Saturday, October 28, 2006


These couple came thru the post, was scoping the F2K but the ape-head became a bonus.

Peep Zouk's recent flyer. I like the colors, gear detailing and general vibe...but doesn't it remind you of David Choe's whales?

I'm a big fan of his art and attitude to life and art..mad talents y'all
Another 1 of my fave:
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AMQ x Puma

I like the detailing for these new Alexander McQueen designs for Puma, from the laser work to the exquisite form. The feline fang with human root of the ManCat tooth is the definitive logo that represents this collection.
FBT Ancestor

Visvim just can't go wrong with the FBT. If there's one shoe you need to have in your closet, its gotta be the FBT. Latest incarnation tweaks the iconic flap with enclosing loops, probably to tie-in with the laces. Start saving
Undrcrwn NCAA "&&&" tees

UndrCrwn retro's the iconic Michigan Fab5 and SinCity Rebels. Get here

Also at Turntable labs, check out reduced price of the Wood LED clock...freshness.
Why iPOD succeeded where others failed
Top 5 reasons
1 last important reason
Pretty much on point and should be a lesson for all labels and bands
You-Tube time
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Halfway thru the vid, i half expected the awesome PJ Ladd to pull a Darkslide...he's that good

Style Wars
I have no idea how the entire movie got uploaded (youtube limits video length/capacity), but catch it while you can...

have a nice saturday

1 comment:

78 said...

please never ever EVER think that a darkslide makes you an inredible skater.
Who the fuck pulls a dark slide?
And if you don't know the deal there then please please please don't ever comment on a skaters ability.
Fuckin darkslides.
search DRAKE JONES or JOEY BAST on you tube for some REAL steez.

And KAET HUDSON??? fuckin' hell... please please step up son!