Sunday, August 30, 2009

yes and no



Got together at a friend's pad for potluck dinner on N-day, so glad my flu's all over and i can enjoy my booze and food. yumz


Broke out the hpp pants on a casual friday, popped by srndr to have a look at the new NBHD/visvim stock. Wish i had the ca$h for some vis foleys...sighs

Some otaku-love from KC: i passed a couple of NB kicks to the NB connoisseur and he kindly reciprocated with a Stussy Shizuoka exclusive tee and a GDEH button-down

Like he says, that Stussy "how ya livin'" print is way higher quality stuff than whats been put on shelves lately
big ups to the OG bro! lol


electric cottage logo tee

sure i have more tees than i can wear, but an EC print is always welcome in my wardrobe. Its just so awesome to have anything from HF's defining collection, the logo branding, sleeve print and of course, the quintessential sleeve tag, that's so prevalent in streetwear today (that no one has remembered where it originated)

Stussy Japan "blowout" tour tee

This one's a nice find, and perfect companion to the SZK tee KC gave me. Part of the '01 skate tour of the Stussy crew, i believe it was a crew tee, and not sold? (anyone confirm?)

Supreme x Smedley polo

Been hunting this collaboration for a long time now. Its always either the wrong size or the wrong price(technically never a wrong price for a must-have, but you know what i mean). Once again, big ups to the masses of collectors out there who keep their clothes DS for fellow crazies (lol)

And then we come to yet another contradiction...or rather addiction
I can't seem to quit the sneaker game. Sure, no more crazy limited edition hype-driven sky-high-priced sneaker ever since i got my grails. So what does that leave me with? Still plenty of other options apparently, hahaha! While i no longer buy kicks for hype-dom, theres nothing inherently bad about those kicks thats for sure. I just hate the hype-biz/buzz that builds and fizzles out before launch. Given a chance to get them for true retail and outside of the hype-ish, i'd definitely do so.

Nike Dunk Hi "Try On" pack

You either love or hate this pair/pack. Designed (or some say, a lack of) to replicate the ubiquitous grey dunks at the NikeID store which customers try on for size, i love it for its utilitarian feel. Said to release to limited numbers (case-load of 36pairs?) as the 21MercerStreet store exclusive. Another reason why it grew on me is that it reminds me so much of the concrete dunks done by Juse of ihavepop. I was really stoked to read about it then, and wanted a pair so bad! If you're reading this Juse, hit me up, i still want a pair!
And from giving away NBs to buying more NBs...i'm mr contradiction here

New Balance 990 x Hanon x Schoeller

This one needs no introduction. Totally dope colorway, incorporating Schoeller's 3xDry fabric technology for a production run of 144 pairs.

New Balance 991 x Crooked Tongues "Black Tom" sample

This will be very familiar to the NB headz out there, but a longer look will reveal the slight difference with the actual release. The sample for the "Black Tom" design sports the same dope colorway of neon green, mix of grey suede and tumbled leather. It only lacks the embroidered "confederacy of villiany" pack label on the tongue, but i don;t think it detracts much from the overall look. Plus the fact that the pack only had a tiny production run of 99pairs per colorway, this sample is worth its weight in rarity.

Michael Lau Crazychildren "The Pig"

I'm such a Nike hog, this one probably speaks the most about me, LOL
Not an easy find among the numerous design variations for The Pig, especially one with Michael's signature, this one has its place on the mantelpiece.

Supreme F/W09
The new collection is pretty amazing, with lots of good looks and quality items for winter. But knowing me, you should already know what my heart beats for...

Not sure if i can pull off print tees anymore, but hey, a hoarder is a hoarder :)

Definitely need some l/s tee and shirts in the wardrobe. Not sure how i'll get the buck-knife in, but if anyone can help, pls do! thanks in advance!

Blake Lively is seriously hotness defined

laters while i get some time alone...

Sunday, August 16, 2009

sick sick sick

end July

(L)Supreme|LVC|Stussy Dunk
(R)BlackFleece|Visvim Fluxus|Nike HF tennisclassic

Headed up to the launch of the mega mall that is Ion Orchard...not to mention along with the rest of the population. I mean, what else is left to do around here anyway, right? :)
Truly immense building proportions, the mall has 4 basements of shopping and food haven, not forgetting the 3 storeys above ground housing the various couture boutiques. The building folks didn't foolishly set out to outbuild Dubai Mall or Mall of America for sure, but coupled with the rest of the malls along the Orchard belt, its pretty unrivaled in the region.
Caught the nasty flu bug at the end of July, was really miserable, urgh
A fever that doesn't go away, even when i thoroughly flush the body system with copious amount of H2O (but thankfully isn't H1N1). Furthermore, i also had a weird combo of runny nose, hacking cough and a weak bowel (but thankfully isn't stomach flu or food poisoning). The fever came down if i move around, but i'd sneeze/cough and have an urge to run to the toilet. Rest in bed and my body temp heats up like the Human Torch. Dammit, talk about caught between shitting rocks and a hot place. Suffered for 2 whole days with a lingering cough...sure has been ages since i last fell sick

headporterplus and unrivaled

Managed to score this pair of dress pants for below retail, i couldn't believe my luck either. Nice way to retire my threadbare pair of pants for work wear.
A couple of knickknacks as well:

CDG homme belts|Supreme ashtrays

Not the right belts for work, but will be great for my denims...and a couple of ashtrays for my future (non-smoking) home. Heck,its just a couple bucks anyway, i'll just use it a paperweight haha!

Some lovely Miranda Kerr in Victoria Secrets...roar!


oh Jessica...

day off in mid July

GDEH | Visvim fluxus | Visvim Lhamo folk

Took my no-leave and visited some long-missed friends at NB office. I'm really at a loss on what to do given a day-off (i know, ridiculous innit?), but i so enjoy taking my own sweet time to stroll to my destinations. The new lhamo folks are a joy to have on my feet, my toes finally free to wriggle and "feel" the ground. "Down to earth"? maybe, hahaha
Saw the upcoming white pigeons that are dropping on 18Aug, cop 'em at your friendly NB tier 0 accounts. Also saw some custom colorways for Leftfoot and LimitedEdition, hectic months ahead for hypedom surely
Been thumbing through Jessica's photo-book, courtesy of the 78monster's sojourn in

sweet dreams