Saturday, February 19, 2011

real clothing

Let It Ride bowling shirt
A DS pickup from sometime back. Let It Ride (now Unrivaled) signature quirky design of a bowling shirt with jersey knits at the sides. Great for the warm weather here

Bathing Ape scout shirt
Classic re-release (love the "fellowship" tag, don't you?) of the Ape General scout shirt. Dope patches! Forget the silly chatter over Nigo's selloff of the brand he built, classic is classic, i;ll keep chasing the vintage and the looks that made me crazy for the brand years back.

Sunday, February 06, 2011

sweet meats

...the welcome of Spring
a hundred men awaits
the lure of sweet meats...

Every lunar new year, together with hordes of other folks, i make the pilgrimage to the festive mecca that is Chinatown for my fix of Lim Chee Guan's famous barbequed meats, or Bak Kwa. Years of military training, fanboy sneaker-queueing, rabid persistence, and (some say) pure stupidity insanity is rewarded with a bounty of sweet meats for gifting my family and loved ones. Just glad i have my (mental) buddies for company. One can't explain it, but we just do it..haha :)

dressing lightly: Fenom | Visvim EigerSanction | Nike Undercover MatchClassic
not seen: Supreme cordura backpack with Acronym J17 for wet weather program (thankfully not deployed)

unboxing II

Vintage hunting in no matter what form, be it furniture, antiques or watches etc, always tells a story. I have a tiny assortment of vinyl toys that i unabashedly call a collection, grouped together more by self-appraised "coolness" rather than general consensus nor market-price evaluation. I have the 2-piece James-Nigo Mowax boxset, and when i managed to snag the standalone Nigo figure, there is just a nagging "need" to cop the James figurine to "complete". I have such "completist" mentality (or mental sickness, however you view it)
Never did i think i'd come across this version, the so-called "stealth" or blacked-out version, with customized paint splatter by Stash. Given the recent sell-off of Bape, the antagonistic James, a reticent Futura, and even wierder direction of Stash (with the fugly Sebago shoe), this figure is a reminder of just what kind of "cool guys" those 4 culture giants were...

Saturday, February 05, 2011


Candice Swanepoel for VS

Adrian Lima for Valentine's Day collection

Lady GaGa x Supreme, shot by Terry Richardson for Purple magazine
love the box logo on birkin, wish she had hand scrawled something like her Tokyo (head)trip


Eons back, i managed to get a steal of a deal for the Hulk vinyl figure customized by Kostas Seremetis, for Phase0.2. It sat pretty in my handmade display case and just about out-smashed other vinyl figurines for coolness stakes. Well, up until a couple weeks ago at least...thats when i spotted this gem of an autographed piece. Had to have it...duh?!

Noticed that it was also un-numbered, unlike the regular version of the 500-piece run, so i guess Phase0.2 should have reserved several pieces outside of production to be inked by Kostas. And my #85? hand-carried over to happy new owner, my buddy S78 haha

*pictured in background: medicom fabrick cushion

chicken soup (for the soul)

Roaming around Geylang for some pre-Chinese New Year stocking up of goodies, stopped by Ser Seng Herbs Restaurant for herbal black and white chicken soup.
Though more famous for turtle soup, figured i didn't need that much "goodness" in me :)

RRL polo | LVC | Converse HF
can't believe 2nd month of 2011 is upon us...