Sunday, April 29, 2007

"if the mountain will not go to Muhammad, then Muhammad will go to the mountain..."

Last week, the government [affectionately termed "gah'men"] promptly went out to woo back overseas based Singaporeans with a huge event in central park NYC. Oh no, not with song and dance [they did have them], but with food of course! The way to a S'poreans' heart is thru his belly, heh heh, cos what else do we do besides, eating and shopping?!
The late Johnny Apple once proclaimed our treats as the "best streetfood in the world", so KF Seetoh brought along his corp of makansutra-approved "12-best" streetfood hawkers to set up stall and indulge everyone in the Big Apple; you can be sure Thye Hong fried prawn noodles will be there!
But the visitors also brought along something uniquely Singaporean...the orderly queue of course!

they really go all out to get ya back
The poor souls [only figuratively, i would say they are pretty well-off based in the states, ha] had to queue up to an hour for sample morsels of popular food like bak kut teh, laksa, prawn noodles, chilli crab, bbq seafood etc...well, i guess the good reviews from the numerous blogs and media seem to suggest it was worth it. Now how about these returning folks present their overseas experience eh?
last pic courtesy of kelchan
Now, for those looking for reviews on great eats besides streetfood, do check out ChubbyHubby. Aun Koh's [the scion of our ambassador-at-large Prof Tommy Koh] well-written prose and obviously well-travelled experiences make the site very accessible and enlightening.
And if my bud Sahlan is reading this: dude, go set up a reservation at Iggy's already! i'm hungry and its your treat! LOL

Title of post has no relations to this[well maybe], but just thought it'd be cute...
"Queen of bagland" Anya Hindmarch has another created winner in her hands. After being seen on just about every IT celeb, the bag was sold out of its 20,000 run in Sainsbury. Created as part of an envirmentalist-EarthDay moment to reduce plastic bag usage, it has caught on like wildfire. Now just wait for the crazy crush come June for the US release and the obvious July human-tsunami in Tokyo.
That said, anybody hook me up for one? anybody?
"came, saw, outbid? get the tee"

Interesting find off ebay, i probably missed the release info. adidas release these "83-C" replica tees (yep you heard right) for rabid fans of the iconic 83-C jacket. I guess it should go some way to soothe the restless souls who scour every little corner of the globe and ebay-sphere for a chance at the jacket without breaking the bank. I don't think it has the "J/Mano" on the sleeve though [ha, i'm such a nit-picker]
Me? i'm still cheesed at passing up the opportunity during its drop in Oz [Eric, you owe me for introducing you to the hype jkt!]
I can't promise the bank [not much anyway], but i could make some semblence of a deal for some worn grey/purple or white/red goodness. Mr A, this message is partly directed to you... hahaha
bape w)taps '07

Some upcoming hyper-limited drops from general ape, collab with w)taps. Prolly outta reach for me seeing i'm not a NFS member, so if any peeps have access, lemme know?

Also read somewhere that this release might be Nigo's way to venture back into the "underground"; trying to ride the coat-tails of the supreme-wtaps collab fame back to the hearts of Ura-otaku...wait, what? I'm sorry, but i don't think he needs to do that, and secondly its not the first time he's worked with Tet
They were part of the Mout family and CommandZ satellite

and who could forget the Visual Uparmored Council:

JohnSmedley x OriginalFake x Nexus7

First look at the upcoming Smedley outfit: great canvas, [nearly] inconspicuous detailing [X's at the collar, N7 "fleur de lis" at the back]
I need!

Based on the company philosophy that natural fibres make the best performance sportswear, Ibex from Vermont has cornered the market in merino-wool activewear. They're having a sale on the winter-line now, great for stocking on base layers...go check 'em out

Every sector of the market has its own "premium label", the top of the line. For Pcs, its gotta be Alienware. While the price tag may cause most to balk, the flagship line of fastest-gaming desktops-in-the-market ALX "start" at just usd$4,999, its like haute couture for geeks. Heck if Jim Lee has one, its gotta be good. Don't know who/what Jim is/does? damn...i'm the geek

Speaking of Jim, i've been outta the comics loop for the longest time [not least due to bitten by the sneakerfreak bug], but do check out his blog for the best sketches from one of the illest pencillers in the industry.
Apparently she's some chick named "Rong Xuan" from Taiwan who had her pics from her private blog leaked...

The rest are a bit NSFW[not safe for work], so mail me if u really want em *wink*

Charlize in yellow


Saturday, April 28, 2007

Pretty drained out week for me. Lots of cleaning up at work. Sometimes i feel that i'm almost setting up all these mess to be cleared by me anyway, that its totally pointless to even hand out tasks to anyone any more.

