Saturday, July 30, 2005

Yeah, i kan't spel...byte me.

Just wanted a slightly different view of respect (i know, it does mean the same thing in Czech). DC Shoes has a new line of ads, featuring James Lipton, the man behind the awesome "Inside the Actors Studio" show. The only reason why he is hot enough to attract the likes of luminaries Julia Roberts, Robert DeNiro, Billy Crystal, Glenn Close to tell them their professional secrets and thoughts on acting, is respect. The man is famous for doing in-depth research before each actors' interview, asking key questions to probe their views and insights.
So it is with great fun to see him face to face with DC crew: chaos & comedy! My fave is Rob Dyrdek's "Security" spot, he even brings Big Black with him!

Head on to DC shoes for all the videos, including Danny Way(what wall?!), Rob Pastrana, Dave Mirra(mirra-cle man), Bruce Irons(siick) etc.

Some new stuff out in stussy-land:

The 1st one was a blast, this will be supernova (peep the box!)

'nuff said.

Friday, July 29, 2005


Kaws Companion glow-in-dark up in New animation as well. 2 per order. Go.

What's Garden Tribe? Tokyo Tribe 2 figures, Gardener-style.In upcoming Gardener issue. via


New Comme Des Garcons x North Face jacket...Junya Watanabe flowing with the season's fabric of choice.


go here


Monday, July 25, 2005

no chain, no chain

just another day at the office
It was just like watching MJ go through The Shot...the only difference was that Lance Armstrong's moment was far longer, and probably sweeter. Lance wants to end it on a high, just like the other living legend of sports, Wayne Gretzky. Yesterday's le Tour finale is definitely a formality, the drama was already over the day before, where a "possesed" Armstrong threw everything he had to take the stage win - his final stage win of his career. He is already amongst the rarified-heavenly group of living legends, the ones who will almost be taken for granted of a win just by turning up in a match-up, a tournament, a race. He needn't have even sweated out like he did...he could've cruised. Yet i've never seen a more inspiring moment as he pushed himself further, riding out of his seat, pumping his thighs like pistons as he increased his lead time...just to, as he says, get to his kids waiting at the finishing that much sooner. The rest of the tour panted and gasp at the finishing line, Lance smiled and was fresh like "one more?". Just the image we wanted to leave of him.

My fave quote as he effortlessly finished one of the stages: "No chain...(i was cruising) like i had no chains"
Definitely a man for the world

some new wood


The Grass is Always Greener (Part II)
This one's for the Unkle/Futura2K fans out there. Mr Mcgurr's "pointy men" (as he puts it) grew from signature penmanship to iconography. Heres my tiny stash:

Clockwise from Left: Surrender x Unkle black; white; ZooYork Futura crew; Futura x Salem Innovations Tour.

Stussy x Futura

Bathing Ape x Unkle Sounds "creepsta" series
A lovely print, synthetic stylee, dope till it hurts.

Sunday, July 24, 2005


If the future about 10-20 years down the road means better skin like Scarlet Johansson's, i'm all up for it! Caught "The Island" yesterday. Critics will probably pan it as usual, for ripping other more established movies of similar genre (THX1183, clockwork orange, logan's run etc), for being a smash-em-up Michael Bay big-bang flick (Bad Boys, Armageddon, The Rock, Pearl Habor et al) and of course for having pretty leads looking immaculate and all the product marketing (Chevy prototype, Ducatti, Puma, Nokia 8800 - "Ewan's character is still using it in 2019, doesn't seem that futuristic now is it?")
Well, my take is:"why go so deep into it?" Take the movie for what its worth, its entertaining but not too mindless, a somewhat believable plot, and thankfully 2 above rate actors pulling it together.

Hopefully it will appease the very-fickle fan-boys of Transformers, now that Michael Bay has been announced as the much-awaited live-action film's director, and Spielberg as executive producer.

More than meets the eye - 07-04-07
Image from SanDiego comic-con, featuring life-size shrouded Optimus Prime. "awesome"

Happen to chance on a Mandy Moore flick on cable last nite, forgot which i'll just post some random stuff for my pal Ibrahim:

More random pics since i'm at it...
Spotted this lovely beauty of a Lotus Exigeat a mall carpark. I literally went "whoa", stopped in my tracks and took a pic with my mobile(sorry for the resolution)

And of course i laughed at this pic...

