Sunday, May 25, 2008


So i've been waiting ages for these to arrive in the post, and i guess its apt that they just trickle in one by one to antogonize me that little bit more!
In the end, i couldn't wait for the weekend to come just so i'd have more time for these babies, ha!
Nexus7 x Daft Punk

"human after all"
I think the last time i saw this was in a small little collumn in a Jap mag. This is one of those "double-name" collabs that is absolutely too cool to be missed, esp when you consider the madmaxx theme by N7 and the futuristic worlds/vision by DaftPunk
New Balance x Levis 999

This needs no introduction for the NB otaku. 2nd wave of collab with Levis, this one is chockfull of premium goodness. Full croc leather upper with that creased suppleness that can only bring to mind haute couture attention to detail, and a superfine denim accent to simply remind you, that, yes, not only is it handcrafted and features beyond-premium grade materials, its also a collaborative item.
And that pig-leather lining with that raw, almost vulgar tan-pink come-hither allure? yes, its smooth as silk, softer than butter and orgasmic as they come
The effort put in to craft this beauty pays homage to the heritage of the 999. Oh, and the little touch of Levis signature yellow thread on raw denim? esquisite. Its almost as if Levis didn't want you to think they had a hand in this...
At 1 in 200, i tend to agree
Nike AF1 x Rocafella Records
Jay Z Blueprint 2 : The Gift and The Curse

Last but definitely not least, rounding out the pick ups of the week, is this rarer than rare sneakerhead's wetdream of a shoe.
Released to coincide with Jay-Z's double album "Blueprint 2: The Gift and The Curse" in '02, theres a few versions of this shoe out there. A white/white pair dropped in the region of around 100 pairs at select stores and disappeared faster than you can say "hyperstrike".
This pair is "white/white/ice", featuring an iced-out sole to floss album shout out from the outsole, is a never released sample - its for friends-and-family only.
So how did i get hold of it? Floss the cash? Nah, i got none of that. And while i would love to say i'm tight with Hova's crew, i ain't gonna lie. Its down to pure dumb luck, and yet another notch on my ebay best finds ever list.
Yep, its been worn, but seriously, when its in your size and with a sole clear as crystal, you know its a lockdown
Nike SB x Concepts

One of the more unique collabs inspired by a city's iconic seafood and designed by a fellow blogger for a sneaker store, pics were first released a pretty long while back. Its hard to keep something like this under wraps for long.
However, instead of fizzling out or lost under the mountains of hype news daily,
it was a well-crafted piece of marketing strategy - the idea of "there was more to come"
The shoe was revealed, but not the sales concept, not the awesome box, not the dope details... and boy, were there details and then some
Stripped of story and concept, it is just a red-toned shoe with very well-made detailing (esp the fabric lining)
Combined with the story of the world famous Boston lobsters, fabric lining remniscent of the lobster backet, splatter-like prints not unlike a lobster shell, rubber bands for claws, caged wooden box and freedom of co-labelling, it is immense, at once bringing back memories of your first holy grail of a sneaker, where you'll pore over the details like a kid with a sticker book. Much props
Shoe drops at Concepts 31 May
Gap Whitney Museum artist edition T - Barbara Kruger

Love this Barbara Kruger designed tee for Gap and Whitney Museum's artist edition
How long has it been since we last saw Shalom?
Dior mobile

Following Prada/LG and Armani/Samsung, Dior tops the rest of the boutique phones with this release with ModeLabs
Featuring a touch screen display, camera and a remote control extender called myDior (about the size of a USB key to clip to the side of your bag)...all of which still just not justify the $5000 price tag.

But hey, if you have a divorce settlement with the oil baron coming up, its definitely up your alley =)
KateMoss TopShop high summer

This new summer launch looks good, and perhaps can pick up the slack from the previous disappointments... but then again, thats why Ms Moss is in them pics, she looks heaven in anything
Shop here
Richard Kern for Mishka

I seldom look at Mishka's items, but hey, if its prints by Richard Kern, i'm interested.
And if the look-books are shot by the awesome Ellen Stagg, i couldn't miss shots like this:

You get like 2-for-1 with both provacative photogs, yay!
Pharrel for Vuitton "Blason"


Fay "give it to me straight" comedic cut
OK, so the music's not great, but follow through the storyline in vid and catch the comedic ending with the indomitable Suzanne Whang (Harro! Yarro Powaar!)

Weezer "Pork and Beans"
One of the best vids, and indicative that Weezer loves YouTube as much. How many youtube online-wonders can you name?

Rihanna sexy leather outfit

coupled with recent interview where Rihanna says she likes to wear her stage outfits in the bedroom, it only proves one thing: damn that lucky sonofagun Chris Brown

Kristen Bell

she's gotta be listening to "baby got back" in that ipod


Monday, May 19, 2008

weekend/weakened warrior
Summer's truly on now, felt the ridiculously warm weather amid the insane humidity. Boy, just wish i can soak in a tub of cold water all day...
I couldn't even be bothered to venture anywhere else, anything in the sun just seems too far away...okok, on-point characteristics of an old man, what the heck, i could care less lol
It is only these times you truly appreciate the icy blasts of airconditioning in shopping malls (global warming be damned). Lots of warm-up (yeap, pun) sales as a prelude to the annual crazy sales season (aka "summer"). Got a lovely deal for the '08 L'eau d'Issey for the lady to add to her collection of Issey summer fragrances

Accompanied an aunt to town to pick up a Tag Autoracer for my uncle's b-day pressie...prob one of the fastest pick ups i've ever seen (haha) some ladies do shop like men, heh
mail drops
Couple of stuff in the mail the past week
Bapexclusive "angry apehead" print

Yet another holy grail picked up. No, don't ask me exactly how many constitutes a holy grail, or final last search, hahaha!
One of the hardest search back in the day, so glad i managed to track down one at a low price... now to find more :)
DJ Krush MiLight - Mowax - Futura2000

this one came out of the blue during the usual hunting rounds. Around the same time (1997)of DJ Krush's LP MiLight released under Mowax label, the LP sleeve featured F2K's artwork. The tee print captures the artwork, showing both front and back of the canvas. Dopeness
Perhaps reflective of the current dearth of creativity in streetwear as we knew it recently, i couldn't find much interesting stuff from latest issue of STW2D. I did however find this spread involving kids utterly cute...maybe i'll direct them to Mr A's attention, haha

funny how the term "kids wear" will still be apt even in the grown up form

A sneaky peek at up and coming Brasil streetwear,
and Glen E Friedman's tie-up with Shephard - Obey

and of course, cover story, Johnny Schillereff of Element skateboards

By contrast, Monocle is growing from strength to strength, becoming the current affairs read du jour

Check out the very dope spread on cruise travelling
Lost of fash mags tell y about deck shoes and nautical wear, but how many have this spread? nada

loved that lovely Porter combo in the last pic above? heres yet more travel bags. sick Goyard

and of course, what to pack for that short jaunt

and an aviation summary that is very comprehensive and succinct. much appreciated!
NBHD oyster bag multi
speaking of lovely bags, i quite adore this multi-patch, multi-pouch hold-all

get it here
Tiffany & Co fixed

one for the fixed heads, one of handful built in 1890s

Too beautiful for words

Kids say the wisest things Link

Viral vid for Levis? Link

Pachelbel's Canon b-boy style? i dig Link

Nike - Cesc Fabregas "cool under pressure" by W+K

adidas "Dream Big" Link
Gotta admit, 3 stripes win this round ;)
Emmanuelle Chriqui

dopeness on a stick

Shannon Elizabeth for Maxim
still doin' it for me

laters, y'all