Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Warm Regards

Thi sh*t just dropped...Check Kaws site for latest print

Jest of A*life speaks to guys from The Brilliance. I'm glad someone else out there shares my views and the tiredness of the whole "scene" right now. Go read it.

In the above interview, Jest speaks of Levis hotness...well, when Levis has a Yahoo Japan store peddling hotness, of course they're hot!
Check out the kubrick design and t-shirt contests as well!

Portables are always cool and popular, like electronic gadgets...vending machines selling them should be like, uber-cool!
Go SF int'l airport for some good-to-go digi-cams and iPods
yet another reason why my local vending machines suck

Cool Link of the day
Ever had a secret you so wanted to tell but can't/didn't/wouldn't/shouldn't/whatever?
Now you can post it up!
Cute thing about it is you never know if its your boyfriend/girlfriend/boss/someone-you-know posted it! haha

"WTF" link of the day
Someone with a lot of time, some humor in their funny bone put this up....
Save Hong


nat said...

nice levi's link, where'd that come from?

xymon said...

from asilentflute

check it