Friday, October 27, 2006

kiddie-T's.killer-rule.cute plush
sesame st gets alife

After the frighteningly "out-there" tees of Frankenstein and Mummy all-over prints, alife releases yet more head-scratching prints of Sesame Street characters Bert, Ernie and Oscar. Hopefully, they will all be in time for Hallow's eve. I can't imagine wearing it for any other occasion, perhaps the a block party for some kid's birthday, a terribly hot chick you're trying to impress, or the anniversary taping of the Sesame Street. And if they get all snapped up by hypebeasts, don't worry, i'm sure the kid's department at your neighborhood clothing store will stock 'em (or something like that). via
1st rule in class: do not copy

Atypyk shows up yet another gem of a satire on the state of un-education in recent times. Cool stuff for adults, cos i doubt these will get anywhere near a school...
ele, piggie and raf

Took a look at these plushes and and really liked them! Every toddlers gotta have an elephant plush! too cute
Get them via e-giggle
best cd review of all time
The donkey not only has longer ears than the horse but also typically eats much less. Also, its fur is not waterproof. The domesticated animal, Equus asinus, can defend itself with a powerful kick from its hind legs. While present in early American society, the donkey's popularity was not widespread until the Gold Rush, thanks to its social disposition and ability to carry tools. Many people consider the donkey a cute and comical animal, but it has a reputation for being stubborn. A popular German proverb contends that a donkey can dress up in a lion suit, but its ears will always stick out and reveal its true identity. The donkey is helpful in herding sheep, cattle or goats. The animal is also commonly known as a jackass, burro, jennet, hinny and ass. It has a loud, brassy voice that goes, "Hee-haw! Hee-haw! Hee-haw!"
-- Aidin Vaziri

Guess the CD before you hit the link here
bringing sexy back
Justin and buddy Trace Ayala's label WilliamRast is finally on the mass media/market from the recent celeb sightings and his own album launch. I could care less what JT wore on TRL or VMA's, as long as they can beautifully exhibit Cameron's perkiness for all to see...

Damn, she's got a sexy back
Posh is cute with kids
Alrite, so she might be a little fake, a little too thin, very much can't sing for a career...but she is HOT in my books. Plus, she handles kids very well

and of course the pics to wrap up the post


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