Wednesday, May 09, 2007

midweek proddy madness
2 more days to make it to end of wk19...
NBHD kona prints

NBHD dropped these kona multi-prints a while back. Somehow the biggerthe canvas area, the "messier" it gets don't you think? The pouches and scarves are pretty alright, but the backpack is overdoing it.
OriginalFake x Levis

These pics of the Original Fake anniversary collab with Levis are simply lovely. The typical Kaws detailing and premium LVC treatment just sets it off.

I like the washed version better, but my frequent-flyer buddy S78 thinks its way to soft having seen it firsthand. Ah well, if i could afford it, i wouldn't mind giving it a go
OF x Nexus7 x John Smedley

Another of the OF anniversary collabs i'm liking is the polo tee i posted a while back. Smedley merino goodness!
S2C x Nexus7

This print got released sometime ago, but i like the detailing, especially round the collar! Off the beaten path and slightly quirky, awesome stuff, Tomohiro-san!
Gravis x Sue Kwon
The lovely prints of Sue Kwon, queen of gritty black/white photography, are used by Gravis for a series of tees and hoodie. Allover photo prints seem a bit too busy, but the single box shots are sweet.


Nothing too brash about these 2 brands, and thats just the way i like 'em. Reversible sweat with simple 'college beater' look
celebs at costume institute gala
Cameron Diaz resplendent in purple

JLo still bringing sexyback

Scarlett is delectable

That smile is just magic
pic of the day

Check out the promo posters for movie and IMAX 3D, notice anything different?
This should get those pre-teens hyper, they've "upsized" Hermione's boobs! hahahaha
IMAX screens truly give you the "big" picture i guess, think i'm gonna catch that version once the film opens!


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