Sunday, May 29, 2005


Had a long day out today... updating in the wee hours even though my nose is running, my forehead's heating up and vision's blurring...yeah, feeling effects of flu on a weekend...damn

Went to drop serious $$$ on my new pickup, show u pictures next week... should be dope.

Anyway, its the start of the Great Singapore Sale...the month where every square inch of downtown Orchard gets packed, every clothing on the racks thumbed thru', gallons of cola/beer gets drunk in the seering heat and money comes rolling thru the cashiers...

I seldom get much stuff during the Sale, its hard to get truly great finds...compared to my ebay fiends..heh heh

Have a peep at what might be one of my best digs:
Simple looking vintage Casio Data Bank watch

You know, i've been wanting something like that for so long, its ridiculous. Maybe its coz i was denied once when i was a kid, its hard to justify a $50 watch to moms...Theres plenty of them around now, not too hard to find, vintage and refurbished...and dirt cheap to boot.
So what, you may ask, is so special?... glad u did

Ahh.,...peeps familiar with the Jap urban scene, have some inkling of the current "street" fashion should have seen and recognised the double-lightning.
Yep, its a Casio x Electric Cottage collaboration, circa 1999(not sure, i'm relying on a Japanese language manual and warranty card)
So why get your panties in a bunch over this rubber+platic+digital thingie?
1) Electric Cottage is defunct
2) Its by Hiroshi Fujiwara (godfather of style)
3) Their stuff is hardly available to general public
4) Casio's Japanese collabs are hard to get, and very hard on the pocket
most importantly,
5) I got it for a steal, its in prestine working condition, i'm gonna wear it, and u don't have it! *cue silly maniacal laughter

My frenz don't called me the master ebay digger for nothing...:)

By the way, i ain't the only lucky one out there...
check out this lucky bu**er who manages to sneak into the photos that'll appear for decades to come

gate crash

Getting hot for the summer, time for tees, berms and slip-on shoes
Have a nice weekend

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isnt that the goalie?