NB techjkt.adidas-undftd-arkitip-petesoutherland.201xx.VsVm Serra.Bape-Porter(no visual)
It was a slightly washed out midweek as well. Probably the last of the Spring showers before the heat of May hits.
Speaking of cleaning mess-up's, i remembered reading about Red Cell by bad-ass Rogue Warrior Richard Marcinko quite some time ago. During his tenure as commander of the band of merry men, their team emblem was a toilet seat with the globe in it. The motto for all their black-ops and wetworks? "WGMATATS: we got more ass than a toilet seat"
Now that would make a cool logo/emblem wouldn't it?
Attus Apparel

Well, its not exactly the replica nor intention, but Attus probably comes the closest so far with the toilet bowl logo.
Check out their range of cheeky logos on their polo-shirts, depicting the Hesher, Shredder[board god], Jerk[1 finger salute], Sid[obvious punk god ref], Hangover[the requisitory toilet bowl] and the 40[% alchohol to get the party started].
I say its a nice departure from the usual animal-driven emblems of sporty stallions, gallant steeds or right and left-facing crocodiles.
Drop by Attus Apparel to have a look, tell 'em i sent ya!
S2C Utsunomiya Chapter exclusive

Check out the lovely exclusives for Stussy Utsunomiya, with tools and planks denoting the reopening of the store. Also released as raglans and a pretty nice collab with Dickies workwear for an workmen overall.
new drop

I'm liking the inside-out print of the Stussy Isle crew, as well as the crazy "Wild out" prints of Xlarge [seems like a match for the Nike atmos "animal pack"...heh

'Preme box.'Preme aircrew flight pants.SlamJam Terminators.S2C-LoweAlpine
Weekend's here and i just can;t be bothered to go anywhere. Its just one of 'em days i guess. Pretty much spent it all stoning in front of the pc, catching up on hype news and what-nots.
instant wish-list

This Sophnet pack is way up on my wish list...i just wish it was higher on my "able to afford" list...argh

I'm looking forward to the upcoming vintage runners by Nike, that was borne from Junya Watanabe's S/S collection. I think this summer will be a hark back to the 70/80s...short shorts and bell bottoms anyone?
Some things you just can't understand or explain

Now i know they sold out real quick. I can't explain it, but as evidenced by Bobby's flicks, they did. What i really can't understand is the ridonkulous amounts its ringing up on ebay. First i thought it might just be shill-bidding, then a 2nd auction flashes right by a hundred pop and you know there must be some desperate kid out there that needs 7.5 NewEra to cover his bean.
Rihanna - umbrella

Song is bangin' but i didn't know the video would be as well! For all the thoughts running in my head, thank go Rihanna is of legal age.

Awesome...tell me it doesn't keep ringing in your head
babes on Allure
Peep the lovely ladies, including the red-hot Carlo Gugino from the current Entourage


Sunday, April 22, 2007

Lazy, lazy Sunday...

For those in town for the long MayDay weekend next week, be sure to drop by the Fresh! party @ Zouk on the 30th.
Back for the 7th rendition, this tribute to hiphop event celebrates the explosion of hiphop from the streets of NYC, with guests DJ Craze and MC Armanni.
Collections by Stussy and New Balance will be featured, with the latter launching the retro of the classic 320 runner, first introduced in 1976.
Couple of nice stuff up on TurnTable Labs

Ricky Powell tee, lots of detailing

The usual sense of UP humor..."whitehouse Original Gangsta": hahahahhaa
Last design from subware, featuring images of 80's arcade game Tempest

ah, Atari memories...
custom kings
Spotted these on freeproblem, scans from SoleCollector mag

That "AirMax 95" AF1 by shoelounge is totally off the charts, now thats what i call a hybrid! 2nd one also looks impressive, dimples ala bball leather! hahaha awesome!
Speaking of customs, check out SBTG aka Mark's latest drops for RoyaleFam
Now for sure, this Bangkok store Manga collab tee is impressive and eye-catching:

Heck, the lucha libre is too cute, what with the now-you-see-it, now-you-don't black on black background print. Only 20 pulled, should be gone in a couple of minutes

And while i'm sure lots of painstaking work went into the bdu's, with the over-prints, bells and whistles, i can't say the "cut&sew" drop quite matches the tee, quality-wise. [price-wise, usd220 is quite something else]
No disrespect to Mark and his RF homies, but doesn't that look like an overturned basket ala Vincent from ProjectRunway 3?

heh heh
just jokin' guys, its a slow weekend
hanon shop x NB990 x schoeller: "x3"

This is looking pretty hot orange never looked better!
Scheduled drop is 28th Apr, any kind souls with a hook up for moi?
Peep the below video that apparently got quite a few Malaysians hot under the collar:
Jeremy Clarkson destroys a Perodua Kelisa

I must say, i pretty much enjoyed it, hahaha. And if you've seen them/been behind them on the roads anywhere, you'd know his sentiments ring true.
Now, some M'sians might talk about national pride etc, but i think the man deserves his say and point of view. I don't see any Russians being up in arms over the destruction of Lada by Jeremy:

Now thats some lovely piece of work
Jessica Alab - Good Luck Chuck

Of course, i end off the post with some lovely/much needed shots of Jessica Alba stripping to her panties in upcoming movie "GoodLuckChuck". That scene alone warrents the price of admission!