Sunday, January 27, 2008

rise & fall
Its been a turbulent/eventful past week...the Asian stock exchanges tumbled as the US market struggled to find her feet in quicksand;
yet another idiot managed to evaporate billions from a major bank, yes billions, and not cop a single cent (am i right to say he's an idiot?);
a Kennedy-esque fantasy presidency perhaps, or will it be a Hollywood one, or one backed by the big Apple? IMO, in view of the available choices and the incumbent dope-head, its a case of believing the inexperienced prophet rather than the experienced liar;
yet another young awesome actor passes...what a fucking shame. RIP Heath
an Aedes-mozzie inflicted viral fever with a name sounding like a Japanese bookstore hits town;
and prices for barbequed pork sweet meats (traditionally eaten during Chinese New Year) are set to hit all-time high just like prices for a barrel of oil....sighs, all this, and it doesn't affect me one bit. The wonders of being blissfully unaffected by the world/local events of the outside world when donning the uniform, LOL. I seriously don't know whether to laugh or be bothered
Junya MAN

I seriously need that dope belt...and there can never be too many striped shirts, haha
Goodenough socks

I know, not much big streetwear news, so go buy these GDEH socks already :)
With the rising prices of Nike ankle/footie socks, might as well go value for money with these
lo-fi sneaks

Hip urban streetwear still going through the emo/rocker/grunge/whatevs phase, so these ultra-pricey hi-tops are top of the picks. Problem is not being able to afford, but to find them in the first place, heh
MMJ+Converse+Beams and Visvim Keifer+Sophnet
Olivia Morris

Truly lovely retro-chic prints by Olivia Morris for your feet. Couple of '08 releases on net-a-porter...pricey goodness
Levis 1955 pack

Nothing like celebrating your 53rd anniversary eh?
One of the more popular denim model, LVC sets up a box set for the 1955 big E repro with iconic white(cream actually) tee to match
At Oi Polloi
RealMadHectic AF1 - 1Love

This dropped last week i believe...sadly not in SG due to some misunderstanding...
Red croc is really stunning. Anyone able to hook a bro up?
Have you been to the Ghetto?

You should. Period.
via Ping Mag
Amazing shots of Nothern Lights

This is what i mean by otaku-madness
Super Mario Fusion by Mario fan

Totally awesome - Excellent

Demi for V
absolute stunned when i saw the V mag cover...besides the botox and plastic surgery info about her, she does look stunning and retains milf status

see you guys in a week. laters!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

short intermission

"stripey casual":uniqlo-plokhov*levis-fenom*NB-st33 stingray
Met up with a couple of ex-colleagues for a get together as one of them was returning to China. Been awhile since i last had those Chong Qing hotpot meals...scalded my tastebuds for sure, ha.
pick ups

Always cool when a bro hooks it up. I pretty much thought it was just a simple corduroy daypack/carrier like an Eastpak and nothing much. Boy was i glad to be wrong when i saw the laptop compartment and the details of pockets, accessing zips and of course the knitted wool-bottom. Hiroki was already practicing Tet's message of "putting things where they belong" couple years back, haha. Can't wait to use it in the next few weeks

KC even threw in an old skool Supreme "Air Flight" wings pin, ha. Thanks!

Supreme NBHD

Wonders of ebay still abound when you can actually get something brand new for less than retail shipped. And nope, i ain;t gonna wear the bill flat, its baseball slugger style for me, :)
back in green

Final duty call - gonna be offline over the next 2 weeks. Some say burden, i call it a paid vacation, heh heh. It'll be awesome catching up the good ol' times yet again with the buds.
Futura Lab messenger
Look for the pointmen to make an uprising ths season, both for FuLabs and Stussy. In the meantime, check out these 4 renditions for the messenger and wallet

And some funny squiggles from Mr McGurr

2nd pic shows the sweatshirt collab with Dickies...hmmm
Number Nine
More rockstar mosaics...mmm lovely, need to get 'em. Can you recognise who they are? :)

Visvim Soph

Damn, these are turning out to be nicer than i thought...clean and simple lines
Oh man, my wallet's gonna suffer
devilish Miranda Kerr

see y'all in a bit. be safe!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

chillout with your shorts out

Pulled out some vintage to meet with the OG's aka old fogeys
electric cottage*mj belt(no vis)*visvim eiger sanction*casio fragment*nike woven
Its always chill out time when meeting with headz. Met up with Kev/uparmoured and Sahlan/S78 on an afternoon where us 3 miraculously managed to be in the same country at the same time. Seeing as how over the past couple of weeks we were all in each others' places of residence and didn't meet up, its definitely a rare occassion haha. S78 did the usual round of mail-drop pickup and even managed to do a little shopping-trolley-rally-derby round Orchard Road (how many of you guys ever seen a dude push 5 grand of proddy around in a trolley on a busy street?) hahaha
pick up

Number(N)ine houndstooth slip-on
Nothing's wrong with the 1st pic, just a closeup of the embossed shoebox...pretty stoked to haul this steal in. Leather lining y'all! word

Viktor & Rolf shirt
Can;t seem to find the right flash to capture the white-on-white print on the shirt-front. Slim-fit, simple clean-cut goodness from the Dutch boys. I might gt used to their work...
Nike vintage dunks

Releasing as we speak, with a new colorway every week, just like old times.
I adored the vintage running series, and i thought i'd love this as well...but if you look at the close up pics (avail on every other hype site), all the "distress" is the same on every shoe/model (the heel wear, ollie flip etc), and thats pretty sad. Couldn;t nike have given the factory worker "freedom of expression" to work his creative magic? I don't know man, verdict is still out for me, prolly gotta see it in person to decide. Who knows, i might be really lured in by the yellowed soles, stained laces and all =)
pics via sneakernews
Bar Rafaeli - Arena

this babe is HOT!