Friday, May 13, 2005

Pic overload warning
(don't say i didn't warn ya)

Sony Robotcam: ROB1

You can't even begin to believe how cool this is...
Sony launches what can probably be the coolest Bluetooth device by far. Its a camera on wheels remotely controlled by the phone's Bluetooth, up to a distance of 50metres. You can see what the cam sees on your mobile. All i can say is..Damn! how awesome is that?! All the voyeurs in the world unite! :)

Check this and other cool phones and accessories here

on a related mobile phone news...
If you are at Times Square in NYC these few days, you must have seen this. NikeID's billboard project lets you custom your nike design from your mobile phone and show it real time on the billboard! Peep the movie here

LaFraise means "strawberry" in French (yay, i know French, i'm romantic!)
They also make cool and cute tees
"watch your back"
"hell-o kitty"
they are too cutesy to be missed...

Alrite enough of nice things for a moment, check out Forbes list of World's ugliest buildings
To each his own eh? Some are pretty ok imo...

random Celeb sightings
Paris in France (pun fully intended) for Cannes fest

I bet she stays at the Paris Hilton (Haa! i'm so funny!)

Angelina Jolie and Maddox in Vanity Fair..damn, that kid sure is cute

no wonder he's cool, he's wearing New Balance kicks!

Ok, final pics today...specially for my pal Ibrahim

Now go and get that hoodie

**late addition**
Sneaker freaks, dunk-heads and hype-beasts would know the "light bone/flint grey" dunk sb's are the band-aid's.

Just a hunch here, but the simplicity, colour, material selection might be due to Dobbs hats...a label synonymous with made-in-the-US quality straw and felt hats

If you ever drop by Philly, you gotta go to Ubiq, one of the OG boutiques opened by those who know, for those in the know (humor me, i'm in a lyrical mood).
for those of us who can't, well, just go visit the online shop and buy some quality books and tees. Case in point:

awesome Bones Brigade inspired hotness

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