 3 buildings of Isetan: a solitary 7-storey heaven for menswear, and even 1 building of food joints just to cater for hungry customers; humongous Takashimaya and the behemoth Tokyu Hands. Not discounting Lumine Est, Odakyo and other malls just within walking distance!
Also, most of the time i was lugging stuff our friends were asking us to get, knickknacks and what-nots...
Wanted so much to plod around in the rain, but had to think of the missus, so scratch that idea. Maybe next time, heh
Flight wasn't that charming, then again, i've been spoilt too much on my duty travels, haha. And folks, always choose the Narita express if you need a rail transport to the hotel from the airport with luggage. Spend a little more on reserve seating and comfort (cheaper than taxi and limo bus) and save on hassle of squeezing with the never-ending crowd who'll more than tsk-tsk at your luggage taking precious cabin space.
And of course i did the next touristy thing: Disney Tokyo!

ACRonym|wtaps "henson"|LVC|Visvim

Really felt like a kid again...except kids needn't pay for all the little cutesy stuff...argh..hahaha

don't you just love the variety of kitkats? i mean, sweet potato flavor?!? awesomeness!

ACRonym|GDEH outside Bapexclusive Aoyama

PICK UPZ aka "buttons"
Somehow i've been more into button downs these days...

Bape Classic stripes|Visvim Talbot

Supreme APC|Ape charms

Couldn't resist getting something from the Bape Classics range while at Bapexclusive.
Wouldn't have let go of the classic snowboard jacket, but for practicality and safety of my wallet, i opted for the safer dress shirt instead. And while i can't afford the Fendi x Bape handphone charm like my friend Dave, a red-checked one isn't that bad :) The silver chrome Milo charm is a bonus find, still trying to find some place to put it so i don't lose it!
My mate 78's been warning me about the "hospitality" at FIL, but Kazuya's been a great help at the store. So much so i was tempted into buying the chambray shirt, haha... a pretty casual shirt for sure, but i really like the fit and cut at the sleeves. Next time, i'm gunning for the Foleys, i promise.. ha

Rocksteady moneyclip/cardcase

Copped this at Blackflag. Been wanting this ever since its release. So subtle, yet posh, so utilitarian yet unique...all in the details.

...waiting for the missus in the fitting room, and spotted the huge mirror

FCRB|basecontrol|headporterplus|nike footscapewoven|oakley koston

and more buttons...

Managed to snag the last remaining +J white oxford from the new Uniqlo store. +J hanger was optional, not intentional, but very much appreciated...hahhaha
I seriously can't understand the folks all queueing and fighting for the plain run-of-the-mill Uniqlo stuff, and giving the +J a miss... sighs, oh well, less for them, more for me :)

Its back to the daily grind for me, already wishing for the next break i get.

Monday, November 30, 2009

view from the top

Took a short rest, and headed off to the Big Apple...


Simply an amazing place to be...words can't describe the sights and sounds

hello: Oakley Koston|ACR|GDEH|LVC|VIS

visitor on the 86th 3degC/40degF
what it must be seeing almost feel King Kong's gonna rumble through the scene lol

some classic NY views
Early morning stroll alongside Central Park... the Met

like some say, nothing more NY than the subway

and i just had to take a pic outside "the tv shop" LOL

channel surfing thru the multitude available, i come across Tony & Maggie reminding how much i miss my loved one

all too soon, its time to head back

with a valued passenger :)

home sweet home

couple of pickups other than the rest for the gf...

tracked down a copy of the BrooksBrothers gentlemen series, knick knacks for workwear: BB silk-knots, leather gloves, DKNY and CK ties

some sale picks from Columbia: a headcover, some pocket tools; and a treasured copy from the Robert Frank exhibition at the Met

i must say i've been lucky so far on my NY trips to coincide with the Supreme release drops...i can just imagine this hanging solo on a plain white wall

online pickup: some hamburgers in the form of Undercover x Vans. Was offered a pair some time back but i turned it down and regretted soon after. So happy to find another one

291109 YP's lunch reception

best way to spend a lazy afternoon for sure

i know its old news by now, but i just thought its a great vid for the occasion...ha

it's been a short week, and even shorter this coming looking forward to it. peace y'all