Wednesday, January 21, 2009

sellin' dreamz makin' cream...

...and x'mas/b-day prezzies keep popping into my mailbox...
New Balance United Arrows 1500

Fantastic collaboration shoe that i've always wanted. Plush suede and fine-grained leather envelope this '03 effort, with comfy full-length cushioning. UA has always represented the clean-cut, simplistic look and the only highlight of the collab is a UA logo print on the insole. Just the way i like it, this is gonna be lovely for smart casual wear items i've been picking up lately.

Bathing Ape duffle

This was a surprise find and i'm blown away as i unravelled the postal package. Canvas utilitarian Boston duffle, its a very handy size, able to fit a short-haul weekend or even collapsible if used as a laptop bag. Lots of awesome details like the embroidered ape-head in the name-tag holder, ape-head button and branded zipper-pulls (not RiRi, but it'll do, haha). Its a great companion to my Ape x Porter backpack, and perfect timing since i've been hunting for a suitable sized work bag.

Visvim Weller polo

Picked up the Weller polo from SRNDR, supremely soft Giza45 Egyptian cotton. Nice details on the buttons at collar and hem! Thanks Andy! I'm addicted now, gonna pick up more as long as my wallet allows, LOL

Visvim G1950 Newton mid

Yet another proof of needles in the ebay haystack, i was cautious of what i'd find when i opened the package, but absolutely elated with what i saw. Quality construction, good fit, luxe materials, and for the cherry on top, Alexander Girard fabric that is undoubtedly a perfect nod to G1950's interior design inspirations. Peep more of the master's work here
Doin' Time
So what does bored ol' me do on an off-day? Why, wake up at wee hours of the morning, join hundreds others in queue for... food?
Haha, its the annual Big Queue for our local delicacy of BBQ sweet meats, and no queue nor hype is greater than at this age-old shop in the heart of Chinatown, during the festive period of Lunar New Year

Mind you, i've had plenty of my share of queueing, raffling, jostling for sneakers and stuff, even 4hours in chilly december month of NYC, but that ain't nothin' to this! LOL 6hours for perishable food! argh! I'm telling you, us Asians invented queueing, y'all! :) Oh well, just glad the folks loved it. Big ups to my best budd for doin' the time with me. Definitely ain't what i'd do anytime soon... ok, maybe till next year hahhhaa

Picked up some essential printed matter


Nice article on preserving Japan's traditional wooden farmhouses

A rare sporty shoot, nicely done

I love this shoot of interior decor in a London penthouse

And of course my fave part of Monocle, this time taking a forward-look into s/s in Tuscany. More great reads in this issue, get yer own copy!

The scintillating Feja Beha: hotness!


Lots of dope tee prints by Patagonia! especially Geoff McFetridge artwork!
*oops, guess i'm a little late, they've have updated with new stock*

Nice Spring09 Nike x Loopwheeler tees. Love the iconography!

Nike x FCRB dopeness: backpack and fleece-lined sweat!

Sophnet bottoms: damaged denim, cargo workpants!

Gap x Pantone

Pop up store for collaboration between Gap and Pantone at 5th Ave NY. These are so dope. Worldwide distribution please!

The Selby

Awesome look into the home interiors that inspire great artists/actors/designers

Laters y'all!