Saturday, October 21, 2006

twisted transistor...

Like the Korn tune where the experimental rock group enlists rap heavy hitters to collaborate on the "twisted transistor" video, French skateboardists Mekanism have been madly collaborating with some of the best installation artists on their decks. And just as you'd think Snoop, Xzibit, Lil' Jon and David Banner are way outside of rock, Mekanism combines with John Maeda, Warren du Preez & Nick Thorton Jones, Zevs, Space Invader and Katharina Grosse: individuals in installation art far removed from skateboarding.
The results are refreshing and an enjoyment for the senses. So go check out their new online store Transistor where you can pick up the goodies, including signed and numbered editions. One thing's for sure, these kind of collaborations are truly one-time only.

And if you have been snoozing, you still have time to cop the last of the 3 hand made Invader deck art. Surprisingly, the black/white "invader city" is still up for grabs. Kids, don't miss this.
Props to Fred & co for the continued hotness!

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sahlan78 said...

Mekanism are smart. Someone should have done what they are doing years ago. The Art Dump could have done that but they went cold... BUT I gotta say that the Space Invader decks are WEAK ASS in terms of design. Yeah the material is fresh. But man his designs are w.e.a.k. I need more. And what's her name's shit is dope but you gotta have a series of them to fully appreciate 'em.
Nah mean?
Get a Hecox deck at Monster Children... 1/4 the price and 4 times fresher! ha
And what no teases today? c'mon son you slippin!