Sunday, October 22, 2006

Pretty f-ed up weekend thus far. Hope you've had a better one than me

Having a blue day. Not even Milo is cheering me up

Just random pics and links, connect the dots if you will or won't

A friend sent me a funny mail couple of days ago about the police cars of the world and how pathetic the ones are back home. Well, can't really complain i guess, i mean, how fast can the cars here go? Cars in europe and pretty much elsewhere do not have to curb their speed limit and exhorbitant price tags.
Anyways, check out the new Spyker C8 cars for the Dutch police...

Damn, those will help chase down the Lambo's and Ferari' will the Austrians with their Porsche make-up

Time truly passes when you seem to remember your teens like it was yesterday. Damn, who could forget McFarlane's insane artwork and detailing for the Spawn figures? It pretty much brought the Western comic fanbase to embrace the vinyl toyworld in Asia. Who could also forget the collapse of said McFarlane empire...perhaps due to the stress of competing with the tide of Jap and HK influx? or his blind pursuit of his love for baseball? In any case, i think these Medicom releases really does the character justice:
Medicom RAH - Spawn

and of course, the inevitable be@rbrick

Gabrielle Barros for Maxim
Euro mags truly are the shitz these days...check out the hot Gabrielle Barros. Yep, no idea who she is either. Watevs, just check it:

Gonz statues

The statues are up y'all..grab them for 120quid from DPMHI before they disappear (you know they will)
youtube madness
I'm going you-tube mad lately, really one of the best ways to spend your time
Something heavy to think about:

and something light to balance it off
Algorithm March

Wait till i try this with my buddies! vid courtesy of Rufus
wait...somebody already did it and more...
world record Algorithm March by Pinoy prisoners

I'd wish they try with female prisoners dancing to BEP's "Bebot" vid...oh well.

have a nice Sunday

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