The reason why being bad is good. damn...why doesn't any gals look at me and my mobile?

last pic to round it up, no caption necessary

Cheers, yo

argentum has come a long way. I really like Shing's designs, and its great to see her getting recognition and accolades for her pieces of work. Very silver, edgy, wearable, not to mention desirable. Go check them out: argentum online or in person (stockists in Singapore and Sydney)


"spot the diff?"
shopdrop: To covertly place merchandise on display in a store. Primarily used in guerrilla ad campaigns, tactical media projects, and art installations. reverse shoplift, droplift

It can't be any cooler...or more fun!

I can't believe i missed out on the previous 6 issues of Coloring Book. No matter, issue 7 out now! (ps: that was the most PG pic i could find...hahaha)

August will be a good month, u should save lots of money. September will be even better, cos u will get ur friendly friend (ie: me) a PSP:white as a gift.
Ok, hypnosis over. Anyways, Sony announces new firmware upgrades (so u can't hack the PSP for porn-surfing, game-editing etc u cheapos) and an awesome color (gasp: white!) in Sept. Who needs an iPod?

My house is so gonna look like that...(if i get a house)...(if i gots the cash)...if i...ok, whatever...i'm so not gonna have a house like that.
In any case, you should just stare at the nice house. And dream.
Go peep: Maxmillian's Schell

fun post of the day
I know Tom Cruise is short, i've seen him in real life, right in front of me. Ever wondered how short he was compared to Katie Holmes? (psst, i can see his scalp)
someone with alot of time on his hands will let u know

Monday, July 18, 2005

The Grass is Always Greener

Someone asked me once in one of my auctions for a stussy tee, "are you a stussy collector? i'm trying to get started"

The answer to that is "yes", but it sure didn't start overnight for me. I mean, the brand started out innocously, pretty low key, not too in your face...besides, theres not that high of a chance for surfing to be big in equatorial Singapore anyway. The only waves to be made were the ones in your bath tub. But the simple graphic tees, big Hawaiian shirts and witty style does seem a little "different" from the others out there. Over the years, i get a couple of tees on-and-off.
And then the Japanese chapter stores started doing their retro craze, and mad collabs. I didn't get the tees just coz it was a collab, it was for the cooler graphics that others couldn't match. It was for the vibe that stirs me. The kind that connects the designer to the wearer. Unfortunately, i'm not that rich enough to buy all the cool tees in the world. I'm not like those nouveau rich kids that simply "buy a collection" as and when they like. Fortunately on the flip side, it means theres always a hunt for that elusive something which them "hype kids" will never understand or get.

Head out to town, in probably any urban city, and chances are, theres some kid out there sporting the latest, hippest, hottest cap,tee,jeans,sneakers. Well, i admit, i'm like that too...only difference is, i only wear the ones which i myself consider to be the coolest. My friends say i'm nuts when they know how many tees i got stashed up. They think i'm nutter than nuts when i buy tees for certain theme that i'm gunning for. (actually i get a kick when i irritate them sometimes, heh)
I've shown my love for skull tees quite sometime's the rest of the Stussy stash:

"Big Boys" theme
W)taps x Stussy vs US Stussy retro

"Rock my gold for the ladies" theme
Japan-only release vs US Stussy retro

"Spray Can" theme
Top: Stussy Customade by Slick
L: Subware spray head
R: Subware front-n-back spray can by Stash

"Stussy World Tribe" party tee 2001 - one of the Holy Grails of my collection
L: 2001 World Tribe L/S tee, with "Increase the Peace" on sleeve
R: 2001 World Tribe S/S tee

See how many familiar collaboration icons u can make out!

Notice how many of those "hype" kids got Supreme packs? I couldn't care less, not when they can't recognise my Stussy x Lowe Alpine!

"Stussy on the Lowe"
"8 ball" key ring not part of the pack, but a special gift
"Stussy Corps" mobile pouch

And whats a Stussy collection without something for the feet?

The One that probably jump-started it all. The sleeper hit. The "nobody wanted them" shoes. The first of many Stussy x Nike footwear. Deadstock. Stussy x Huarache runner. Avocado Gold.

Guess thats enough for the update. For those collectors out there, we all know we would be nothing if it wasn't for friends, contacts, and trustworthy sellers. So a big "word up" to my buddy and fellow Stussy-fiend, aka "achtung-baby". Forever indebted to ya.

"In this great future, you can't forget your past"
Increase the Peace