Thursday, May 31, 2007

Upcoming release
Kiks TYO - G-Flash triple threat

Now this collab's truly lookin' hot. Kiks Tyo previews upcoming triple collab with New Balance and G-Shock. Colorway and design elements will be similar to the August-relase of 25th anniversary G-Shock watches that are co-branded with Kiks TYO.
Peep the splatter touches on 2 pairs of 574's and a sleek special edition 320 [well in line with NB:JP's campaign]

Colorway is looking great, with the reverse that does so well. Splatter concept is nothing new, but by keeping it simple, its eye-popping! Since these are still samples, heres a point to note: for the 2nd yellow/black pair, put on a black "big N", and introduce black contrast stitching and laces and you're all set for a perfect compliment to the black/yellow pair!
Big ups to hobby:tech[Shinichi], premier sneakerhead of KikTyo, who also helms HTML [hobby:tech merchandise laboratory], that recently did the release a series of products in conjunction with G-Shock. Check back at the site for more info over the next few months
Stussy Rustler crew

i like the prints on this...but i don't think i can pull off the s/s sweat look
visvim sophnet logan

yeah, its been all over the web, but the more i look at it from this angle, the sweeter it is...why oh why are sophnet proddy so exx...
Anna K

wait, why is she here? coz she's back on the market yo! hahaha word is that she's dumped, she's the hottest "release" this week! =)
Honeyee blogs down and out

looks like a temporary end...but hey, them dudes know how to end on a high. they've set the standards for collective-celebrity blogging, interesting to see what comes next
Some lovely shots of imagine what would happen for sales if HF got Scarlett to model his HPP stripe range??

pic of the day

awesome streetart: look again

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