Sunday, June 25, 2006

time & space

adidas commisioned a couple of directors to get creative and envision their adicolor campaign in video-form. All pretty well-done, my fave's the white video

You can't really miss this kid when you're in the shopping belt of Orchard Road in Singapore. Parked outside a popular shopping mall, and right smack in the middle of the busiest traffic junction in town, this kid, all 7years of him, takes the centre-stage on his drum-kit. Boy, does he really grab your attention! He's been pounding the skins since the age of 2, and busking since 5! I don't know about you, i don't think i knew much more than crawling and bawling at that age.
The next time you pop by town/country, make sure you catch him in action. For now, check out some video shorts from you tube and his own personal website.
Now, before you think child-labor and silly stuff like that, rest assured, this kid enjoys his time in public, and he defintely has talent to boot. Seriously, i could even envision him accompanying some collaborations ala DJ Shadow!
And that would be the sound you make when you are sunburnt.
Not exactly my kind of fun, but this one is cute
Stussy Medicom 10th Anni

measured freshness
Some fresh steez from the post...

Cute lil' "measuring tape" pouch from erin's originals...via thisisnaive

Thinking of gifting it to someone, no idea as yet. :)
Comes with lovely photo-postcard via Tommy's travels: thanks, nice touch!
ps: no Kuumba's attached though.. ;P
base control x fragment
next to drop by: a handy little garment, minimalistic just the way i likes...

great for summers, i can't wait to rock this
July's copy of CoolTrans has a nice obsevation of how certain denim fleshes out your kicks:
slim denim with white kicks, and
staright denim with high-tech kicks.
Much as i'd like not to follow what others tell you how/what to wear, I would've to agree with them! heh heh
RIP aka humidity sucks
There has been a passing in the fam...couldn't quite believe it when i brought them out for a "walk". They lasted not more than a couple of hours. True, the signs have been there for years, but i thought they'd have more resilence. I tried not to notice the cracks, fading and yellow...guess not
Them Nike Air Zoom Havens are one of the most under-rated and under-appreciated pair of shoes. Sure, they squeak a little, the plastic tends to yellow (prolly leading to its eventually downfall) and the low-profile takes some getting used to...but dang, they are some of the most technically-efficient and effective kicks ever.

Yet another reminder to invest in silica gel-packs and be hydro-phobic. On the flip-side, it is a strong reminder to also another pair =)

Which brings us to my third and finest receipt from the post this week: i thought i had lost all hope in them. And the demise of the grey pair only compounded the misery, of never finding them...So, what joy and luck to finally win these babies.
What's the big deal? Well, i won't go into the actual shoe details - get a pair and you'll know the feel. Instead, lets talk about this pair: Womens-only release, meaning i had to find a us12 for them and;limited as hell in DS and clear sole condition - nuff' said!!!
Ladies and Gents...Nike Air Zoom Haven - White/Aura

And notice how it is a white and high-tech shoe? So will it be slim or straight denims? maybe i shall post on the hype forums to ask...hahahaha decisions decisions


Sunday, June 18, 2006

the pieces fall in place
Much like:Beatles' Revolution 9 and Takahiro Miyashita's Number (N)ine

Now i know:
Johnny Boy's tune "You are the Generation that bought more shoes and you get what you deserve" is irritatingly catchy and fun. Instant classic

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The second coming
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Its great to finally see Eddie and gang back on the cover of RS yet again. Cover story is pretty introspective and dwells a little into the gap between the albums, the renewed energy to what looks like the best album since "Vs", and the irection the band is heading. I've no doubt Pearl Jam are the tightest of rock bands in the world today, right up there with the legends. You may have an inkling of their previous hits; you may have heard them during your long solitary drives; and you may have been a former fan who got frustrated during those experimental years...Go and get introduced to the band again today
Kostas x NBHD
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Dropped by surrender and saw the new tee by current NBHD guest artist Kostas..lovely
Save the world, wear dirty jeans!

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Picked up the latest issue of Boon #7. A nice photo shoot from the guys in Stussy UK:
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Last pic shows the World Tour #4 tees and the MadFoot slip-ons: very casual and laidback - i like!
CoolTrans #7 also came with Hectic "ankle-soz"..just in time, since my stock has run low, haha
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cute message - now if only someone can hook me up with one of those transaprent AF1 thingies (!)
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Stussy Leilow comes up with more technicolors - seriousy they only give further proof the Hawaians have more fun than anyone else.
yawning bunnies!
Think this pic is cute?Find more here

more awesome weather photos from this group of storm chasers
Honda devises way to control robot with brain signals. In other news, end of world is neigh...
different schools of thought:

Alternative posters from frustrated citizens...

