Saturday, October 28, 2006

Don't call it a comeback

Katherine Hamnett retro's some of her famous slogan tees. T-prints were defnitely the language of our generation, as it was during the fabulous year of 1984. Decades on, it is as relevant now as it was then. the message can be political, humour, irreverent, nonsensical even. The only thing that matters is that it spoke of what you/we are facing. Problem is, what have we been doing about it, or have we simply left the actions to the print on cotton?
A savant (/səˈvænt/) is a learned person, well versed in literature or science, often with an exceptional skill in a specialized field of learning.

An autistic savant is an autistic person with Savant Syndrome
I remember a recent BBC documentary "Beautiful Minds" that covered these wonderfully gifted persons. Their specialities or gifts could range from memory, arts, music or arithmetic.
Stephen Wiltshire, a Brit, is one such gifted person with an immense memory he is dubbed the "human camera". However, he's talent lies not only in memory, but in reproducing what he saw, most times only once, by putting pencil to paper.

Be blown away by the intricate detailing, he's an MBE holder, mind you.

If you think these photos are amazing, wait till you see him in action, in these videos of him in Tokyo and Rome.
The way he goes about drawing without drafting nor pause for proportion checks, simply start to finish in a continuous sitting takes my breath away. When he calmly says "and i'm done...just let me sign my name here" at the end of the exhaustive panoramic sketch, i just shake my head in fascination and admiration.
I'm not worthy
Sistine Chapel de Paco

From one talent to another. Check out Paco Rosic's tribute to Michaelangelo's ceiling artwork on the Sistine Chapel, using spray paint. The result is amazing, truly vibrant!

Enjoy the links...taking a short break, dreaming of technicolor architecture...

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