Tuesday, May 15, 2007

yet another "slightly" delayed post, pretty brain-dead from work these days. still hunting around the Y! and the 'bay for sure, more of the bounty pics later. heck i;ve still got a pile of otaku magazines and books to catch up on...
new Stussy drops

Peep Stussy Direct for the new general releases: including Reas collab tees! Nice to see artist-designs for the masses. Read about Reas background in this interview

Stussy x Gallery1950

Recently dropped for Omiya Chapter, i'm liking this jacket! Like i always say, nothing beats a stussy collab
Powell reissues

I lovin' these reissues as well from Powell. How sick is that McGill?
Masters of craft
Some previews of transformed 'bots courtesy of Michael Bay's blog. They were previously kept under wraps [even the trailers avoided the transformation scenes] to keep the sspense and tesions high for the actual movie release. I must say, it ain't like the old skool bot i was used to, but this could work

Yin Yang

Pretty amusing find while browsing round the net. For the uninitiated, ordering "yin yang" in coffee stalls in SouthEast Asia could actually get you more than spiritual balance. Its actually a blend of black tea and coffee, a really lovely mix if you ever get a chance to try!
A common find in HK, i'm pleased to note this bottled product from Cha Dao tea is the brainchild of an enterprising Singaporean, ha!

Alba moment


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