And a short write-up about the Ohio cover-up from 2004.

Have a nice week ahead
6-degrees of Hokusai

I found this folder at Kinokuniya bookstore some time back. It must have been hidden behind a couple of other designs, i couldn't miss it, no way. I remembered the distinctive image, something i haven't seen for a long time. I even vaguely remembered it in arts appreciation classes(something i always loved), it was the woodblock print art of "the Great Wave" by Japanese artist Hokusai.

And so i did a little more digging to refresh my memories of this unique artwork. During the Shogun period where Japan was cut off from the Western world, Hokusai discovered and learnt about the European artistic elements, including realism and landscape perspective. These 2 qualities in effect, make the "great wave" artwork, although created by a Japanese, very much "non-Japanese".
Read here for some nice background info
The famous artwork showing a huge breaking wave, fishermen and Mt Fuji in the background.
A much earlier work, showing the intricate breaking wave flowing in the wind and turning into sea gulls.

This was when i remembered yet another modern work of art, uprisings by Kozyndan

The prolific duo re-created the masterpiece of a tides of bunnies! Simply awesome work if you ask me.

This admiration of Hokusai's historic work is further interpreted by Levi's US senior VP Caroline Calvin during the "Love & Peace 501" campaign: 35 pairs of 501's painstakingly bleached and treated to achieve this masterful image.

Jaw-droppingly good, like i'd say.

Now i'm on a roll. All my aimless surfing round the web might not have been useless after all...
I also remembered Surface 2 Air's work on belts, pic via Josh, who redifined the notion of truly limited edition. You might just be 1 out of the few that have the key pieces that make up the artwork, each 1 is one of a kind.

And where do i go from here? Well, thanks to cool Fred over in France, my 6 degrees of separation is complete!
French skateboard label Mekanism brings out yet another set of limited edition decks, this time by Katharina Grosse. She is famous for her very lovely abstract and expressive paintings. Check her out in action, and the final outcome:

one word: sweet

Now, there should be more than enuff links from the above links to occupy your time. Hopefully you will enjoy clicking on them as i have :)

Saturday, June 10, 2006

It begins
And so 4years has come and gone

My eyes almost didn't heed my orders to stay awake for the opener. Thankfully, the match was pretty exciting...nah, it was an understatement, the match was flying like those teamgeist balls!
Looks like a start to puffy eyes and zombified work-days...yippee

A pity Oliver Kahn wasn't playing in goal for Germany, i was pretty sure they would've won by a larger margin. Nothing escapes his "Terminator"-like presence. Peep this giant billboard-sort of ad from adidas at the German airport:

Couldn't be more fitting than donning my shirt-of-the-moment: Nike x Sophnet FCRB L/S jersey. Seems the simplest of ideas: get the best material and innovation fabric from a sporting label, add your own creative touch and voila! I think i'm gonna wear it everyday for good luck..heh heh
This came through the mail the other day. Seriously suspicious, i'm surprised it didn't came opened and broken apart by the postal office. hmm, maybe they have super-powered x-rays?

After 15minutes of picking through (5) layers of packaging, at which point i almost thought it was a layman's matryoshka. Thank god it was worth it:

It was a HF figure from the Sense collab with medicom. woot!
Nike dunk SB "SBTG"
Most sneakerfreaks would've known this by now, Mark "SBTG" finally gets his own official SB footwear. But the world-over only got to see this image which looks like those mosiac-covered Jap porn:

Ah, well..Earn finally showed the true pic on his blog. Not gonna post the pic, you gues figure it out. Just descriptions: Toe-panel features SBTG's signature camo print, "SBTG" embroidery at front of the lace, with goldswoosh and detailed heel liner. And the blurry thingie you see behind the swoosh? Its SBTG's now-familiar "Royalefam" logo. What's more, each pair of the 3000-pair run comes with custom SBTG lace cover, now a staple of his customs (ala recent Meth collab).
Some picks of the crop:
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Touch of humor from Mr Lenny
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I like this new print from Supreme:Raisin' Hell
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And sillything managed to get their logo "Stussy-fied". Damn, i wish i could have the great SS write up something for me.

England match in less than 2hours - ta!